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Monday, March 24, 2014

There is no Exoneration for the Innocent Franciscans of the Immaculate to Date

Edit: The following a translation of an article by Federico Catani  we've received and edited slightly, recapping the situation as it stood in February and continues today:

“Lies have short legs” and time continues to give reason to popular wisdom. A few days ago, Msgr. Jose Rodriguez Carballo, secretary of the Roman Congregation that is concerned with religious life, has released in a press conference some affirmations regarding the question of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. The aim? To defend at all costs a congregation (that is the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated life and Societies of Apostolic life) that is already considered an accomplice before the whole world, if not in actuality sent, for the destruction of one of the most flourishing and holy Institutes of pontifical right, erected by the will of the future saint Pope John Paul II. Naturally climbing up a slippery slope is not easy, and sooner or later one is bound to slip, and in fact his affirmations are failing desperately in many ways. The first to notice this was Sandro Magister who had brought the numbers at hand to light,  the figures that have been manipulated by the ex-general of the Friars Minor to justify an external commissioner has given birth to the banner of injustice and of falsity. In fact, the total, to be benevolent, was numbered to be of about fifty religious, which has miraculously been transformed in the hands of Carballo (or by someone for him) to 74% of friars of the Institute (regarding this, read the precisely documented article of Lorenzo Bertocchi). Another journalist that has awakened to this deceitfulness is Marco Tosattione one of the few vaticanists that have not been seduced by the dominant methods in use in these parts for almost a year now.

There is however one other affirmation of Carballo, passed by unobserved from the excellent pen of Magister, that is destined to contradict itself with the facts at hand, and that is the circumstantiation that the external commissioning would not have been caused primarily by the adoption of the Old Rite of the Mass. Nevertheless anyone having had read the questionnaire sent out by the apostolic Visitor Msgr. Vito Todisco to the religious of the FFI (only to the perpetually professed, about 200) would not need long to understand that main accusation was principally the adoption of the Old Rite (see here). It’s very true that the questionnaire seemed already to underline the forced introduction of the rite on the part of the founder Father Stefano Manelli, or at least this is how he was calumniously accused by a small group of disobedient friars. Although unfortunately, that with this type of attitude the founder had never either recalled or reprimanded or excluded these friars for  not having ever celebrated it. This, however, the Congregation came to understand much too late or if they had understood right away, had maliciously left it unmentioned for other reasons. So when they became aware that this accusation didn’t hold up anymore, they desperately looked for another primary accusation: and behold! the tale of the movable goods and the passing of the immovable goods to the relatives of Father Manelli. Nevertheless   this was also a baseless accusation that has finished in failure, insomuch that the same commissioner, with his profound humiliation had to officially deny the defamation (see here).

Now one may ask what else  these destroyers of the order must now invent about the FFI. Among others, besides that of the Corrispondenza Romana, which has begun another collection of signatures against the vaticans handling of the circumstances of the poor religious and other journalist, like Antonio Socci (see here, and here), who are taking.

*Note of the sea of falsity and injustices which are coalescing a cheap spectacle for all in the Church of mercy, towards a religious order that is absolutely CATHOLIC. We must wait to see but we already know that the truth sooner or later will come to light!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Novus Horror Missae in Madrid by Carmelites -- Not Worthy of The Congregation of Religious' Attention?

To your health!

(Madrid) With the questions "Are these Vedruns? And if it is about what I fear?" said the Spanish Catholic church historian and blogger Francisco de la Cigoña about a horror missae from Spain.

As to "Vedruns" the nuns are called the Spanish Carmelites of Love, a Catholic women's order, founded by a religious Joaquina de Vedruna (1783-1854). De Verdruna, a Spanish noblewoman, saw a need after the Napoleonic Wars in the plight of many people, especially young girls. The Order Founded in 1816 is the Carmelita Congregación Hermanas de la Caridad Vedruna. They devoted themselves to caring for the poor and the education and training of young girls. The Order dispensed with their habit by the time of the Second Vatican Council. Today, there are only few very elderly sisters or those from East Asia, still wearing a religious habit.

The picture documents a horror missae. This is an experimental Eucharistic celebration by a priest without vestments and without the necessary sacred vessels. An altar (?) covered with a floral tablecloth. Two women as "concelebrants" (?) stand in front of the other clearly toastsing "liturgically" (?), singing or simulating a form of elevation in the "conversion" or the doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer?

On the website of the Vedrunen, there are more pictures of the same "worship" whose caption explicitly speaks of a Mass celebration. The "Holy Mass" was part spiritual retreat called "Banquet", dated 18-24 August in Valladolid. De la Cigoña questioned whether the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation Order of Aviz and Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation,  Carballo didn't have more more to do, instead of chastising the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

In the celebration of Mass, the Credo, with its truths of faith, has been replaced by a "common faith". Only the first line was translated:

Creemos Padre-Madre de Dios, que vida it, Compasión y misericordia. We believe in God the Father-Mother, life, compassion and mercy.

Creemos en el Dios de hecho un tantos. Acompaña y que Sostiene

. Creemos que el Espíritu y habita conduce a la Comunidad

Creemos recrear es posible que la Comunidad.

Creemos es posible que llegar a un liderazgo compartido, Descubriendo cada una de los dones .

Creemos que la diversidad enriquece y crea comunidad cuando cada una Aporta su origin alidad y hay comunicación sincera y profunda.

Creemos que la comunidad que se recrea it fuente de VIDA Y ESPERANZA.

Creemos en la fuerza de la Unión de los hermanos que Rezan por los que sufren.

Creemos de Dios que el cura nos, salva y sana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Vedruna
Trans: Tancred

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