Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Saint John’s Abbey Elects Accused Predator as Abbot

Here is Abt Klassen with another head of a moribund religious community, Justin Welby the Archlayman of Canterbury and the fraudulent Saint John’s Bible 

Edit: +John Klassen had reached his expiration date and is getting retired at 75. Could it be the failing numbers of monks? Saint John’s Abbey may have the ugliest abbey church, but it is no longer the world’s largest Benedictine monastery in the world with only 100 monks compared to Saint Vincent Archabbey. So, this early retirement is unusual for a Bergoglian fellow traveler.  The tall vampiric abbot is trying as gracefully as he can, to get down from the abbatial throne and pass his crook to another crook. 

The new head honcho monk is  a light in the loafers educator who was previously accused of interfering with a 15 year old male student at the Benedictine High School, Saint John’s Preparatory, the alma mater of the troubled FBI Agent Peter Strozk.

Despite the new Abbot Douglas Mullins then “adamantly” denying the charges, according to NPR, the courts have dismissed the case the Abbey filed to defend his “good name”. Mullin is not on the list of credibly accused predators, but it seems like he should be:

Mullin is not named on that list. But he was named in court documents filed by the abbey in 2016. That year, the abbey filed seven lawsuits in district court that had been served, but never filed, by plaintiffs’ attorneys shortly before a window for filing sexual abuse claims created by the Minnesota Child Victims Act closed.  
The abbey said it filed the complaint at Mullin’s request “to restore his good name.” The lawsuit was dismissed in 2017.


It’s unusual to see NPR bringing up these embarrassing details in light of the glowing report given by legal beagle Jeff Anderson about Klassen’s deplorable career.

Well, it’s no big deal if Saint John’s has a predator abbot now, it’s had at least two, Abbots Eidenschenk and  Kelly who not only gave a pass to predators under their authority, but they created them.

And, as I never tire of reminding people, Saint John’s Abbey is the cradle of the rot of Vatican II with Liturgist Virgil Michel, Frank Kacmarcik (1920- 2004) and the evil Baldwin Dworschak, (1950-1971), just to name a few…


It’s also noteworthy that the Saint John’s Abbey President emeritus, Father Bob Koopman, was accused of harassment by a piano student in 2016.  There are other revelations that he would read “ejaculation poetry” with students in the nude while knitting indecent socks for their private parts, while Koopman was an on floor resident. 

An anonymous monk of the Abbey demanded that Koopman come clean. Koopman resigned from his post as University President when this monk confronted him. Koopman resigned in 2012.

Given the nature of these apparent offenses and the high profile resignation of one of Saint John’s senior monks, you’d expect a little more news coverage. There is no coverage on this story. Koopman is still on the SJU website and lists himself as a piano teacher.

Koopman on his “ministry” at Bauhaus (torture dungeon?) abbey church:



Jeff said...

no surprise

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Tucker gives away the hidden agenda right at the end when he couldn't contain his Tridentine jollies any longer.

The rest of this nonsense is a tissue of unsubstantiated allegations, inuendo, guilt by association and gratuitous sprays of weak ad hominem, ad baculum barbs.

Tucker is drowning in his own toxicity.

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Another yank Gaybrielle in a preserve of homo predators.

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It’s almost as if Catholic journalists are terrified of covering this demonic nightmarescape.

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Maybe he was a really mature 15 year old.