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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Archbishop Bans Pro-Life Group From Bulletin But Deeply Concerned About Climate Change

The Church of Climatology
Edit: it's a question of priorities and there's a conspAdd captioniracy brewing down under as the Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, is refusing to allow parish bulletins to include advertise for activities surrounding 40 Days for Life. He says that that there is a need for a united voice and accountability which these organisations do not offer. No further explanation has been offered. Despite that, the organization has been endorsed by Bishop Conley, Bishop Cupich,Bishop Quinn and Bishop Baker, just to name a few.

Despite the endorsement from his brother Bishops, the Archbishop is quick to support concerns about the environment and "illegal immigrants", much like other Old Liberal American counterparts, he is placing his spiritual capital behind Leftist causes. As we learned from a local friend in Adellaide complete with "Australian Religious Response to Climate Change":

You will also notice that the same letter promotes the "Walk or Ride to Worship" a program to combat "climate change" supported by ARRCC "Australian Religious Response to Climate Change" an inter-religious group which not only supports a scientifically dubious hypothesis of anthropogenic climate change but also supports a number of extremist policies that are at odds with the economic interests and job security of many Catholics like:

- phasing out coal exports,

- reducing our dependence and phasing out livestock farming,

- supporting carbon dioxide taxes

- shutting down coal fired power stations, a move that would greatly increase electricity costs for all Australians.

Check out the ARRCC's policies here:

Photo from the Archdiocese of Adelaide website.