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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Burka-Ban: German Archbishop Schick Sees Good Grounds For It

"Focus" -- poll shows that there are 61 percent of Germans for Burka-Ban

Munich [] The Archbishop of Bamberg, Ludwig Schick, sees good grounds for a burka ban in Germany. The reason for this interview on "Focus" was related to the news magazine's recent published polls, which shows that 61 percent of Germans are for a burka ban. If it were legally punishable to wear a burka, this must be put in the balance "between the basic rights of religious freedom and other basic rights, like for example the equality of man and woman, the right for education or the right of public assembly", said ++Schick to the news magazine.

The news magazine had made the poll at the pollster TNS Emnid in contract, to select a sample of one thousand and one representative sample of adults. Consequently, sixty one percent were for a ban against full body covering in Germany. 36 Percent were against such a ruling, as the news magazine "Focus" reported. Party members of the CDU/CSU were 75 percent in favor and the FDP members were 73 percent for. The SPD-affiliated voters were 61 percent for, the Greens were 53 percent and the Left-voters were 45 percent for the measure.

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