Saturday, June 1, 2024

New Dance Craze Grips Germany!

This is one reason why the kids in Sylt are singing.

 Edit: the pic of the cultural enrichment is from a post by Golden One, and it got 11,000 likes. Apparently, in Sylt Germany, a DJ played this underground hit, and the kids went crazy for it. Some firm owners and managers bragged on Twitter they were looking for employees, and one wahmen claimed she fired a woman she recognized immediately. Did she even call HR? Even the Secret Police are scouring the videos to find the identities of the people raising the Roman Salute and triumphantly chanting the lyrics.  The Bundespolizei have even employed a Witchfinder to root out the baddies, a woman with a foreign sounding name, Ferda Ataman.

It’s easy to see why real Germans ™️ are feeling this way, considering the rape epidemic and lawlessness of the new visitors.  While an anti-Islamic politician, Michael Sturrzenberger, was speaking at a “far-right” rally, a Muslim invader attacked him with a knife and stabbed him multiple times. A German policeman intervened and immediately attempted to aid the stricken politician, while another foreigner acting as a policeman, waited for his partner to get stabbed in the neck before he shot the offending Muslim, according to Skynewsn. It looks like a lot of people in power are complaining about Islamic “extremism” but failing to suggest a final solution to the problem.

The years have not been kind to Krah

 It’s almost as if real Germans ™️ aren’t running Germany and acting in the interests of the German people.

To illustrate this point we have former FSSPX Counsel, Maximilian Krah, according to CNN, who is being cancelled and is in danger of being arrested for saying that not all SS men were criminals. It’s almost as if he were set up to be knocked down. The frenzy is almost as intense in Germany as when Bishop Richard Williamson expressed skepticism and concerns about the veracity of the Holocaust narrative. Poetic justice, considering how unfair Krah was to +Williamson? We think so.

I still recall the time when Krah was going to sue the forum Ignis Ardens for their troubles.

The CNN article, which doesn’t do Krah any favors, distorts his comment and fails to recognize that the SS was an enormous international organization with three million members at its height, comprised of foreign volunteers, many of whom didn’t exactly share the purest political views with the hard core of the SS. It also fails to note that there is a difference between the Waffen SS and the SS who guarded camps or were involved fighting partisans.



Anonymous said...

Until normal people tell the Jews to shut the hell up and mind their own business, none of this will change. Until there’s no longer fear on the part of normal people to tell the Jews that they’re not going to be in charge anymore and we break them financially, this will continue. These are our countries. They and their pets need a one way ticket back to their homelands.

Tancred said...

There is a Jewish Autonomous Oblast on in the far reaches of what’s left of the Soviet Imperium. Why don’t Jews go there?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how they have morphed Hitler's eyes and facial expression on the young man's face. That is what is driving the yids crazy.

Ferda has her work cut out for her. LOL

Gladstone said...

The Almighty has cached all His heavy weapons in the arsenal of Roman Catholicism. Outfitting us there, He will obliterate the Global Synagogue. It's a religious war, lads. Let's fight it like one!

Anonymous said...

They want the world

Anonymous said...

They have the world.
They just elected a jewess as President of Mexico.