Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The ADL Was Founded to Defend Child Murdering Rapist

Edit: Mary Fagan was murdered by Leo Frank 109 years ago today, and as Coach notes, the ADL was founded to defend him and help him escape justice.




Barnum said...

I have a hard time seeing Southerners as WASPs, which I had the impression that Mike was saying. The WASP I see has expanded all over the country as it grew after the Revolution. True, WASPs are offshoots of Congregationalists, Unitarians, and all kinds of Puritans. But WASPism, if one can call it that, is more of an intellectual and emotional attitude nowadays, Calvinist Christianity transmogrified, that anyone can belong to, even American Catholic bishops, as long as they toe the health & wealth Gospel line, and agree with the big money guys. I just don't see the Scotch-Irish southerners having WASP attitudes, and I see more kinship instincts, attenuated though they be, thus more of a "love thy neighbor" outlook,if you will more Christian. The Congregationalists & Unitarians left us with everything from Mormonism to new Age, while the worst that can be said of the Scotch-Irish heritage is ????? (please tell me.)

Another point is that there always have been a lot of Jews in the South, roughly about 1% of the traditional South. Sure, the Northeast - New York - was over-represented since the 1840s, but there is plenty of evidence of Jewish settlement in America after Columbus.

Sam said...

I wish I could find the entire audio. He goes thru a list of prominent blacks and identifies the Jew behind him.

And, after the collapse of the Black/Jewish alliance , they got behind the queers and hate the Stonewall event to galvanize them.

Anonymous said...

I never realized that the Church was so allied with the White Supremacy movement, to include Jews and Blacks. B
Sure explains a LOT!

Anonymous said...

I never realized there were any f@gs who read this blog besides Gaybrielle and Vox Cantoris till now.