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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bonn: Man Refuses Islam, so They Cut His Tongue

Bonn (  The Criminal Police of Bonn are searching for two suspected Islamists, who have cut the tongue of a young Indian. According to statements of Indian students two men threatened him on Christmas Eve,  that they would cut out his tongue if he didn't convert to Islam.  The student didn't react to this, whereupon the two men struck him down and wounded him, according to police reports, on the tongue.  The "Welt" reported this.  The reports of the 24 year old guest student have been rated by police as believable, said police spokesman Harry Kolbe, because of the physical description of the and the course of the crime, police are not ruling out that there is a "political back ground" and that the perpetrators come "from an islamic spectrum".  The victim in the mean time has been released from the hospital, but stands because of his police questioning "still very strongly under the influence of the crime".

Bonn is considered, as reported by "Welt", as one of the main cities of the Islamist scene, since is happened  just two and a half weeks since the bomb attack on Bonn's main train station was just thwarted, the Attorney General suspects "connections in radical-islamic circles".

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Year Odyssey in Bonn: At Most the Old Mass in Cologne is Tolerated

The Neo-Conservative, muzzled, Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne is probably a Pap-idolater but no friend of the old Mass. He doesn't care much for the numerous Traditionalists in his Diocese.

[, Bonn] For more than three years already, a group of Traditionalists in the south of the 320,000 population city of Bonn have been fighting for Old Mass.

This Odyssey has been recounted by Friederike Weigmann on the website ''.

Frau Weigmann speaks of a "blocked wall" against the old Literugy of the Church, which the engaged laity can hardly break through.

Bonn belongs to the Archdiocese of Cologne. The current Cardinal Joachim Meisner appears as an enemy of the Old Mass, although he appears at them and has ordained priests using it.

In Bonn there is only one Old Mass every fourteen days, which happens at 5 O'clock.

Bonn needs no Old Mass

Already on 17th November 2007 eighteen Traditionalists from southern Bonn approached Cardinal Meisner for an Old Mass.

They form today the 'Society for the Promotion of Summorum Pontificum Bonn e.V.'.

Shortly before Christmas in 2007 the request bit the dust. There is in the "Cologne Church" -- what is meant is the giant Archdiocese of Cologne -- already at four locations which have a regular Old Mass -- according to the Archdiocese.

In Bonn the qualifications for one regular Sunday Mass according to the so-called guidelines of the German Bishops Conference are not fulfilled -- decreed the Archdiocese.

In the same time frame the Archdiocese advertised a calendar of events of countless Carnival Masses in local Dialect.

The Cry For Help That Was Run in Circles

On December 29th 2007 'The Association for the Promotion of Summorum Pontificum in Bonn' descried its situation in distant Germany for Traditionalists to 'Pro Sancta Ecclesia'.

There the Traditionalists received further requests, which had likewise requested an Old Mass in Bonn.

Furthermore, the Society sent "the rejected request to Pro Sancta Ecclesia' to the Papal commission 'Ecclesia Dei"

Local Negotiations

On the 19th of December 2008 the Society spoke with a priest in the south of Bonn, Father John Nampiaparambil. He was newly established in his office.

The minister engaged in more discussions in the priests council, than he should have.

In summer 2009 he was surprised with an alleged sabbatical year in India.

After a reorganization came the new Pastor, Fr. Josey Thamarassery.

In this June the Society spoke also with him.

There he was also informed, that the number of those interested in the Old Mass had grown in the last three years.

Actually Fr. Thamarassery wanted to be informed over the applicants.

On the 20th of June he put off an invitation to a unique and privately organized gathering him reference to other obligations.

Another discussion date is not presently forthcoming.

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