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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ahh, The Creatures of Vatican II, What Music They Make

Edit: Father Ladislas Orsy is a Jesuit who teaches Canon Law at Georgetown University, who declared a legitimate excommunication of a dissident nun "null and void".  He must be a Cardinal, or a vampire in peccatore, because that doesn't seem possible.   She was previously excommunicated by Bishop Olmestead for cooperating in the sin of abortion.

Here he is for 'America Magazine', enthusiastically talking about the "faith tsunami" which swept and shook the world, leaving thousands of churches, religious orders and countries completely devoid of Catholic belief and practice.  Ironically, he finishes with a diversion on St. Francis of Assisi.  He built things, he didn't blow them away, or suck their blood.

Photo of the great Bella Lugosi stolen from Nate's non-sense...

Speaking of heresy, Bishop Trautman's reign has been brought to a definitive close today in Erie Penssylvania as a new Bishop, Lawrence T. Persico, is brought in.  Catholic Snooze Network thinks Erie is "thrilled" with him, but we're not sure why.  Although he is a canon lawyer, and has shown interest in handling "sex abuse", we don't know much about him.

On commenter posts an appropriate youtube farewell dedication for the Bishop Emeritus of Erie:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Liberal Bishop Trautman of Erie Resigns!

Edit: We found out about this from the German Traditionalist site,, who picked up on the nickname of the Bishop, "Trautsperson", which he earned for being an advocate of inclusive language.

Does anyone know anything about Bishop Lawrence Brandt?  Most people are aware of the inclusive language, enemy of Traditionalism in one of the most desolate Diocese in the Western world.
Pope Benedict XVI has picked a canon lawyer in the Greensburg diocese to succeed retiring Erie Bishop Donald Trautman. 
Monsignor Lawrence Persico is the vicar general, meaning he's second only to Greensburg Bishop Lawrence Brandt in heading the four-county diocese east of Pittsburgh.
Trautman, who is now 76, sent his mandatory letter of resignation when he turned 75 last year but has continued to lead about 220,000 Roman Catholics in the 13-county Erie diocese in northwestern Pennsylvania. 
Persico, who is 61, was ordained in 1977 and has served as a canon lawyer under Brandt and two previous Greensburg bishops, William Connare and Anthony Bosco.
Pope Benedict elevated Persico to monsignor two years ago and he's been vice president of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference since 2006. 
It was not immediately clear when Persico will be installed as Trautman's successor.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bishop Trautman Endorses the Primacy of Personal Sentiment and Continues to Attack Legitimate Reform

Bishop Trautman reminesces about how wonderful it was to be at the Vatican Council and how much it embodied his vision for the Church. Considering the many things Bishop Trautman believes, contrary to Catholic teaching and practice, perhaps this isn't exactly a ringing endsorsement for Vatican II, but rather a condemnation.

The people who are fighting to go back to Latin, for example, had a wonderful experience when Mass was in that language. They're saying they met the Lord that way, and they're trying to keep that form, not understanding that the form and language of the liturgy is never an absolute. Only God is absolute, and there are different ways we express our love and our prayer.

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