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Monday, February 9, 2015

“The Gnosis to Power” -- Small Handbook, to “Survive” Historical Half-Truths in the Meantime

Masonic Lodge in Pavia
Edit: we have no idea when the book will be translated to English, and surprisingly she is a disciple of the Neocatechumenate, but this nevertheless looks like an impressive treatise.

(Rome) A new book "The Gnosis in Power. Why history seems to be a conspiracy against the truth"  (original title:" La gnosi al potere ") tries to bring through a series of brief but accurate and documented essays, to light  some dark spots in recent European history. Since this is a book published in Italy, the focus is on the history of Italy, but extends its bandwidth from the Italian unification in the 19th century to the European Union in the 21st century from Pope Pius IX. to Francis, from Count Camillo Cavour to Angela Merkel.
Angela Pellicciari  "Gnosis in power,"  has collected her essays in the book,  published in recent years by various media. She skillfully combines the reliability of a historian with the direct and understandable language of journalism. Released in a 304-page book in Fede & Cultura in Verona, is one of the foremost Catholic publishers, as Volume 42 of the Historical Series .
In the vintage  of 1948, Pellicciari was a 68er when she came to faith in Christ.  After graduating, she taught history and philosophy until 2008 at Universities.   In the 70s and 80s she was a freelancer for RAI, and studied early childhood neuropsychology at the University La Sapienza and in 1995 received her doctorate from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Church History. Pellicciari is one of those authors who does not hide her catholicity. In addition to its specialization in the 19th century, they dedicated their work, especially the correction of historical half-truths and false stereotypes, particularly for church history and history of Italy.
Over the years, Pellicciari has specialized in the topics of Risorgimento, Papal Hstory and Freemasonry. In her new book, the author reveals immediately that there is a common thread in the recent history of Italy, "since the mid-19th century, Freemasonry came to power." Behind it, says the historian, the ideals of the French Revolution, which came with Napoleon into Italy and were preserved by the supporters of the Italian unification movement as a seed that had been allowed to flower decades later.

The Gnosis and its  Claim to Be the Driver of the Nation

The Gnosis to Power
The author describes the historical facts without any politically correct embellishment. As a result, she exposes the red thread in the presence of Gnostic machinations of those who brazenly and boldly lay claim to want to control the fate of the nation, because they are of better, superior, higher quality and feeling as a jealous support for a higher truth and a special enlightenment. Common to the volume of  assembled  essays that have to do with the 'gnosis', is that philosophical-political mindset that masquerades as the charioteer of nations. Their most powerful instrument, however, the non or semi knowledge of the masses.
The Catholic Church, the Pope and Christianity in general are seen by Gnosticism as an irritating obstacle on the path to power. The Church with its authentic image of man, Her doctrine of human salvation through Christ, free will, human dignity, the sanctity of life, the equality of man and woman in their diversity, in defense of the family and of life from conception to natural death, the condemnation of a false nature of sex, is a wall against the Gnostic propaganda, over which they continuously attempt to deceive the masses by feeding them with false information, misleading from the essential to sideshows and  tries to tempt by a single way of thinking.

Masons of Italy unification project - "One Cubic Meter of Shit"

Pellicciari begins her journey with Pope Pius IX. (1846-1878), the Italian "national hero", who cursed the high degree Freemason, Giuseppe Garibaldi, as "one cubic meter of shit."  Pius IX. was the biggest obstacle to the Masonic project to unite the Italian peninsula under the banner of Savoy into a state. The charge against the Church  was that she impeded progress. Garibaldi, where his lodge brothers erected an equestrian statue on the Gianicolo Rome, which makes him look imperious and threatening to St. Peter's Basilica, accused the Pope of being "the most pernicious of all creatures" because he was "an obstacle to human progress and the brotherhood among individuals and peoples."
Freemasonry is the central protagonist of the Risorgimento , the "real inspirer and engine," said Pellicciari. The Risorgimento in turn is a fundamentally anti-Catholic movement. Not only because it would eliminate the temporal power of the Pope in the Papal States, but radically and definitely would blot the Catholicism most deeply rooted in the Italian people. For this reason, Protestant States provided generous financial, propaganda and military support. The paradox of the Italian national movement was that they calculated to combat the only real common denominator of the various parts of the Apennine Peninsula, the Catholic religion.

Gnosis, a "Master of Fraud"

So how could the Catholic masses be obtained for the idea of national unification, which aimed at the establishment of a new, previously unknown Liberal, Republican, but anti-Catholic fatherland? As "Masters of Fraud"   the actors of the Risorgimento fought their battle by disguising themselves as "meek and pious lambs," says the historian. So Pius IX describes the members of the secret society of the "Carbonari"  in a bull of excommunication. An accusation which applies to Mazzini, Cavour, Garibaldi and King Carlo Alberto of Savoy and the other revolutionary elites. They speak as believers and their speeches seem pious. Giuseppe Mazzini claimed that   "progress" was an "Act of God". God wants the new ideas. In reality, hidden behind the religious language, was the desire that all would lose the Christian faith and cease to be Christians. Behind it stands, says the author, the real goal of Freemasonry, "to collect all the free people in a big family" which will take the place of "all the churches founded on blind faith and theocratic authority, all superstitious, with cults warring against each other, to build the true and only Church of Humanity."
The Italian unity was therefore part of a larger project that went far beyond the constitutional question. The people should be "freed from the Church" and the masses are to be "removed from the influence of religion" to make them subject to a system of controlled freedom and training to a new awareness. This is a goal that is easier to achieve in an organized central government, through a unified state-run school and the army. The new indoctrination is, however, camouflaged by the same exuberant emphasis on "freedom" and "future orthodoxy."  Christianity is officially the state religion, but the Jesuits are persecuted and all the monasteries dissolved on the grounds that they are "harmful because useless." Of course the new state  failed as it could not to seize the property of the church  and enrich the  unjust state. "Freedom" is the motto of the new state, but the Catholic press is subjected to strict government censorship. The Christian holidays are abolished, so that the people will not be distracted from work and "surrender to idleness." "Progress" is the new religion,  to which all enlightened and liberal governments are committed.

US history as a Story of a Masonic Oligarchy

The book also describes our time. It tells of the 20th century, "the left and right were made into the playground of Gnosticism in power." Pellicciari outlines the long reign of Freemasonry in the United States by a small oligarchy that made ​​their symbols into symbols of the state, just as on the dollar bill and the Catholics persecuted in the US within itself and outside, for example in Mexico under the rule of Elias Calles. The tragic story of Cristeros tells of the struggle.
The book covers also the totalitarian ideologies and their similarities, despite their differences. Both Marxism and Nazism presented their utopia as a healing idea. Christianity an avowed opponent of the  two ideologies who was openly fought, or at best just tolerated. Both Communist and Nazi bigwigs sought the Church in vain. Pellicciari refers to the methods by which the one and the other, the Church, the priests and religious, and the Pope were discredited in public.

UN: New "Rights" and New Language

The author also writes about the UN, whose activities are governed by the new "rights" that are based on the "general consensus" and  moral relativism. Thus, the UN acted in international conferences in Cairo in 1994, in Beijing in 1995 and 2000 in New York created the the new "rights" of abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality  and created a new language  with birth control, reproductive health and gender identity. The underlying goal is a change in mentality in preparation for a one-world culture to be enforced, especially, in developing countries. This includes the implementation of a neo-Malthusian policy that aims to stop  "overpopulation", by in fact decimating humanity. This falls into the category which includes the promotion of homosexuality, due to infertility, to  spread a hedonistic and materialistic way of life, which closes the transmission of life directly or indirectly.
Pellicciari also highlights the work of non-governmental organizations as an extended arm of the UN, which has shed its "Christian roots" and attempts just such for  international mergers, including the European Union. The EU envisions the idea of ​​creating a super-state, which is to serve the economic interests of a few, who themselves are also hardly at home on the European mainland.

Gender Theory and Communication Control

The author also discusses the gender theory to be imposed from above as well, and finance laws that resemble more a gigantic redistribution mechanism. Through state health and education programs disseminate the gender ideology.  The international institutions constitute the political and economic sponsors and there are also the substantial funds of the LGBT lobby. The aim is the struggle against the family and the natural law as outdated facilities.
If this all so easily finds dissemination and seems generally accepted, then it is recognizable behind  "enormous communication control of power circle.” In the extensive access  to control opinion-forming media,   there has been no real competition of opinion. The rest is accomplished  by technically studied marketing campaigns.The subliminal, often unconscious, positive message conveyed is firmly established in minds. This attractive language emphasizes individual rights and is based on the key words "freedom" and "tolerance". The individual will be flattered, so that  there will be no resistance to  the desired development and does not notice that it  strips away the larger bonds,  such as nation, community and family, and is powerless and defenseless, even only an uninfluential individual among billions.
Tthe “red thread” Pelliacciari exposes leaves the reader a rather oppressive feeling. However, the author recalls at the end of her book that history also teaches that in  long struggle with Gnosticism, that whenever the truth is attacked someone gets up, ready to defend the truth and even for them to die for it. This is why ultimately nothing is lost.
Angela Pellicciari: La gnosi al potere. Why the story seems to be a conspiracy against the truth (collana storica 42), Fede & Cultura, Verona 2014 304 pages, € 18, -
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Publisher / Paviaon
Trans: Tancred
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