Saturday, January 8, 2022

“The Congregation of Divine Worship is Not All Powerful”

The Benedictines of the Immaculate responded to Traditionis Custodes  and the Responsa ad dubia with a declaration of loyalty to the Council of Trent and the traditional Rite.

Shortly before Christmas, on December 23, the ancient Benedictines of the Immaculate published a statement on their website on the Motu proprio Traditiones Custodes  of Pope Francis of July 16, 2021 and on the Responsa ad dubia of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments of July 4.  December 2021, which was released on December 18th.  It is a strong answer given by the monks.  They are sending a clear signal.  After an initial paralysis of shock in the Ecclesia Dei communities, an increasingly determined will to persevere and to resist emerges.

The Benedictines of the Immaculate are a Benedictine community of strict observance.  This monastic community was founded in 2008 by two monks from the French Abbey Le Barroux in Villatalla in Liguria (Diocese of Albenga-Imperia), where they were accepted by the then diocesan bishop Mario Oliveri.  Because of his tradition-friendly attitude, Bishop Oliveri was a victim of the Bergoglian "mercy", systematically dismantled and finally retired by Pope Francis.  The Benedictines of the Immaculata moved to the neighboring diocese of Ventimiglia-Sanremo in 2019, where they were welcomed by Bishop Antonio Suetta, who left the abandoned Capuchin monastery of Taggia to them.  The Benedictines of the Immaculata maintain the traditional Roman Rite within the order as well as in pastoral care.  In the past year 2021, four postulants took on the religious habit and joined the monastic community as novices: on January 1st, 2021, Brother Benedict, on January 6th, Brother Placidus, on February 11th, Brother Gabriel and on September 8th, Brother Julian.


On the Motu proprio Traditiones  Custodes of July 16, 2021 and the response of the Congregation for Divine Worship of December 4 to the Dubia:

 We, the Benedictine monks of the Immaculata of the Monastery of St. Catherine of Siena in Taggia, founded on August 1st, 2008 by HE Mario Oliveri and established on March 21st, 2017 as an Institute of Consecrated Life of diocesan law and by decree of the Diocesan Bishop HE Antonio Suetta, moved to the Diocese of Ventimiglia-San Remo on November 18, 2020, where we vowed to be faithful to the Constitutions approved by the Holy See, on which we made our sacred monastic vows.

As it says in their prologue, they have committed ourselves especially before God and the whole Church to the liturgy as our own Rite, both inside and outside the monastery, always in the more than millennial and "never abolished" (Motu proprio Summorum Pontifi cum)  Form to be celebrated in Latin and with Gregorian chant.

This solemn commitment includes the use of ancient Roman rituals and the pontifical, as our consecration ceremonies have shown since our inception.  We do all of this out of fidelity to the theology formulated by the Council of Trent, which, by defining the canons of the rite of Mass, has erected an insurmountable barrier against any heresy that could affect the integrity of the mystery of Holy Mass.

 S. E. Antonio Suetta publicly affirmed on television on August 24, 2021 that we:

 Are "the guardians and witnesses of the oldest tradition of the Church".  Only in this way and not otherwise do we remain loyal, no matter what the cost.

May the Pope, at the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, be enlightened in his function as Vicar of Christ, so that before the eyes of the world and for the salvation of souls the Catholic faith in all its purity, as well as the traditional liturgy, which guarantee this purity, shine again and let all attacks of error and decay against the Holy Church fail.

At Taggia, on December 21, 2021, on the feast of St.  Apostle Thomas

A young Benedictine monastery of strict observance gives a strong answer to Traditionis custodes and the Responsa ad dubia.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi


Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

Ha! So there is a total of 6 of these guys?
They will be swept away like yesterday's trash.
They have no power, no connections and no money.

Mike Slater said...

These be robed exotics never understood the profound cultural change that occurred in Europe between approx 4th and 7th centuries when Latin died and the romance languages evolved.
The cloistered line-dancers should start selling T-shirts and mugs like the exiled, rootless Grifer-in-Chief, Zuhlsdorf clericus vagus.

Tancred said...

They don’t get grants from Carnegie Mellon like the dying Saint John’s Abbey that can’t keep its numbers from declining, mostly because of their lack of apostolic zeal, but also because their matriculating students are generally acquisitive materialists who don’t know the Catholic Faith.

Tancred said...

@Gaybrielle, they didn’t take the history survey course you got at Hull.

Fred said...

They are connected to God, fool!

Fred said...

You’re a troll!

Fred said...


Mike Slater said...

"They are connected to God..."
So is the Pope who instructed them that the Liturgy of the Western Church is to be celebrated in the vernacular.
What part of that is testing your comprehension skills, Fred?

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle, Bergoglio is part of the discredited, Bologna School, tbh.