Saturday, March 25, 2023

Utah State Footballer Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Practice

[New York Post] Sure, these kinds of incidents happen all the time, now get back to work and help subsidize Israel! 

In an increasingly frequent occurrence, a young, vibrant and healthy Utah State wide receiver, Josh Davis, is recovering and in fair condition after a sudden medical emergency. 

Davis suffered a "non-traumatic sudden cardiac arrest" during Utah State's football practice on Thursday, the school announced. What do they mean “non-traumatic?”

The player collapsed during the team's practice at Maverik Stadium and was treated on the field by Utah State's medical training staff.

Meanwhile, USU Football is getting ravaged in the comments by people who are concerned about vaccine injuries these often mandatory death shots, involve. 

NB: USU strongly encourages sheeple to get the death vaxx, but it is not mandatory.  Mormons are such cucks!


Anonymous said...

In their intended meaning, "non traumatic" means that the cardiac arrest was not caused by a blow to the chest during practice/play.

It could still be vaxxed related.

Anonymous said...

Mormons go along with anything that the culture puts out.
They are like jews. They insert themselves into a culture to make as much money as they can from it.
Notice how they absolutely forbid gambling and at the same time own casinos in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Dead wide receivers are the game winners. What a Super Bowl it would be if all the players were dead. No injuries, no pain....!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of it going around these days.

Anonymous said...

At least sports cardiac arrests make the news. But what about those being diagnosed w/rare and aggressive cancers? On the other hand, what is the point of continuing to report these incidents? There are not enough of them for anyone to get excited. At some point maybe president might open it up to the trial lawyers (like water at Camp LeJeune) for a hefty kickback -- but don't think that will happen til the vaccine kickback is definitely over.

Mike the snake man said...

With all we know now about these “vaccines” you’d have to have a screw loose to put that poison ☠️
in your arm.

Lynda said...

Snake man:

With all do respect, the vaccines have proven themselves. We are a lot farther along to getting our lives back thanks too them.

susan said...

Yeah...proven themselves to be outstandingly efficient bio weapons against humanity.

What color is the sky on your planet "Lynda"?