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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cistercian Abbot Says the Right Things, Does the Wrong Ones

Two sided witness of a Cistercian

On the one side, he says things that are true and important.  But why has he made a homo-lobbyist as Theology Professor in the College run by the Monastery?

( Abbot Gregor Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck (68) ears that Europe is quickly on the way to abolishing itself.

In the twentieth century there won't be any Europeans "in our sense" left.

The Abbot was born in Breslau.  From February he has led the Cistercian Monastery Heiligenkreuz in Vienna. 

He was interviewed by the opposition Berlin weekly 'Junge Freiheit'.

Theory and Praxis

Abbot Henkkel von Donnersmarck spoke spontaneously without notes before for the newspaper:

"The Europeans, as we know them, have almost destroyed themselves by suicide and namely from destabilizing marriage and the family as well as contraction, murder of unborn persons and the offering of equal status for sterile and non-reproductive relationships".

And: "Discrimination doesn't just mean that the same is made to be unequal, rather
by the same token, that one unequal is portrayed as equal" -- the clergyman said.

It is for him a fact that marriage is seriously discriminated against, when one takes its partnerships, which would not correspond to their characters, to make them similar or equal.

With this expression the Abbot had his mouth mightily full.

For it was during his time as Grand Chancellor, he has engaged the a homosexual lobbyist and neo-Conservative politician, Andreas Schnider as the professor of religious education and catechetics.

He sees no loophole

Abbot Henckel of Donnersmarck criticized that most Europeans view freedom and wealth as the end point of development.

From that resulted a lack of desire for the future:

"Sooner or later the realization and the understanding will come that it is not the Church which stands in the void, but rather we ourselves."

A way out from the worldly, dictatorial relativism which is dominant throughout Europe and which is actually identified as the danger of our time, the Abbot can foresee no way out.

Actually he has the hope that Christendom allegedly worldwide, is caught "in an upswing".

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