Monday, March 27, 2023

Fake Photos of Fake Pope Fool Boomers All Over the Internet!


Choose Your Destroyer!

Edit: showing the Stuntpope appearing in a stylish jacket by pedophile fashion label, Balanciaga,  the internet created a fake photo of the Pope which fooled a lot of people. We’re not sure why this is such a problem since most people believe his Christian witness is genuine. The AI has captured a satirical truth about this man.

Can we have AI give us a real Pope?

[jewser] Pope Francis sure looked stylish over the weekend, with viral photos showing up on Twitter of him wearing a white puffer jacket. The problem is that the pontiff wore no such coat. The images were fakes, but they were high-quality fakes that fooled a lot of people. 

  • The origins: As New Scientist explains, the images were generated by the artificial-intelligence tool Midjourney, which creates such images based on text prompts. They first surfaced on Reddit before migrating to Twitter over the weekend.
  • A milestone? "I think Balenciaga pope might be the first real mass-level AI misinformation case," observed internet culture expert Ryan Broderick on Twitter. "Kinda cool to watch tbh."


Meem said...

Thanks for the laugh!

susan said...

It's SO obviously a fake....he'd NEVER have the Crucifix out in front.

Anonymous said...

It’s not even a real crucifix. It’s an Osiris backwards foot -ifix.

Anonymous said...

"It’s an Osiris backwards foot -ifix."
Are you an Egyptologist?

Anonymous said...

The fake pope in a fake photo, how very 2023!
Fake pandemic, fake "vaxxes" Fake president in the White House. Fake news 24/7.
What's next? Fake alien invasion from space?

Lynda said...

Pray for the Holy Father. He’s in hospital now.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly Christian sentiments, Lynda. The Pope's condition is not fake news.

Anonymous said...

Maybe God has had enough of the Chavista pope.

Anonymous said...

This is the same "holy father" who told everyone, including Vatican workers, to get the death jabs. I see you ( Lynda) also support the death jabs, ( on the Utah footballer comments.)
The poison jabs are abortion derived, that alone should make Catholics reject them yet your "holy father" is fine with them!