Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Curtis Sliwa Arrested For Protesting Immigration

[Fox News] Guardian Angels founder and former Republican nominee for New York City mayor Curtis Sliwa was arrested on Sunday while protesting the Midland Beach Migrant Shelter on Staten Island.

Video footage showed Sliwa and his supporters protesting in front of the Midland Beach Migrant Shelter, which was formerly the Midland Beach Senior Citizen Home.

"Eric Adams kicked out the elderly occupants of this nursing home in order to house illegal migrants," Sliwa said of New York City's mayor in a press release before the event. "He is despicable."


Asian Gunman Kills Female Shopkeeper Over Pride Flag

CEDAR GLEN, Calif. (KABC) -- The suspect accused of fatally shooting a Cedar Glen store owner last week during a dispute over a Pride flag had shared anti-LGBTQ+ posts on social media, according to authorities. The shooting happened on Friday, Aug. 18, at the Mag Pi clothing store near Lake Arrowhead. Investigators said Travis Ikeguchi, 27, shot and killed 66-year-old Laura Ann Carleton because she displayed a Pride flag outside her business.



tom said...

What a showboating pantload. I remember him from his talk show days on 77WABC with his wife Lisa. He got caught faking his own kidnapping only to be actually
kidnapped a few months later. He was a bigger motor-mouth than Seán Hannity or Thug Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Are the Guardian Angles still a thing?

Mike Hunt said...

Who does Sliwa back for POTUS?
The Indian dude?

Rao de Valeral said...

Put HI Ho Silwa in a paramilitary style uniform and you get just another narcissistic brass ass.

Anonymous said...

Was he jabbed 💉?

Bill Thaler said...

Yes, just like Bonker T, the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Tucker the Tubby, Yeehaww and the entire EF crew, all four regulars plus boosters.

Anonymous said...

What a boomer.

Anonymous said...

Bill Thaler: 2:37AM

You left out all of the Heebs that infest the comment section here.
Like flies to a cookout in July.
I suspect that includes you.

Anonymous said...

The only Herb here is you, Gaybrielle.