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Monday, October 27, 2014

Cardinal Pell: "...History has Seen 37 False or Antipopes"

Edit:  Cardinal Pell was unable to attend the Traditional Pilgrimage, but he did send a representative who read Cardinal Pell's interesting words.  After excusing himself from attending this weekend's Pilgrimage of Tradition because of bronchitis, he insisted that this was the real reason he was unable to attend.  The really interesting comments weren't so much the promises of no doctrinal backflips, but the faint praise for Pope Francis for his handling of financial affairs, affirming him as Pope never the less.

He also said that the practice of the faith can only be changed by consensus, and that the faith "develops" as we come to know more about the truth

Cardinal Pell also insists that there is only a small minority that wants to cause problems.  Has he really looked at the results of the polling?  More interestingly than the other things he's said, he writes:
“The church is not built on the rock of Peter’s faith,” he wrote, “but on Peter himself, despite his faults and failings.” “Pope Francis is the 266th pope and history has seen 37 false or antipopes,” he wrote.

“The story of the popes is stranger than fiction,” the cardinal wrote, and today “we have one of the more unusual popes in history, enjoying almost unprecedented popularity. He is doing a marvellous job making the financial reforms,” he wrote.

Cardinal Pell concluded his written remarks with a prayer: “I was taught as a child: May the Lord preserve the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and give him life. Keep him safe on earth and deliver him not up into the hands of his enemies.”
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