Thursday, May 5, 2022

It appears that election fraud is another thing Bergi & Biden have in common


Unknown said...



J.V. said...

And Patty-cakes has no idea if any of this happened or not.
In other words, he is guessing.
Even if any of this is true, what is to be done about it?
That's right. Nothing.
Bergoglio would be long dead, if it was ever discussed in the Vatican, and by that time he will be as forgotten as Pope Marinus II.

Anonymous said...

The American deep state getting the right people into office from Rome to Washington DC despite popular opinion.

Hansie Willems said...

No wonder Americans are the most irresponsible and dangerous people on earth. The scale of ignorance defies imagination. No wonder Trump was shoe horned into the White House.
Good grief!

Tancred said...

Americans are ignorant compared to whom? Fruity East London thespians who vote Labour?

Anonymous said...

There is an even more "incredible" document called "Pascendi Dominici Gregis" of Pope <St Pius X That preempts the Post-Conciliarpapcies that are all Liberal Modernists - he called them enemies of the church. Their liberalisms condemns them all. Look at the mess they have left behind them, making such a one as Francis the "wreckovator" possible.

Anonymous said...

There's something called V2 which happened over 55 yrs ago.
Francis is nothing new.