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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Great Cardinal Cipriani is Fallen -- Another Communist Replacement

The new Archbishop of Lima, "the opposite of Cipriani Thorne"

(Lima) As announced recently, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne was retired as Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru by Pope Francis. At the same time Francis immediately appointed his new successor. 

The retirement and new appointment was announced on Friday by the Vatican Press Office. Peru's daily newspaper has already put the picture of the successor on the front page of their current issue.

The Spanish columnist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña puts it more clearly than the daily bulletin of the Vatican:

"Cipriani has fallen".

Like Archbishop Aguer of La Plata, the Argentinean opponent of Bergoglio, Francis also granted Cardinal Cipriani "not a month of extra time" after reaching the age of 75.

Pope Francis appointed his ghostwriter, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, as successor to Monsignor Aguer in La Plata. "The successor to the Archbishop of Lima is even worse," said Fernandez de la Cigoña.

The opposite of Cipriani

For the new Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, Pope Francis has appointed Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio, priest of the Archdiocese and professor of theology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

It corresponds exactly to the description that he published yesterday.
"It is a diocesan priest of Lima, student of Gustavo Gutierrez and friend of the leadership at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.
And to sum up the other side of the coin, he is totally against the Cipriani line. 
He is a priest who rebelled against the bishop during the 20 years of Cipriani in Lima. He never participated in retreats or priestly meetings with the Cardinal. He never participated in liturgical ceremonies with the Cardinal, such as Corpus Christi, Chrism Mass, etc. "

Fernandez de la Cigoña, very knowledgeable about the Church in the Hispanic world, uses harsh words:

"What happened in Peru today is not describable. It's a shame. Never before would an unsuitable person obtain the seat of the primate of Peru. But you do not know where  the  greater blame lies, with the appointee or with the appointed."
Close association to the terrorist organization Shining Path?

The appointment takes place in a rather eventful moment for the Church in Spanish America. Pope Francis is in Panama. The Church in Chile is in a serious crisis. Venezuela faces the abyss and the Church does not know which side it is on. The church in Venezuela already knows it, against Maduro, but Pope Francis does not seem to know. Peru was a relatively quiet port under Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, although liberation theologians never gave up their rioting.

Cardinal Cipriani Thorne

According to InfoVaticana, Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio was close to the Maoist Partido Comunista del Perú - of Sendero Luminoso de José Carlos Mariátegui (Communist Party of Peru - on the Shining Path). The "Shining Path" terrorist attacks from 1980 to the arrest of their leader Abimael Guzman in 1992, cost at least 70,000 Peruvians lives. The terrorist organization still exists today, albeit on a smaller scale, and continue to commit crimes. Elena Iparraguirre, name "Camarada Miriam," Abimael Guzman's longtime companion, pen name "Presidente Gonzalo," recently wrote a letter to Pope Francis asking him to visit the terrorist leader in prison. Iparraguirre, who held a high rank in the terrorist organization, was arrested in 1992 with Guzman and also sentenced to life imprisonment. Guzman and Iparraguirre were arrested in 2010.

The territory of the Archdiocese of Lima, whose Archbishop Carlos Castillo is now suffering, suffered particularly from Communist terrorism.

Castillo and the rebel university

Castillo, who was ordained a priest of the archdiocese of Lima in 1984, acquired in 1987 at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome a doctorate in Dogmatics. His focus in recent years has been on the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, which Cardinal Cipriani called a rebel university. Castillo was there until then university professor and adviser to the local campus ministry for the university. In other words, he "overwintered" during the episcopate of Cardinal Cipriani Thorne at the Rebel University, where the Primate was in a long-standing dispute. Not least because he accused the university of spreading heresies.

Under Benedict XVI., the Cardinal found support in Rome, although the Vatican showed the greatest patience and forbearance with the rebels. Pope Francis stood on the side of the rebels and left the Cardinal in the rain. It was a decision for Peru, and it was only a matter of time before Cardinal Cipriani Thorne reached the age limit of 75.

With today's appointment, Pope Francis has radically changed the situation in the Church of Peru. Fernandez de la Cigoña wrote after this news:

"And Cipriani, an extraordinary archbishop whose immense work they want to destroy, knows that at the last moment one can not prevent the decreed death by shameful moaning, as some have said. Today it was shown that it was pointless. He will now die with dignity without lamenting the dagger that struck him down. That's the way it is with Opus Dei. Just like that."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Primate of Perusing Sees "Holes" in Bishops' Conference Statement

(Lima) Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne,  Archbishop  of Lima and Primate of Peru, criticized a statement of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference (CEP) on the death penalty. Part of the Peruvian episcopate supports the abortion and gay campaign of the right-wing liberal party Peruanos Por el Kambio (PPK).

The candidate of the PPK, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (the party symbol corresponds to the first letter of his name), was behind Keiko Fujimori with 29 percent of the vote  in the first round of the presidential election. Fujimori is the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), who is in the lead with 39 percent.

Cardinal Cipriani lamented the "gaps" in the press release, which have omitted part of Catholic social and moral teaching. "In our time, when there are thousands and thousands of abortion deaths", it should not be that the bishops speak about the death penalty, which has already been abolished in Peru, but do not mention the killing of unborn children, "because abortion is a guaranteed death penalty for unborn child, who is executed in our country. "

Since 2014, the killing of an unborn child in Peru is legal when the mother's health is at risk. The so-called therapeutic abortion contradicts the right to life and Catholic doctrine.

The document of the Episcopal Conference states that the death penalty is inadmissible. Given Pope Francis is quoted as saying the fact that "often totalitarian regimes and groups of fanatics" promote the death penalty and execute.

Cardinal Cipriani fully disagrees. The reality shows that the "death penalty of abortion" is as much a problem of democratic states.

It is an open secret that the Cardinal who doesn't  count on Opus Dei in the Peruvian episcopate as his only friends. The recent statement of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference is an indication that a majority is now setting the tone.

Since it is not the bishops' conference, but each bishop, who is responsible for his diocese, the Cardinal made a  public statement in order to distance himself from the "incomplete" explanation.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Infovaticana
Trams: Tancred


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is Pope Francis Ignoring Collegiality to Intervene on Behalf of Dissident University in Peru?

Edit: Some may recall that in Chile, there were attempts to overrule the local ordinary were in turn overruled by Cardinal Bertone in February of 2013. This time, in Peru. Why can’t Pope Francis allow collegiality to take its course, particularly when doctrinal orthodoxy is at question, since they have steadfastly refused, like so many other schools, to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

In the confines of the current Vatican intervention, there is no discussion of bringing the University to heel, but only mediating the two parties. One would think there’s nothing to talk about.”

In a protracted dispute over the Catholic University of Peru, Pope Francis now wants to bring about a decision.

Lima ( / CBA) In a protracted dispute over the Catholic University of Peru Pope Francis now wants to bring about a decision. Francis had invoked the Commission of Cardinals to find a "mutually acceptable final solution", the University PUCP announced in Lima on Monday (local time). The committee will be headed by Cardinal Peter Erdo of Budapest.

In July 2012, the Vatican's only Catholic University of Peru had been forbidden to continue calling itself "papal" and “Catholic”. The background is a conflict over the competence of leadership and Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne of Lima. Erdo had already mediated between Cipriani and the Rector in December 2011, but was unsuccessful. Other members of the new Commission are reported as the Canadian Cardinal Gerald Cyprien Lacroix and the Chilean Cardinal familiar to Pope Francis, Ricardo Ezzati Andrello.

The deprivation of the title was the culmination of a dispute of the leadership of the university, founded in 1917. The Vatican Secretariat of State justified this step, among other things, that the University in its activities now follow criteria that are "incompatible with the discipline and morality of the Church." The university did not comply with demands for adapting their statutes. The letter, dated July 11, 2012 was signed by the then Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

The prominent University is in conflict with Cardinal Cipriani of Lima, who, in addition to his office as Archbishop of the Peruvian capital, has also been Chancellor of the University since 2007. It's about the right to appoint the rector to lead oversight of the teaching content and to control the considerable real estate assets of the University.

(C) 2014 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

“Conspiracy” Against Cardinal Cipriani Thorne in Rome

(Lima) Harsh words is what one of the most prominent representatives of the Church in Latin America, the Peruvian Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorn Cipriani, Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, used in an interview with the Peruvian newspaper La Republica about an attempt to discredit him, which is in full swing from outside and inside the Church.

In July, Bishop Gabino Miranda Melgarjo, the Auxiliary Bishop of Ayacucho Ayacucho had been deposed by Pope Francis and returned to the lay state. The harsh measure was justified by "sins against the sixth commandment." Specifically, the accusation of pedophilia was brought against the bishop. While the allegation is proven for Rome, Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, is still behind Archbishop Miranda. Miranda is regarded as the closest confidant of Cardinal Cipriani in the Peruvian Episcopate. The Cardinal speaks of a "strategy to discredit" his person. It is known that Cardinal Cipriani Thorne doesn’t have only friends in the Latin American episcopate. The "Catholic rock" in Latin America isn’t just opposed by unchurched circles, but also the colorful spectrum of progressive Church circles of the American subcontinent.

For the Cardinal, the is evidence to the contrary, the presumption of innocence. He accuses Rome of having granted the defendants no way to exonerate themselves. Miranda, who was Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Ayacucho Ayacucho since 2004, categorically rejects the accusation of pedophilia by itself. The investigation of the Peruvian prosecutors are still in progress.

Cardinal Cipriani sees a “conspiracy” in the dismissal of Bishop Miranda, which is in reality directed at him. His recent trip to Rome had been "taken advantage of by certain forces". The Church "will never be an accomplice of silence." What happens within the Church, however, was "surprising" and "needs to be clarified," said the Cardinal, who belongs to Opus Dei.

Cardinal Cipriani is regarded as the best known and most distinguished "conservative" Church leaders in Latin America. It was during his tenure as bishop that he has repeatedly been the target of smear campaigns, like in 2001 when then-President Alejandro Toledo forged documents played to the Vatican to discredit Cardinal Cipriani. Or 2011 as the anti-Church media launched a campaign of denigration against the Cardinal. At that time, the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Lima, Ricardo Sánchez Serra said that really was against the attitude of the Cardinal in his defense of the Church and its teachings, to his commitment to the protection of life, for the family and for marriage between a man and a woman. At that time the Cardinal was protected by Pope Benedict XVI.

End of March Cardinal Cipriani Thorne defended the new pope against the accusation of wanting "Revolutionary" (see the interview Francis Pope A merciful Without Compromising the Doctrine of the Faith - Interview with Cardinal Cipriani Thorne ).

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Marco Longer
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Cardinal Cipriani: "Müller is a Bit Naive" -- Impulsive Clelia Luro: Has Liberation Theology Really Changed?

Ripping my Collar Off to do some "Real" Theology!

(Rome) on 11 September, Pope Francis received the "Father of Liberation Theology," the Peruvian Gustavo Gutierrez, in audience. Gutierrez had been invited to Rome by his friend, the new Prefect of the CDF Gerhard Archbishop Ludwig Müller. Müller presented with Gutierrez the recently published Italian edition of a book jointly written by the two. There was very little enthusiasm about it given by the highest representative of the Peruvian church, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima. He described Müller's pretense toward the topic of Liberation Theology as, "a bit naive". The Papal reception for Gutierrez, was also announced by the impulsive-progressive "Bishop's Widow" Clelia Luro, according to her own definition describing herself as a "Pope-friend".

Cardinal Cipriani Behind Cardinal Bergolio

Cardinal Cipriani Criticizes New "Courting" of Gutierrez and Liberation Theology in Rome

Cardinal Cipriani was critical in courting the new Liberation Theology in Rome. It is a purified form of Marxism and Liberation Theology that has become quite toothless, but the word still evokes bad memories, as the "Liberation Theology" in the 70s and 80s, worked as a Marxist idea-gate into the Catholic Church. To those who have concerns, include the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne. As a Latin American and a Peruvian, in particular,  he really knows exactly  the left slogans that reinterpreted a liberation from sin into a liberation of "social oppression". The South American cardinal is therefore also curt to the Roman "approach" to the theology of liberation, at least on Gutierrez. When asked about Archbishop Curia Müller the archbishop of Lima said, he is "a good German, a good theologian, a little naive." Thus, the unflattering commentary by Cardinal Cipriani last Friday on RPP radio .
"Bishop's"  Widow.

About the audience between  Gutierrez and  Pope Francis, the Cardinal said: "My reading is that he [Müller] wanted to do a favor for his friend [Gutierrez], who is dear to him, wanted to do a favor, and wants to help him in any way, to correct himself and incorporate him in the Catholic Church." According to Cardinal Cipriani, the Pope had only received Gutierrez at the request of Curial Archbishop Müller and not officially.

Francis Pope (front), Cardinal Cipriani Thorne (rear) Cardinal Cipriani: Liberation Theology Caused the Church "Great Harm"

The Cardinal is of the opinion that the unofficial audience was abused last Thursday in order to gain recognition of a theology which has done "great harm to the Church". The cardinal recalled that Gutierrez was never actually found guilty of that in the first half of the 80s by the then Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith,  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, but he asked him, to "correct two of his books", one of which was the book "Theology of Liberation" which was to give the whole movement  the name. Whether Gutierrez is now "corrected, I do not know," said the Peruvian Cardinal.

The Church, says Cipriani Thorne, had never been closed to the social question and the misery of the people. It belongs to the distortion of liberation theology, claiming to have such an impact, in order to present itself as being the only truly "evangelical" theology. In fact, the liberation theologians, however, have swapped basic truths of the faith.

Pope Francis Has not Forgiven Gutierrez a Discourtesy

The Vatican expert Sandro Magister noted that Pope Francis, has truly received Gustavo Gutierrez but that the position of the Pope nevertheless is clearly distinct from that of the Prefect of the Congregation, Curial Archbishop Müller. As Latin Americans know, Pope Francis is very well aquatinted with Liberation Theology and its seduction. As a Jesuit provincial and even as a bishop in Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio sharply criticized  Liberation Theology. In addition, still playing into a personal touch, there is that the distant relationship to the head of the Catholic Church with Gutierrez, says Magister.

Just the fact that Gutierrez does not appear in the official audience schedule of the Vatican and the Holy See after the meeting with the Pope, issued no opinion as to whether there is evidence of a benevolent attitude that the Curial Archbishop has toward his friend Gutierrez is shared by Pope Francis.

Impulsive "Bishop Widow" and "Pope friend" Clelia Luro Speaks Again

Clelia Luro appears with the picture of her husband Jeronimo Podesta, a former priest, ex-bishop, Marxist Liberation Theologian and probably excommunicated. The rudeness, that the Pope believes Gutierrez to be guilty of, according to Magister, is a grudge, which is admittedly a bit confused because it plays on a very personal level. The source is again, the impulsive Clelia Luro, who, however, shall not be the only one since the election of Pope Bergoglio who was used as a media tool, will call attention to their own interests. In early July, the Argentine widow received a certain noteriety in the German speaking world when the Austrian newspaper, Die Presse quoted her as saying that - in her opinion - Pope Francis will "soon" abolish priestly celibacy. It's a hobby horse of Luros' that has to do with her own personal flaw. A battle the now 87-year-old woman has led for decades. She proudly says that she had called the current Pope as Archbishop of Buenos Aires every Sunday. It's a practice that apparently arose after the death of her husband. Also, since his election as Pope, he had already called her several times, most recently on the 7th of September.

Clelia Luros message was not treated with disinterest. She is primarily a crusader on her own behalf or that of her late husband, around whom everything revolves with her ​​and seeks the "honor" to defend it. Luro is immediately, not only the widow of a former Catholic priest, but a bishop. Her husband, Jose Jeronimo Podesta (1920-2000) was ordained a priest in 1962 and bishop in 1946. As the Diocesan Bishop of Avellaneda, located as a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Podesta mixed heavily in politics. The President Juan Carlos Ongania, who gained power through a military coup in 1966, urged his removal. In order to avoid a diplomatic clash, Podesta was led to resign as Bishop of Avellaneda in 1967 and appointed a titular bishop. Podesta continued his political activities, including the Union Christian Peace Conference  (CFRP) steered by the Soviet Union. His political and religious radicalization led to an increasing distance from the Catholic Church. In 1971 he returned back to the Church back and in 1972 he married his secretary Clelia Luro that coincided with his anti-Church, Marxist political and religious struggle in the name of Liberation Theology.

"Bishopess" Mayr-Lumetzberger Received "Apostolic Succession" from Luros Mann

In old age, Jeronimo Podesta was discovered in all sorts of strange circles. These included the Austrian Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger from Linz and the German, Gisela Forster in Munich, both of whom happen to be for women priests in the Catholic Church. They were ordained by a "bishop" Romulo Braschi to become "priestesses" and consecrated "bishops". Braschi maintains for his side to have been illicitly but validly ordained by "Bishop" Podesta. But this in turn is contested by Podesta's widow, Clelia Luro, however. Besides the fact that the "apostolic succession" of would-be bishops is on thin ground, all parties, "consecration" and "sanctified" received excommunication anyway.

Podesta died in 2000 in poverty, but, the tradition, that the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had hurried to his deathbed, who was the only one of the ecclesiastical hierarchy to do so. It is not known whether Podesta had died reconciled with the Church. Clelia Luro anyway confirms in Bergoglio, this gesture as an example of great humanity. From their previous battle positions, however, they have moved little.

Pope to Call Luro on the 7th of September? - Liberation from Liberation Theology?

Clelia Luro made this event public in a letter to Gustavo Gutierrez.  Her letter was published on the progressive Catholic website Redes Cristiana. Luro writes this that she had received a phone call from Pope Francis on the 7th of September. The Pope told her he had not forgotten the impoliteness Gutierrez had shown to her husband, Podesta.

As Gutierrez was to have held a lecture at a meeting of the Association of Priests of the Third World in Cordoba, which also included the former Bishop Jeronimo Podesta, the Peruvian Liberation Theologian was invited to speak, but he refused to give his presentation, "if Jeronimo would have remained in the hall." Gutierrez only began to speak as Podesta had left the room.

In the same letter, Clelia Luro, makes accusations against Gutierrez but also equally against other famous Liberation Theologians, and also ex-priest Leonardo Boff. "If liberation theology brings us to be the judge our brothers, then we would also need liberation from this theology," this was what the "bishop's" widow wrote, utterly moralizing about the ideologues, as she still seems to have militant Liberation Theologians close by her. [Divide et Impera?]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Iglesia Descalza / Marco Longari / Triregnum
Trans: Tancred

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