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Monday, September 16, 2013

Novus Horror Missae in Madrid by Carmelites -- Not Worthy of The Congregation of Religious' Attention?

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(Madrid) With the questions "Are these Vedruns? And if it is about what I fear?" said the Spanish Catholic church historian and blogger Francisco de la Cigoña about a horror missae from Spain.

As to "Vedruns" the nuns are called the Spanish Carmelites of Love, a Catholic women's order, founded by a religious Joaquina de Vedruna (1783-1854). De Verdruna, a Spanish noblewoman, saw a need after the Napoleonic Wars in the plight of many people, especially young girls. The Order Founded in 1816 is the Carmelita Congregación Hermanas de la Caridad Vedruna. They devoted themselves to caring for the poor and the education and training of young girls. The Order dispensed with their habit by the time of the Second Vatican Council. Today, there are only few very elderly sisters or those from East Asia, still wearing a religious habit.

The picture documents a horror missae. This is an experimental Eucharistic celebration by a priest without vestments and without the necessary sacred vessels. An altar (?) covered with a floral tablecloth. Two women as "concelebrants" (?) stand in front of the other clearly toastsing "liturgically" (?), singing or simulating a form of elevation in the "conversion" or the doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer?

On the website of the Vedrunen, there are more pictures of the same "worship" whose caption explicitly speaks of a Mass celebration. The "Holy Mass" was part spiritual retreat called "Banquet", dated 18-24 August in Valladolid. De la Cigoña questioned whether the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation Order of Aviz and Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation,  Carballo didn't have more more to do, instead of chastising the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

In the celebration of Mass, the Credo, with its truths of faith, has been replaced by a "common faith". Only the first line was translated:

Creemos Padre-Madre de Dios, que vida it, Compasión y misericordia. We believe in God the Father-Mother, life, compassion and mercy.

Creemos en el Dios de hecho un tantos. Acompaña y que Sostiene

. Creemos que el Espíritu y habita conduce a la Comunidad

Creemos recrear es posible que la Comunidad.

Creemos es posible que llegar a un liderazgo compartido, Descubriendo cada una de los dones .

Creemos que la diversidad enriquece y crea comunidad cuando cada una Aporta su origin alidad y hay comunicación sincera y profunda.

Creemos que la comunidad que se recrea it fuente de VIDA Y ESPERANZA.

Creemos en la fuerza de la Unión de los hermanos que Rezan por los que sufren.

Creemos de Dios que el cura nos, salva y sana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Vedruna
Trans: Tancred

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