Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Bishop Athanasius Authors Prayer for Holy Popes

With a prayer he formulated, Bishop Athanasius Schneider calls on God to call on holy popes

 Praise Jesus Christ!

Dear faithful Catholics, especially those who are suffering from the unprecedented crisis of our Holy Mother Church in our time!  Dear Catholic fathers and mothers of families!  Dear Catholic youth!  Dear innocent Catholic children!  And especially dear contemplative religious sisters, spiritual pearls of the Church!  Dear Catholic seminarians!  Dear Catholic priests, you “are the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”!

The confusion within the Church has reached such a level that we must pray to the Lord with the words of Esther: “We have no helper but you” (Esther 4:31/14,3 Vulg.).  Let us, therefore, take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary through daily prayer, imploring holy Popes.  Let us cry out with the Psalmist: “Arise, O Lord, why do you sleep?  Arise, O Lord, help us and bring us salvation!” (Psalm 43:23).

 January 18, 2024, earlier feast of the Cathedral of Peter in Rome

 + Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Mary in Astana

 Prayer for Holy Popes

Kyrie Eleison!  Christe Eleison!  Kyrie Eleison!  Lord Jesus Christ, you are the good shepherd!  With Your almighty hand You guide your pilgrim Church through the storms of every age.

Decorate the Holy See with holy popes who neither fear the greats of this world nor compromise with the spirit of the times, but who preserve, strengthen and defend the Catholic faith until the shedding of their blood and who observe, protect and pass on the venerable liturgy of the Roman Church  .

O Lord, return to us through holy Popes who, inflamed by the zeal of the Apostles, proclaim to the whole world: “In no other is salvation found than in Jesus Christ.  For there is no other name under heaven given to men by which they should be saved” (cf. Acts 4:10-12).

 Through an era of holy popes, may the Holy See, which is the home for all promoters of the Catholic and apostolic faith, always shine as the chair of truth for the whole world.  Hear us, O Lord, and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church, grant us holy popes, grant us many holy popes!  Have mercy on us and hear us!  Amen.

 Image: Giuseppe Nardi

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.Com



Esteban Gallego said...

Snyder is an insufferable grifter. Tay-Tay would love to give it to him up the heiney!

Anonymous said...

If Schneider is a charlatan, what does that make of the hucksters and frauds of the progressive “church” who don’t visibly resemble any of their predecessors except for the revolutionaries?

Anonymous said...

His dog-whistle, coy way of wishing for the death of Pope Francis.
I am sure that God is oblivious to his true intention.

Anonymous said...

How about composing a prayer for the end of the decades-long interregnum?

Gerard Hogan said...

"Snyder is an insufferable grifter. Tay-Tay would love to give it to him up the heiney!"

Agreed, EG. Herr Schneider is indeed not only an 'insufferable grifter', but he's also a career peddler in ecclesiastical gossip and ideological distortion. He's a major beneficiary of the lucrative international boutique TLM circuit.

Peacocks and clerical showboats don't deserve the oxygen they are getting.

Anonymous said...

Gaybrielle: How dare he point out things gone wrong.

Gabrielle II: I second that! I wish I could have been a bishop. *sniff

Anonymous said...

Who has more frequent flyer miles, Burke or Schneider ?

Anonymous said...

What’s more expensive? A passage on a ship from Patras to Syracuse in the 1st century, or what Schneider spends going from Astana to Washington?

GH said...

"....what Schneider spends going from Astana to Washington?"

Neither Schneiders or any of his fellow elite TLM Inc grifter pays a cracker out of their own pockets. They're in business!

They get premium treatment in everything: fully paid for business or first-class air travel, top accommodation, best food, top shelf booze etc plus huge stipends.

These guys are sanctimonious frauds and the good folk who bankroll them are being taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

If Schneider is in business, Bergoglio is in big business grifting on a level far greater than Schneider’s homespun efforts which Father Gaybrielle like to clutch pearls over.

Imagine someone as devoted to the Mass of Paul VI as much Schneider is about the real Mass of All Ages. Nobody would go to lectures about NewMass except for a few academic professionals like sex predator Anthony Ruff and boomer creeps like Joncas.

Anonymous said...

“Neither Schneiders or any of his fellow elite TLM Inc grifter pays a cracker out of their own pockets. They're in business!”

That’s quite a claim. You could say that of any clergy.

“Moreover, as you Philippians know, in the early days of your acquaintance with the gospel, when I set out from Macedonia, not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only; for even when I was in Thessalonica, you sent me aid more than once when I was in need. Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account. I have received full payment and have more than enough. I am amply supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God.”

Anonymous said...

Your comparison of Schneider to St. Paul is, at best, laughable. At best, ignorant.

Anonymous said...

So is your comparison of Bergoglio to St. Peter.

Anonymous said...

Never said that he was.
Reading comprehension is a skill. Learn it.

Anonymous said...

Gaybrielle, he has more in common with Saint Paul than you have in common with being a competent reader or a Christian.

Benedict Gröschel said...

May I recommend something I’m not very good at?

Anonymous said...

St Psul was a tradesman who, for the most part, supported himself and his mission, He was proud of that:

“Surely you remember, brothers and sisters, our toil and hardship; we worked night and day in order not to be a burden to anyone while we preached the gospel of God to you.” 1 Thess 2:9

“....nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you.” 2 Thess 3:8

Only in exceptional circumstances did he accept assistance such as when he was on the move in his missionary journeys.

No one would deny supporting a bishop or priest in his appointed job but travelling grifter is not part of the deal. Schneiders, Burke and others are exploiting the generosity and naivete of good people to promote themselves not the Gospel.

Down the ecclesiastical pecking order, another clerical entrepreneur and grifter with an inflated sense of entitlement, Johnnie Zuhlsdorf, not pitching for his supporters to build a new roof for his house in Florida and to donate another $40-50K for his latest May-April trip to Rome. He needs the break, he says, to clear his head, to put a smile on his face and to help his ministry along.

He's never done an honest days work in his life and wants to be paid for it.
What a scam!

Tancred said...

How about facts when they are asked for?

Tancred said...

I’ve seen Zuhlsdorf in the confessional for hours, officiating Mass, offering Benediction and Vespers on hot summer days under gold damask.

I’ve seen +Athanasius speaking the truth at Mass. He built an enormous cathedral in the middle of Asia and speaks to many churches throughout the world. What have you done?

Are you recommending that Bergoglio and his cocaine-fueled clique work a trade and not depend on stipends and having all of their meals at a luxurious four star hotel?

Anonymous said...

Just saying someone’s a grifter because he shares an immemorial ecclesiology with saints and Fathers that you don’t believe in does not a grifter make.

GH said...

Bishop Vincenzo Apicella of the Diocese of Velltri-Segni, in which Zuhlsdorf is incardinated, made this comment on Zuhlsdorf’s removal from the diocese of Madison where he was a guest:

"On the other hand, one who combines arguments of faith and morals with photos of birds, Chinese food and aircraft seats, as well as boasting about a firearms license, speaks for itself and I do not see what theological or scientific credibility he can have."

His first ecclesiastical duty and loyalty is to the diocese of Villetri-Segni in which, after thirty years or so, he has not done a day's work. The escape to America has not panned out, Johnnie. Go back to Rome permanently and blog from there!

Pieter Donker said...

Sounds like Giovanni will be saying the Novus Ordo in Italian real soon 🔜

Tancred said...

Wow, hoplophobic bishop with globohomular political leanings.

You trot that piece of ghey venom out every time Z is mentioned, Gheybrie. If the bishop wrote that, it’s almost like he doesn’t expect to be taken seriously. It speaks for itself.

To say that Z hasn’t done a day of work is also a lie. He was working in the Madison diocese as a weekend associate.

I wonder what you do for a living.

Do you do anything but lie, Gheyspleen?

PD said...

Tucker is badly shaken

Anonymous said...

What people may not realize about Zuhlsdorf's rogue and totally irresponsible behavior in a public medium to make politically partisan comments after the Trump was defeated in the election and following the Jan 6 insurrection, is that he could have compromised the tax-exempt status of the Catholic Diocese of Madison. The IRS was and is watching the situation very closely. Maybe Strickland was stripped of his diocese for this very reason.

Zuhlsdorf and free agent clerics like himself are in no way martyrs, cancelled or marginalized. They betrayed the diocese in which they were guests, like Zuhlsdorf, or in which they were incardinated.

None of these characters will ever get a placement in a US diocese ever again.

Tancred said...

Lol, Faybrielle rattled, it just had to bring up the January 6 nothing burger.

Just disagreeing with Zuhlsdorf is no reason to believe your other lies, Flaybrielle.

Tancred said...

“Zuhlsdorf and free agent clerics like himself are in no way martyrs, cancelled or marginalized. They betrayed the diocese in which they were guests, like Zuhlsdorf, or in which they were incardinated“

Betrayed how? By believing what the Catholic Church has always taught, and the Vatican II Reforms?

Anonymous said...

"I've seen Zuhlsdorf in the Confessional for hours"...

What were you doing there? Timing him with a stopwatch. Did you have nothing better to do?

And don't you live in Europe? He lived in Wisconsin.

Gabe Pressman said...

if he was playing with himself, that's very naughty

Tancred said...

“What were you doing there?”

St Agnes is/was an active parish. It could have been before or after Tuesday devotions, Saturday afternoon, daily Mass, idk. You tell me since you know so much. ��

“Timing him with a stopwatch. Did you have nothing better to do?”

Yep, Id be sitting in my car outside the chapel door waiting for him to come out of the rectory.

“And don't you live in Europe? He lived in Wisconsin.“

Kek, he’s lived in Europe too, you daft c8nt.

He was assigned to Saint Agnes in Saint Paul for a long time, and then found a permanent home at another liturgical parish, St Helena’s under Father Villano who loved America Magazine and wreckovated his sanctuary when he showed up there around 78 or so. I remember he told us that year that it was the first time he’d been out of school for 20 years. Funny guy.

People go to confession at Saint Agnes regularly. Apparently, you don’t go as much as you should?

Don’t you have to be better informed to be a combox know-it-all,

Gaybrielle, don’t hold back, tell us how you play!

Paige Stevens said...

Fa66$$? WTF?

I'm having a hard time keeping up with this grifting perv. Is he in Wisconsin, Italy, or Minnesota?

Tancred, have you been to any of these places.

Anonymous said...

Triggered much?

Peter Townsend said...

The only red flag 🚩 with Z is his connection to the Acton Institute. Other than that, he seems straight to me.

David Latowski said...

A wiseman never tries to play leap frog 🐸 with a unicorn 🦄

Tancred said...

Yeah, Z is a bit of a Neocon.

Tancred said...

Paige? Isn’t they a girls name? Are you that Scipio weirdo from Fishbleaters?

Please tell me how Z is a grifting pervert.

Anonymous said...

True, but what the hell does it mean?

Anonymous said...

Zuhlsdorf is warming up for another major grifting campaign and this is in addition to the daily scamming operations that fund him to the tune of thousands every month. This time, he wants his followers to fix his roof and to contribute the twice annual appeal for $40-50 thousand to fund his Roman sojourns. His rational for the bi-annual fully paid-up junkets it that being in the eternal city 'clears his mind, puts a smile on his face, and helps enrich his blog.' In reality, he does nothing much more than to gormandize.

Here's the grifting glutton's latest warm up:

January 25, 2024:

“I … am on the road. My tools are limited due to my not paying attention to my usual “Go List”. Grrr. I’ve met a group of friends in a new city, a very foodie place and foodie friends. In other news, I got my last estimate for my roof work and I’ve pinned down my dates for Rome for March and April. More to come about that.”

Tancred said...

I’ll take Z’s blog and comments about things culinary, religion and politics any day over the empty calories of your carcinogenic posts, Gaybrielle.

Secular priests don’t take a vow of poverty. At least that’s what Z’s mentor, Father Richard J. Schuler, told me once.

I’m going to shill hard for Z.

Philip Adamson said...

Zuhlsdorf has neither the integrity or guts to return to Villetri Segni, his diocese of incardination which in Canon Law is obliged to pay its priests a just stipend as well as all the living costs.

He's totally on the nose with the US bishops and will never get a janitor's job in a parish. Furthermore, the US bishops are beginning to sift through the list of diocesan clerical vagrants, begging and demanding everything for nothing like Zuhlsdorf and will eventually issue ultimatums that they meet the Church's expectations or be laicized.

My bet is that Zuelsdorf will go totally ex-lex rogue and take people like Tucker with him just so long as they are paying, non-questioning, non-complaining disciples. It won't be a big change for any of these characters because they are already in a 'soft schism' and approaching sect status.

Anonymous said...

What is it w/you and the cia diaboli, Tancred? First emjones and now schneider--No wonder he's aux of Satana. I guess 'z' must be one of 'em too.

"In 1982 in Austria, Schneider joined the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra, a Roman Catholic religious order within the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum, and took the religious name Athanasius."

4 NOV 2010. The Vatican has warned Catholic bishops around the world to monitor carefully a secretive traditionalist sect which prays to angels to combat demons. Opus Angelorum, which means "the work of angels" in Latin, was founded by an Austrian housewife who died in 1978.
She claimed to have identified the angels and demons who were battling for the control of human beings. The Church said some members of the sect were carrying out "activities that disturb the ecclesiastical community".

How much did Schneider and Sodano pocket off their cathedral to Our Lady of Fatima in Satana?

"Starting in 1999, he taught Patristics at Mary, Mother of the Church Seminary in Karaganda. On 2 June 2006 he was consecrated a bishop at the Altar of the Chair of Saint Peter in the Vatican by Cardinal Angelo Sodano. In 2011 he was transferred to the position of auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Astana."

"Present at the consecration with Bishop Schneider was Cardinal Angelo Sodano from Rome.

Sodano used his authority to protect the guilty, block reformers, and assist schemers trying to cash in on American dioceses selling church property... This was done by his nephew, Andrea Sodano, a building engineer in Rome, in a buy-low, sell-high scheme targeting parishes in financially troubled dioceses. Cardinal Sodano promoted Andrea's partnership with the flashy Raffaello Follieri at a 2004 launch party in New York. The business crashed in 2009 when its CEO Follieri went to federal prison on fraud and money-laundering charges. He sent $365,000 via wires to Andrea Sodano in Rome for alleged structural engineering studies...Was it mere coincidence that on the day of Sodano's exit, the Legion of Christ, whose money he took and interests he long championed, announced an internal investigation of abuse with the order? What impeccable timing. The Legion stated that 33 priests and 71 seminarians had sexually abused minors over the last 80 years. Maciel had 60 victims, said the Legion, seeking to cast itself in a self-reforming light."

I can pray for a 'holy' pope w/out the help of the protege of the unholy, apostate JPII's greedy pedophile protecting right hand man. But please send him more money to fund his holy work of 'tradition' and 'fatima'!

Private group 393 members

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Supporters
Private group
15.6K members

Tancred said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tancred said...

Gaybrielle, I’ll bet if Zuhlsdorf were a fraudulent gay huckster like Anthony Ruff OSB, you wouldn’t be too interested in exposing him.

All of your assertions about Z being a huckster is contingent upon the fact that he doesn’t promote your Bologna School bromides and compares the Bugninine Liturgy unfavorably to the Immemorial Mass
of All Ages.

Moreover, Z has been successfully earning a living on line for years. The Canadian Bishops can’t even do that with a huge budget and a Basilian fruitcake priest at the helm.

PA said...

In arguing with his fictitious nemesis, Tucker continues to prove himself to be gutter smart at avoiding the keys issues by: using blame/guilt displacement; mindlessly trotting out vacuous slogan and using them a blunt ideological instrument instead of reasoning.

Zuhlsdorf, like you, thinks that ordination to the priesthood is a career path into economic entrepreneurship. Priestly ministry is not about raking in thousands per month off internet grifting and running franchises.

Bishops Conferences around the world are finally waking up to these permanent clerical free agents and one of the big lessons they have now learnt is that characters who have been kicked out of seminaries but get themselves through to ordination via another system almost invariably come back to cause them grief and endless complications.

I have no doubt that Zuhlsdorf and even the Schneiders, the sanctimonious Kazakh, will be exited from the priesthood.

Wake up to yourself.

Tancred said...

This is all pure speculation on your part, Gaybrielle.

You’re not even particularly well-informed about him.