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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Father Mike Tegeder is Paddling into Dangerous Pastoral Waters

Stolen From Father T's FB

Father Mike Tegeder is paddling into dangerous pastoral waters on behalf of liberal ideology -- the popular, freeze-dried, liberal, Alzheimer's theologian is crossing the line when it comes to the new rules about unlettered old women lecturing the laity. He's going for broke. Pulled out all the stops.  He is being praised by the liberal media and chastised by the local ordinary for sitting back and letting the laity do all the work, "preaching" in this case. Of course he's not the worst priest in the Archdiocese, is he? He's been brought to us out of the theological backwoods of Collegeville, a runoff byproduct, as it were, where you can watch avant garde plays minimizing the moral severity of pederasty. But who needs the priesthood anyway, someone to moralize to us about right and wrong? We're being Church now. [Isn't that creepy?]

Let us sing Mike's Newchurch into being.

Liberal reporters love to harp on "the priest shortage". They imagine it's been caused by the demands placed on the priest by an unyielding, dogmatic male-centered power structure which is anti-woman and dehumanizing. Freeze dried women and their defeated husbands in tow were "vital" in undermining this understanding as they left behind their children for careers and other forms of "fulfillment" as they tended to move out to the suburbs, practice birth control and send their children to liberal Colleges where they would leave behind the Catholic Faith.

Father Mike Tegeder has created a "ministry" for his gals where they can "preach" like Gloria Steinem on various abstruse subjects...

Archbishop Nienstedt, for his part, has been very adamant about this suburban pastor following the rules. It's been a wait-and-see approach. When Father "Mike" decided to have a Zen garden where people's cremation urns were placed, the Archdiocese acted and Father "Mike" Tegeder dodged a bullet and presented papers indicating that his Zen cemetery garden is canonically and civilly legal.

The article below talks about an alleged "priest shortage". Actually, these kinds of illicit pastoral initiatives, including altar girls and women lectors, are surefire vocations killers. It's why comparatively few men go to Mass in the first place. Take a look around you next time you go to Mass. You'll see a few young women, small families with a few children and a bunch of freezedried, Alzheimer's theologians who are busy running the parish, into the ground, behind the scenes.

Young women who are looking for a good husband at church probably aren't going to find him. He's fast asleep at home on Sunday morning, probably because Father "Mike" told him that the institutional isn't all there is. Probably because some priests, possibly Father "Mike", told him that it doesn't matter what religion you belong to. Not much of an incentive, and why get married anyway? That involves rules, don't it? Father "Mike" don't follow the rules. He even insults his boss and gets away with it. I think I'll stay in bed on Sunday to recover from last night.

[CBS Minnesota] So why did it take the archdiocese four years to begin enforcing the 2004 Vatican policy change?

Tegeder said he believes the new archbishop had a hand in ending lay preaching. Archdiocese spokesman McGrath said Flynn's letter had nothing to do with Nienstedt, whose adherence to orthodox church doctrine has engendered fierce criticism from Tegeder and many Catholic lay people.

"We're a 2,000-year-old institution and sometimes things move kind of slowly," McGrath said. "I don't know what the pattern was in other archdioceses and dioceses. It just takes a while sometimes to implement changes."

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