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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slovenian and Austrian Bishop's Conference Meet to Discuss Sex Abuse

[Vienna] The theme of abuse will be at the center of the discussions of the Austrian Bishops' Conference which will meet at Mariazell Abbey for their summer meeting. On the table there's a comprehensive introductory document which will be discussed, which is the work of around 300 experts [Yikes] which project group is overseen by the Viennese Generalvikar Mosgr Franz Schuster, according to the media representative of the Episcopal Conference, Paul Wuthe. In its highlights the paper establishes clear guildlines for all ecclesiastical workers including orders for the prevention of sexual abuse and violence. "The goal is an Austria-wide standardization of procedures and with that, clarity", said Wuthe.

The proposals will include the establishment of a Church Ombundman and a reinforced collaboration of all ecclesiastical and state organizations with sexual abuse and violence.

A chief role in connection with the last months of well known cases of violence and abuse is played by the Independent Victim's Attorney Waltrud Klasnic and the Independent Victim's Defense Commission. From this basis Waltrud Klasnic will report on the developments in this area, according to Wuthe.

It is also the first time that the Bishops' Conference of Slovenia will meet with that of Austria. Cardinal Schoenborn and Archbishop Anton Stres (Laibach) are meeting on the 23rd of June at 1:00pm in the Abbot's Council at the Abbey of Mariazell, in order to hold a press conference. Shortly before there will be a photo oprrotunity for all participating Bishops in front of the Basilica.

Archbishop Anton Stres of Laibach, Slovenia, will preside over the Mass and preach the sermon.

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