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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Chicoms Want Approved Version of Scripture

Edit: a reader posted this in the comments on the Robber Barron post and what he plans to do to Scripture. Many heretics before him have had their own translations of Holy Scripture featuring their own pet errors, like Wycliff, Luther, Scofield and all too many others. This is a good place for a Chy-NA post.  The Chinese government is planning its own official scripture translation at The Sun:

Although no specific books were mentioned, party officials called for a "comprehensive evaluation of the existing religious classics aiming at contents which do not conform to the progress of the times." 
Reports say bible-bashing China wants all major religions to review their holy texts and to adapt them to the "era of President Xi Jinping".
China officially recognises all faiths but the country is known for its Big-Brother surveillance and policing worship is just one aspect of this.
Beijing highlights that "Jesus Christ's parables" will have to fall "in line with the Communist Party, failing which they run the risk of being purged from the bibles available to the faithful." 
The Bible and Christianity are apparently not alone in being targeted, with the authorities setting their sights on all major religions, requiring a "sinicisation" of the Quran and the sutras found in Buddhism.
The authorities apparently want "a complete reevaluation of existing translations of religious classics".

Meanwhile, Chicoms have plants who have infiltrated the American University system, in Arkansas of all places.  Alex Jones covered the story:

An engineering professor at the University of Arkansas has been arrested by the FBI and faces up to 20 years in prison for allegedly hiding funding that he received from the communist Chinese government.  
The New York Times reports that “Simon Ang of the University of Arkansas, was arrested on Friday and charged on Monday with wire fraud.” 
“He worked for and received funding from Chinese companies and from the Thousand Talents program, which awards grants to scientists to encourage relationships with the Chinese government,” the report notes, adding that “he warned an associate to keep his affiliation with the program quiet.”

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yankee Bishop confused about the South

Someone needs to educate Bishop Taylor on the real history of Martin Luther King and the South. The War of Northern Aggression was not about slavery, which was on the way out, it was about States' Rights. I can't imagine how anyone could be so culturally insensitive to people who didn't grow up Yankee. Here is the pro-life talk he gave this week.

Here is a story which might help illuminate how Catholic Priests could resonate with the prevailing culture south of the Mason Dixon Line. It's the story of Father Bliemel, a German priest of Annunciation Parish in Nashville Tennessee, who ministered to the Conderate troops, indeed, ministered to both sides, during the war but was still a loyal son of the Confederacy. (it's in pdf)

By Bishop Anthony B. Taylor

Can you imagine my astonishment upon learning that here in Arkansas we celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday this weekend, in addition to that of Dr. Martin Luther King's? Why in the world would we ever want to do that? Can you imagine how many lives were lost because he took up arms against the United States in a Civil War on the side of those who sought to keep millions of people in bondage?

Part of Dr. King's true greatness lies in the fact that he used non-violent means to confront the very evils that General Lee had fought so hard to preserve! His only weapons were faith, hope and love -- in the form of marches, boycotts, civil disobedience and eloquent speeches. General Lee may have had many good qualities and can only be judged in the context of the world he lived in, but the bottom line is that his efforts served to promote the culture of death while Dr. King promoted the culture of life -- which is what we are gathered here to do today, especially regarding the evil of abortion which was still illegal when I was in high school and so that's what I'd like to talk about today.

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