Saturday, January 21, 2023

George Neumayr: Bergoglio is a Communist Groomed by Pedro Arrupe

 A Communist PopeAn interview with author George Neumayr

[Gloria,tv] Maike Hickson: You report that, while in Argentina as a younger priest, then-Father Bergoglio was close to the Jesuit General Superior, Fr. Pedro Arrupe who himself opened up the Jesuit Order to socialist ideas. Could you explain this thesis a little more?
George Neumayr: He was a protege of Arrupe, who identified Bergoglio as a rising liberal star in the order. That is why he made him a provincial at the age of 36. Arrupe presided over the order during its most intense period of liberalization and used Bergoglio as a liberal enforcer at the infamous worldwide gathering of Jesuits in 1975 that sealed the order's socialist and modernist direction.

Edit: we also came to a similar conclusion, Bergoglio Praises Arrupe, with help from Lol, why can’t we catch malaria?



Anonymous said...

And now Neumayr is dead. The deep state/church doesn't tolerate trouble makers. Pell is dead the bodies are piling up.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, as a journalist/writer, who travelled frequently, Mr. Neumayr may have been vaxxed and boosted and may be another victim of the baffling new disease 'SADS' or 'Died Suddenly'

Rest in Peace Mr. Neumayr.

Anonymous said...

An autopsy must be done on George Neumeyr. There is no reason not to do an autopsy (in America of course) and his family needs to demand that be done. If anyone claims they need money to send his body home, start a GoFundMe and it will happen. This is the only way to determine what happened to him, and if this does not happen, it is positive proof of a cover-up and the talk will never end but only increase.
What happened to George Neumayr.
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and may he rest in peace, amen.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem likely to be the "baffling" SADS. The timing of it is too convenient, the fact that he knew he was in peril, that he was mysteriously "poisoned" days before.
Autopsy. Now.

Anonymous said...

You are right.