Monday, February 7, 2022

Support for the Canadian Truckers

Our readers may be interested in learning about the anti-Covid protests (wrongly called an "occupation") going on in Ottawa, because even Canadians can't take this anymore. Read about it in the mainstream press here.

The EF wholeheartedly gives its support to the truckers and supports them in their fight against the mandatory togetherness imposed by the totalitarian nanny state.

If any of the truckers are reading this, we urge you to do your best to avoid violence: Best to let the violence begin with a command from Trudeau himself.


Stop Voris said...

How do we donate?


Tancred said...

I want to give my money to E$ra Levant. That dude seems Jewish enough!

Anonymous said...

You can donate through

Rebel News has a legal fund set up and has hired lawyers to give the truckers free legal representation. You can donate to that fund.

Anonymous said...

You can donate at

Rebel News has an account to provide free legal representation to the truckers. You can donate there as well.

Anonymous said... And spread the word!

Peter said...

This is what eventually happens when you push average people too far!
Go Truckers!

Anonymous said...

The Canadian government is going after people who donate or have donated

Anonymous said...

The Canadian government is going after that website, btw.