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Friday, April 6, 2012

Bishop Victorious Against the Consensus in Alaska

Edit: another defender of the good, who is victorious in the culture wars, bringing many trophies.

[California Catholic] Anchorage residents rejected a ballot initiative that sought to add “sexual orientation” and “transgender identity” to the list of protected legal classes in the city code.

With nearly 98 percent of votes counted, the measure was failing 58 percent to 41 percent. More than 54,000 residents voted on the April 3 ballot — far more than city officials had expected….

One Anchorage, a coalition of homosexual rights advocates, pushed the initiative behind the backing of several national gay rights organizations. According to state records, the group raised about $350,000 in support of the initiative — three times more money than opponents raised.

Original article by Joel Davison at Anchor Catholic....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alaska Attorney Seeks Help to Enter Dominican Order

Tara Clemens

Anchorage attorney, convert to Catholicism and Holy Family Cathedral parishioner Tara Clemens has been accepted for the postulancy at Corpus Christi Monastery, a Dominican religious cloister in Menlo Park, Ca. The mission of the cloistered Dominican nuns is to honor and promote devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

The target date for Clemens’ entry at the monastery is June 8, 2011 – pending resolution of her educational debt.

Clemens completed an aspirancy, a month-long visit at the monastery, in February. The postulancy would be Clemens’ second step in the eight-year discernment process toward taking final, life-long vows as a cloistered nun.

But first, Clemens must resolve her school debt.

“This is the one hurdle keeping me from entering religious life,” Clemens told the Catholic Anchor.

Although she is working to pay down the debt, the balance is “significant, especially in today’s economy,” Clemens explained, so “I will not be able to enter religious life without the generous support of others.”

To this end, she is working with the Labouré Society, a non-profit organization that assists aspirants in resolving educational debt so they are free to enter the priesthood or religious life.

Paying off the debt by June is “no small task,” Clemens observed, but “with God all things are possible.”

Tax-deductible contributions may be made to the Labouré Society in honor of Tara Clemens at

Read more about Clemens’ journey to the cloistered monastery at And visit Clemens’ online blog at

Monday, January 11, 2010

Alaska's Episcopalians Prepare to Ordain another Woman Bishop!

Alaska's troubled Episcopal Church is getting ready to possibly ordain another woman Bishop. It will be good for Catholics if this happens, because it will give many Episcopalians a not-so-subtle reminder why they should leave.

The candidates are:

• The Rev. Canon Virginia Doctor, canon to the ordinary, Diocese of Alaska, and assisting vicar, St. James' Mission, Tanana.• The Very Rev. Mark Lattime, rector of St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Geneseo, New York (Diocese of Rochester)
• The Very Rev. Timothy W. Sexton, provost and canon administrator, Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Honolulu (Diocese of Hawaii)
• The Rev. Suzanne Elizabeth Watson, congregational development officer, Episcopal Church Center, New York.
"We're thrilled, joyous and very excited about these candidates," said Dan Hall, the chair of the bishop's search committee. "We're satisfied that each is the kind of candidate we need to move the Diocese of Alaska forward," he added.

Hall said a previous bishop search ended without an election when "for various reasons and circumstances … we ended up with only one candidate and the standing committee decided not to go to an electing convention with just one person."

The Jan. 11 announcement also opens the way for a process by which clergy and laity in the diocese can nominate other candidates. The deadline for those nominations is Feb. 12, according to Stacy Thorpe, diocesan communications officer. Information about that process is available here.

The election will take place during an April 9-10 electing convention at the Meier Lake Conference Center in Wasilla, Alaska.

The person elected will succeed the Rt. Rev. Rustin Kimsey, who has served as interim bishop for three years, since Bishop Mark MacDonald left in 2007 to become the first indigenous bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada.

As Virtue Online reports, one homosexual Episcopal activist was arrested for offering his 5 year old son up to be abused. He was also a big fan of Gay Bishop Gene Robinson.