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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cardinal Cushing Fostered Culture of Modernism

Camelot's Chaplain
Editor: Recently, Phil Lawler came to the fore with his discussion of how Cardinal Cushing originated a proto-exemplar of the seamless garment, which allowed the Kennedies to get votes for being Catholic while yet claiming to support all Americans.  We'd  first heard of this in an article by Dr. Thomas Drolesky, no longer available on Seattle Catholic, which described a radio interview where Cardinal Cushing recommended, when asked if he thought Catholic politians should oppose birth control legalization, that a Catholic politician had a duty to represent his constituency before being true to his Catholic principles.  Of course, this little conceit has been part of the Catholic political scene now for more than fifty years with catastrophic results. Of course, this isn't something that was conjured up out of the blue.  Many others have challenged the blustery Irish Prelate of Boston in the past.  Well, better late than never.  We hope that it begins to rehabilitate Father Leondard Feeney who suffered unjustly at the hands of this incredible chaplain to Camelot, and apologist for birth control.  Lawler's a come lately, but maybe one day he'll arrive to the harvest just in time to get a full day's pay?

The questionable film treatment of Otto Preminger's "The Cardinal" featured a questionable but accurate portrayal of the Civil Rights crusading, Americanist Prelate. 

H/t: Pewsitter.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boston Archdiocesan Official Supports Obama Extravaganza

Editor: Despite there being a prohibition that Personnel working for the Archdiocese adhere to and defer to the teaching of the Church, a Diocesan official who's helping to organize a campaign being sponsored by the pro-abortion, Marxist, President of the United States.

[Boston Catholic Insider] There is no question that the moral tradition of the Catholic Church opposes abortion–as do certain applicable Archdiocesan Affiliated organizations–and there is little doubt that President Obama is pro-abortion (see “Obama recalls Roe v. Wade, backs abortion rights“ and “Barack Obama on Abortion“).

So, can Jack, through his public and private actions, serve as chair of Partners Healthcare (one of the largest abortion providers in the state), raise money for pro-abortion politicians such as President Obama, endorse them, lead faithful Catholics and others to vote for them, and presumably vote for them himself, while also somehow promoting the welfare of the Archdiocese and each applicable Archdiocesan Affiliated Organization and exemplifying the moral traditions of the Church?

As we all know, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, in a 2007 interview with the Boston Globe, acknowledged that Catholic voters in Massachusetts generally support Democratic candidates who are in favor of abortion rights, said, “I think that, at times, it borders on scandal as far as I’m concerned.”

So how does Jack’s very public support for candidates who favor abortion rights reconcile with Church moral teachings, the Code of Conduct policy and the Cardinal’s own belief that it borders on scandal?

Here are a few excerpts from the

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catholics in Boston Ask Holy Father to Intervene

 Catholics who oppose the Archdiocese of Boston’s ill-conceived policy to admit the children of gay and lesbian parents to Catholic schools and who are FED UP  with the leadership of the archdiocese can now voice their opinion directly to the Holy See–and ask them to intervene and rescind the policy. Just click the FedUp button to the right.
As you may already know, Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley pandered to people pushing the gay agenda on Catholic schools by approving a policy that directs pastors they cannot discriminate against children of gay parents in school admissions.  So, if two gay parents want to place their child in a Catholic school, the policy says the pastor is not to refuse them admission.

Never mind that the young child who depends on their gay/lesbian parents for sustenance might be harmed by hearing their teacher say their parents’ lifestyle is considered disordered and immoral. Never mind that the Church would be giving some implicit or explicit seal of approval on the gay relationship of the parents.  Never mind the rights of faithful Catholic parents to protect the innocence of their own children’s minds at a young age. Never mind that the Boston Archdiocese misappropriated a quote from the Holy Father saying on a financial basis all children should be able to access Catholic education, and instead used it to deceive people into thinking the Holy Father condoned this policy.

Gay “Catholic” organizations like DignityUSA praised the archdiocese and Catholics for Marriage Equality said they “hope dioceses around the country will adopt Boston’s guidelines.” So, like “gay marriage” that originated in Massachusetts, this disaster too could sweep across the country quickly if faithful Catholics do not act quickly.

Read further and sign the E-Mail petition, here.