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Bergoglio Slaps Tradition on Feast of Three Kings


Pope Francis slapped tradition in his sermon on Epiphany and criticized those who criticize his Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes - according to Reuters correspondent Philip Pullella.

(Rome) Hardly has the new year started than Pope Francis has rediscovered his favorite opponents.  And court reporters like Philip Pullella, the Vatican correspondent for Reuters, willingly carry the papal criticism around the world.  More precisely, Pullella only provides the actual reading of the papal slap in the face that Francis gave yesterday in his sermon on Ephipany.  Pullella names the "conservatives" as the addressees, but means tradition.

Pullella was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Pius on November 13th by Pope Francis.  This is mainly given to heads of state, heads of government and diplomats.  Up to 1939 it was connected with the ennoblement.  Pullella is the Vatican correspondent for Reuters, one of the three international press agencies that lead the world.  Pullella yesterday sent the following message to the world, which he put in the headline:

 "The Pope criticizes the conservatives of the Catholic Church, who are locked in an 'armor'."

 And further:

 "On Thursday, Pope Francis attacked the Conservatives who oppose change in the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church, complaining that some see religion as self-centered and locked in 'armor'."

Then Pullella becomes clearer:

 "On the Feast of Epiphany, the day of the Magi, the Holy Father criticized those who opposed his decision to restrict the traditionalist Latin Mass, saying that the liturgy must not be caught in a 'dead language'."

 What Francis said and what he meant

 But what did Pope Francis say literally?

“Brothers and sisters, as for the astrologers, this also applies to us: The journey of life and the path of faith require longing, inner drive.  Sometimes we live in a 'parking' spirit, we live parked, without that momentum of longing that takes us forward.  It is good for us to ask ourselves: where are we on the journey of faith?  Have we not stood still for far too long and parked in a conventional, external, formal religion that no longer warms the heart and does not change life?  Do our words and customs trigger the desire in people's hearts to move towards God, or are they a 'dead language' that speaks only of and to itself?  It is sad when a community of believers no longer feels longing and, weary, drags on with administrative matters instead of being amazed by Jesus, by the overwhelming and stirring joy of the gospel.  It is sad when a priest has locked the door of longing;  it is sad to succumb to clerical functionalism, it is very sad. "

 Neither the Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes  nor any other specific references were mentioned by Francis.  Pullella is therefore the Pope's interpreter.  Does he know more?  Apparently, because otherwise such a clear interpretation by a Reuters correspondent would be inconceivable.  Pullella was therefore given the reading for the sermon in advance so that he would carry it out into the world.  In the past, this task was mainly taken on by Andrea Tornielli before Francis called him directly to the Vatican.  Incidentally, Tornielli, chief editor with management and coordination authority for all Vatican media, was received in audience by Francis this morning.

The Latin cult language of the Church is therefore a “dead language” for Francis and the priests who know they are bound and committed to it are “addicted to clerical functionalism”, which is “very sad”, since they are priests who “open the door  closed to longing ”.

The rigor of death in the Latin language must, however, relate solely to the traditional rite, because at the papal mass on yesterday's solemn festival it was not only the choir who sang the ordinarium in Latin.  Pope Francis also used the liturgical language of the Roman Catholic Church almost exclusively, which is why it is also called the Latin Church.  He celebrated the Eucharist exclusively in Latin.

 The deep-seated aversion

In his report, Pullella sheds light on another part of the motives that prompted Francis for the Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes  and the campaign of annihilation against the traditional rite, with increasingly repressive measures (Diocese of Rome, Responsa ad dubia, Archdiocese of Chicago).  Pullella, the Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of Pius, does not ask how well-founded and justified such motives are.

Rather, the papal mouthpiece at Reuters deepens the anti-tradition message:

 “After the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965), the Latin Mass was no longer used on a large scale and was replaced by the local languages.  In July, the Pope tightened the rules for celebrating the Latin Mass after arguing that the Latin Mass was being used by opponents of reform to damage the unity of the Catholic Church, thereby reversing the decisions of his two predecessors.  Since then, some conservatives, including bishops, have openly challenged the Pope, leading to the latest chapter in what some have called a 'liturgical war' in the Church. "

The procedure is not new, but rather well-known in Pope Francis' pontificate: Francis throws a stone into the pond, but uses the hand of someone else so that his involvement can neither be proven with certainty nor can he be he held responsible for it.  With Francis it is not just a matter of tactics, but of a strategy that a close associate, Archbishop Bruno Forte, Special Secretary of the Family Synod, described as "a typical Jesuit".

 Mask fetishism in St. Peter's Basilica, with the exception of the Pope.  Even the choir of the Sistine Chapel had to sing with a mask.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.Com



Unknown said...

And... Reuters is run by loxismusses.

JBQ said...

"Amoris Laetitia" is known to be heretical and an attempt to change basic morality which is doctrine. Just wait until he comes up with his "Book of Prayer" which makes Scripture obsolete. This guy is something out of the Apocalypse and very likely the "Bishop in White" profiled in the Third Secret to say nothing of the unreleased portion of the missive of Sister Lucia. That portion talks of "a pope under the influence of Satan" as stated in a conversation on radio by Malachi Martin who read the Secret.

Bill Sandlake said...

Latin became a dead language well before the end of the 8th century AD. It had been evolving into the romance languages during those centuries.

Vatican II just completed what Trent did not have the nerve to do, namely, to establish a completely vernacular liturgy in the wester Church.

The TLM Industry involves around 150,000 folks who are attached to antiquarianism and boutique faddism. It's not about Faith; it's about a culture of restorationism.

Dieter Mohr said...

Who needs Jesus Christ, the Church or Scripture when the guardian elites interpret the indefectible Third Secret of Fatima and the magisterial statements of Malachi Martin?
Toot toot.

Tancred said...

Who needs Jesus Christ when you have Karl Marx? He’s nice!

DM said...

"Who needs Jesus Christ when you have Karl Marx? He’s nice!"
Aah, you have the advantage there.