Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Vatican tightens catalog of fines for disregarding the corona measures

 In the Vatican, the corona measures were tightened without a plausible factual basis. Repression and patronage should continue.

(Rome) These days, Pope Francis, in addition to his usual vaccination propaganda, has for the first time in a year and a half also sounded something different. At the same time, however, he tightened the sanctions for "disregarding" his Corona measures.

The head of the Church has been active as a global vaccine advocate for 18 monthsFrancis follows the worldly guidelines. The genetically manipulating Covid active substances, which have received conditional approval from the EMA in the EU, are propagated without any facts. Anyone who disagrees is verbally attacked by the pope as a “suicidal denier” and his existence threatened.  The moral cudgel is waved in an inappropriate way.

Francis made vaccination compulsory for the Vatican as the first country in the world. Employees who do not comply are threatened with dismissal. He repeated the same about the third Covid injection, the so-called “booster”.

On Monday, Francis spoke, and these are decidedly new tones, for the first time that there should be other methods of combating Corona in addition to vaccination. The reference in his speech to the diplomatic corps referred to the drug treatment that critical doctors have been demanding since spring 2020, but has been rejected by governments that are dependent on Big Pharma. The treatment methods are there and they are very successful. However, big business cannot be made with it and the dependencies that are sought cannot be created. Francis said:

"Vaccines are not magical healing tools, but they represented as the most reasonable solution to prevent the disease, in addition to the therapies that need to be developed."

 In view of the blatant ineffectiveness of the Covid preparations, Pope Francis is misleading his listeners, the governments of the world. No one is pushing him to make such statements. Or are they? 

Is Pope Francis changing his position late, but is he? Doubts are warranted. The sudden opening up to drug treatments has come with new Pfizer products that, as far as we know, do exactly what the much-maligned ivermectin does and are safer than the Pfizer product. Above all, however, treatment with Ivermectin costs just 12 euros, while that with the new Pfizer product costs many hundreds of euros.

However, the fact that Pope Francis tightened the penalties for disregarding the Corona measures he imposed, contradicts a serious reading. As head and sovereign, Francis presides over two subjects of international law, the Holy See and the Vatican City State. As head of state, he is responsible for the Corona measures that apply in his territory, to its residents, employees and visitors.

So far, Francis has given up the unique opportunity as head of the Church to set different accents than the corona-fanatical governments of the Republic of Italy. Instead, in the Vatican he follows exactly the Italian path and even exacerbates it in some cases.

Parallel to the Italian government, the Vatican also ordered the wearing of FFP2 masks a few days ago In addition, "business trips" by his employees were suspended until February 28. A corresponding decree was issued on January 5 by the Pontifical Commission for the State of the Vatican State, as the government of the Papal States is somewhat awkwardly called. It is signed by Curial Archbishop Fernando Vérgez Alzaga, a Legionnaire of Christ who has been head of government of the Papal States since October 1, 2021.

Since October 1, the Vatican can only be entered on presentation of the Green Pass or an equivalent. This applies to both employees and visitors. Only those who can show a valid vaccination status or who have been officially tested and isolated for Corona in the past maximum six months are allowed to enter the Vatican.

Since December 13, employees who do not have a valid vaccination card are no longer allowed to work. For most of those affected, this means that they must also have the third Covid injection.

"According to the express will of the Holy Father"

The only exception to this are believers who attend Masses. Since March 2021, these have been limited to two morning hours in St. Peter's Basilica. This also applies to the papal parish of St. Anne in the Vatican on weekdays, which, however, is not known to many. And the exception also applies, in an acrobatic construction, to the Wednesday general audiences of the Pope. In order not to have to relax the Corona regulations, but also to allow access for healthy people who do not submit to the absurd Corona dictate, the general audiences were put on an equal footing with the liturgical celebrations of the Pope .

No wonder, then, that there is considerable confusion in the face of such measures. Exceptions apply to the liturgical celebrations, but on Monday a group of pilgrims were refused entry to a mass in St. Peter's Basilica because they were not wearing the "right" masks. The faithful had the usual mouth and nose protection, but no FFP2 masks, which are otherwise generally required.

Also in the new decree, Curial Archbishop Fernando Vérgez Alzaga LC noted in Article 7 that the tightening was issued "according to the express will of the Holy Father".

The Vatican Museums published the new catalog of fines for violations of corona measures. It is aimed at employees and visitors. The 3G rule has also applied to the Vatican Museums since autumn 2021. Violations are punished with:

  • a) Gatherings in public places or places open to the public: 25 to 160 euros.
  • b) If the mask is not worn or not worn correctly: 25 to 50 euros.
  • c) If the distance to other people is not maintained: 25 to 50 euros.
  • d) Failure to comply with the prescribed rules of conduct in public places or places open to the public: 25 to 160 euros.
  • e) Failure to comply with the provisions on access restrictions, movements within the national territory, entry and exit: 80 to 160 euros.
  • f) If the imposed quarantine or restriction of freedom of movement is not observed: 200 to 1500 euros.

However, the supreme ruler of the Papal States, Pope Francis, is the first to not follow the rules, namely none. The regulations do not provide for such an exception, which means that Francis sees himself above the enacted law, which only applies to the subordinates, the infantry, the "popolino", as Italian ironically disparagingly calls the common people.

The new catalog of fines for violating the corona measures in the Vatican.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Vatican.va/MiL (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com



M. Prodigal said...

I suppose this has nothing to do with the fact that Francis met with the head of Pfizer not once but twice? 30 pieces of silver or something a little higher perhaps? What a cesspool the "holy see" has become under the bishop of Rome.

Tancred said...

Follow the money!!

Lasserre deVillier said...

Pfizer is a Jewish operation, same with much of the scamdemic. Bergoglio was in bed with the rabbis back home in Buenos Aries. Abe Foxman of the ADL personally thanked Bergoglio for restricting the Latin Mass. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

The Scribes and Pharisees have returned!!!

Anonymous said...

Let’s go, Francis!

Anonymous said...

It's seems they have forgotten Jesus Christ the Healer of all diseases..But depend on man made vaccine without healing..Many vaccinated have passed away of the same..Very sad..Please say Rosary along with Binding Prayer 🙏🙏