Sunday, May 8, 2022

Unhappy Reactions About Roe v. Wade Decision

Edit: from the demoniac.


To the Jewish Simpchimp Fischer, Oy veh! She pretended to be conservative, but now feels the moment to drop her mask and campaign for all of the right kosher causes. 

I didn’t realize Fischer was a single mother!

[Anerica] But the cause of my embarrassment has changed. You know what I mean. It is one thing to know that people think pro-lifers are dorky and uncool and to decide that you can live with that. It is quite another to know that people think pro-lifers are anti-woman and anti-immigrant and anti-poor people—and the reason they think so is because the most public faces of the pro-life party cannot seem to stop saying so.

Like many of my friends, I have backed away from identifying myself as pro-life in the last few years. I just don’t want to be associated with any of that. I stopped writing about it, stopped talking about it.

But the recent leak of the Supreme Court draft has made certain conversations unavoidable. It is a historic moment, and one that I welcome intellectually, if not emotionally, because I know it’s crucial if we’re to begin the work of building a world where abortion doesn’t seem necessary. I had to talk about it with my kids, and I have had to admit to myself that the reluctance I am feeling is not really anything more profound than embarrassment. It is nothing more complex than that same crawling sensation I felt as a child when I knew that the cool kids didn’t like me. I want to be motivated by something nobler than that, but I am not. I am just embarrassed. And I need to get over it because too much is at stake.



Anonymous said...

Abortion is murder.
Genocide of unborn children is at stake.
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,

Moysha said...

That coloured lady is like the Jewish capo facilitating the genocide of his own people.

James said...

A self-absorbed jewess who wonders if she should be just fine with killing babies.
You know what, lady?
Go be a degenerate jew. It is in your blood.

Mike Hunt said...

Is there any wonder why the Spaniards didn’t trust the Conversos?

Anonymous said...

Why do these bitches care about abortion?
No one is gonna sleep with them.

Anonymous said...

Jews have no insight into themselves personally or their loathsome behavior as a group. They have no capacity for introspection. None whatsoever. No wonder Synagoga was always depicted blindfolded. They are the most mind-blinded people I’ve ever seen.