Monday, October 27, 2014

Cardinal Pell: "...History has Seen 37 False or Antipopes"

Edit:  Cardinal Pell was unable to attend the Traditional Pilgrimage, but he did send a representative who read Cardinal Pell's interesting words.  After excusing himself from attending this weekend's Pilgrimage of Tradition because of bronchitis, he insisted that this was the real reason he was unable to attend.  The really interesting comments weren't so much the promises of no doctrinal backflips, but the faint praise for Pope Francis for his handling of financial affairs, affirming him as Pope never the less.

He also said that the practice of the faith can only be changed by consensus, and that the faith "develops" as we come to know more about the truth

Cardinal Pell also insists that there is only a small minority that wants to cause problems.  Has he really looked at the results of the polling?  More interestingly than the other things he's said, he writes:
“The church is not built on the rock of Peter’s faith,” he wrote, “but on Peter himself, despite his faults and failings.” “Pope Francis is the 266th pope and history has seen 37 false or antipopes,” he wrote.

“The story of the popes is stranger than fiction,” the cardinal wrote, and today “we have one of the more unusual popes in history, enjoying almost unprecedented popularity. He is doing a marvellous job making the financial reforms,” he wrote.

Cardinal Pell concluded his written remarks with a prayer: “I was taught as a child: May the Lord preserve the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and give him life. Keep him safe on earth and deliver him not up into the hands of his enemies.”
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Anonymous said...

It is astonishing to see people who call themselves "traditional Catholics" grasping at straws like Pell and Ratzinger:

"[Pell] stated that atheists could go to heaven (not atheists who convert, mind you, but atheists qua atheists), stated his adherence to Balthasar's doctrine that hell exists but is "probably" empty, and then, in the most discussed aspect of the evening's discussion, went on to explain that Adam and Eve were entirely mythological and affirmed his belief that mankind was the product of evolution.

Pell admitted that human beings "probably" evolved, which earned him a round of applause from the audience. At this point, Tony Jones, the moderator, asked a very reasonable question: "But you accept that humans evolved from non-humans, so at what point did the soul come about?”

Cardinal Pell responded: “The Soul is the principle of life. Whenever the soul was able to communicate then we had the first human. But if there are humans, there must be a first one.” By the way, this is essentially the position that Benedict XVI took when, as Cardinal Ratzinger, he wrote that "matter signifies a moment in the history of spirit...spirit is created and is not the mere product of development, even though it comes to light by way of development" in a 1973 essay on Creation (see here).

Jones: “Are you suggesting a sort of Garden of Eden scenario with an actual Adam and Eve?”

“Well Adam and Eve are terms that mean ‘life’ and ‘earth’. Like an Everyman. It’s a beautiful, sophisticated, mythological account. It’s not science. But it’s there to tell us two or three things. First of all that God created the world and universe. Secondly that the key to the whole universe is humans. And thirdly it’s a very sophisticated mythology to try to explain the evil and the suffering in the world….It’s a religious story told for religious purposes.”

Now Richard Dawkins, who proved himself more astute than Pell in seeing the implications of Pell's denial of a historic Adam and Eve, retorted with this question: “Ah, well, I’m curious to know, if Adam and Eve never existed where did Original Sin come from?” It's painful to watch the Cardinal's sullen, silent expression after this question. He is unable to come up with any answer.

Like a good Pharisee (think Wuerl) Pell also approves euthanasia pastorally speaking-- just say it's for the pain!!!!

Maybe you all can outwait this pope and that pope and the next pope and think you're going to heaven! But just remember 60 million babies have been murdered in the U.S. alone while you all sit around looking for ANY excuse to DO NOTHING, but keep ENABLING anti-Christ! Euthanasia for the brain dead is legal in all 50 states! Gay "Marriage" will soon be the law in all 50 states, but MEN don't have to protect their children or stand up for Jesus Christ. The pope didn't tell me to, Jesus. Cardinal Pell said it was okay! He let us have the Latin Mass in Rome! How can I go to hell when I did ten pilgrimages a year to Chartres, Rome, London, West Virginia Lake Garda and wined and dined and Latin massed myself to death? Don't those 'pilgrimages' count for anything?

Anonymous said...

Help Lord! Save us from Pope Francis!

Tancred said...

Cry me a river.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Pell states the finances are being handled well. One wonders if he pulled a Dolan in Australia before being suddenly transferred to Rome where he is immune from prosecution.

The last time Pell was in the news (until he became a hero for stating that 'doctrine' won't change, which BTW is the same thing Wuerl said and actually what Francis said) was for his infamous truck driver analogy:

"Cardinal Pell told the commission on Thursday the Catholic Church is no more legally responsible for priests who abuse children than a trucking company that employs a driver who molests women."

Read more:

That smoke of Satan seems to give traditionalists the memory span of an Alzheimer patient! A Latin Mass in Rome and all is forgotten -- even those poor molested kiddies. I wonder how much money is being laundered into private homo network bank accounts via all those million dollar church 'renovation' projects.

susan said...

Actually Tancred, this time he makes some very valid points.

Tancred said...

Looks more like an irrational tirade to me.

Tancred said...

I've never liked Pell, but this isn't the place to discuss your perceived grievances with his handling of sexual abuse.

I probably wouldn't delete your posts if you were less belligerent and deranged sounding.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Tancred, I think the unqualified praise of the likes of Pell is shortsighted. To save time, I'll paraphrase the same point I"ve made elsewhere in the blogosphere:

"Though I understand your position vis-a-vis the likes of Pell and Mueller, I still maintain it’s a dangerous one. If we got rid of Bergoglio tomorrow, we’d end up with the likes of Pell and Mueller — which means the Revolution of the past 50 years is status quo. The Revolution will even be reinforced because those who promoted and cooperated with it for all of their priesthood and episcopacy are now “heroes” for opposing a Modernist who they deemed more radically progressive than them. If we write to praise them for opposing the Synod, we should remind them that Bergoglio did not occur in a historical vacuum. He was the logical progression of Montini, Wojtyla and the many heretical policies they implemented to the destruction of the Church."

Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

[Another Anonymous]
I hardly think it's irrational, even if it is a tirade. It amazes me also, how so many people will grasp at every straw in order to deny what is plain and obvious before them. And they tend to do a lot of shooting at the messengers who point it out.

Anonymous said...

Tancred, You have to view the whole person - you can't forget Hitler/Stalin/Mao killed innocent people and praise what he did for the economy! I cannot emphasize how much you are playing with fire -- HELL FIRE for ALL ETERNITY. Korban = HELL FIRE for ALL ETERNITY. If you don't mind their apostasies from doctrine, their closet homosexuality and pedophilia, or their love of money, I guess their public murder of the innocent and advocacy of vice doesn't bother you either! In Catholic nursing homes today, patients who need spoon feeding are being starved to death -- because spoon feeding would prolong their life! First it was the feeding tube -- and now it is any feeding assistance! Spoon feeding or changing the diaper or washing someone who is sick is no longer "health care" that the government pays for! The government pays to prevent life -- that is health care! The government pays to "assist suicide" -- that is health 'care' (don't feed the sheep, give them morphine - how Marx the morphine of the people would be proud!)! The government pays to murder babies in the womb - that is health care! And it is the CATHOLIC HOSPITAL & NURSHING HOME network that is down w/it - Keehan going to Rome on Obama's dime for Jeanne Jugan's sainthood 'mass'! It is CATHOLIC Supreme Court Justice Roberts who declared Obama care is a TAX! It is CATHOLIC politicians who introduced the FACE act (Ted Kennedy) which made it a felony to block the entrance to an abortion clinic by peaceful demonstration (what MLK & Ghandi are sainted for -- CATHOLICS made a felony in the U.S.). It is CATHOLIC politicians wined and dined by the Catholic Hierarchy who have permitted 60 million baby deaths in the U.S. - PELOSI & BIDEN (at Francis' presidential inauguration & PANETTA pro-partial abortion, professor at Jesuit university personally met by Ratzinger right before his resignation) not to mention all the pro-abort CATHOLIC leaders from around the world that were there! It is CATHOLICS who are ramming gay 'marriage' down our throats -- every child in Europe, Latin America and U.S. will be taught gay is good thanks to the same crew of CATHOLICS.

IT IS FALSE WORSHIP to PAY LIP SERVICE (LATIN MASS) to GOD while murdering, stealing and engaging in sexual immorality AND teaching it to God's little ones- i.e. CALLING GOOD EVIL and EVIL GOOD. Athanasius was not sainted for standing by and permitting error to take over the church (while hiding behind prayer - prayer leads to ACTS!)! I pray for a swift end to all men who don't bow the knee to God! May God's enemies be vanquished today before one more innocent person is murdered by our Christian nation or under the auspices of the Catholic Church!

Pell is a thoroughly corrupt product of VCII. LIke Dolan of NY, he is the enemy! A good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. Do not forget it and do not lead others to overlook, poo poo or forget it either!

Tancred said...

Not sure where I gave unqualified praise, in fact, I noted several things which are troubling in what he said, but even Caiaphas could prophesy.

Tancred said...

When I see lots of caps and histrionic language, I don't even bother to read.

Tancred said...

It never amazes me that people impose their own limitations on others and accuse them of doing things they themselves are guilty of doing.

I've done it before.

Anonymous said...

38 Cardinal Pell, 38

Anonymous said...

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 353 The Pope From Hell? (Pope Francis)