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The Cardinal Wasn’t Killed by Gunfire but Had “Some Sniffles”

Vaccinated Cardinal Arizmendi wasn't killed in a shootout but had "some sniffles".  A strange message?  As a matter of fact.  But see for yourself, because something is strange at the moment.

(Mexico City) Cardinal Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel, bishop emeritus of the Chiapas diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas, announced that he had “tested positive for Covid-19”.  The cardinal is "fully immunized".  The example shows how the Corona policy and Covid fear are changing behavior.  The Chiapas diocese is a special laboratory for a "married indigenous clergy".

Cardinal Arizmendi, who headed the diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas from 2000 to 2017, was created cardinal by Pope Francis in 2020.  With this clear sign, the head of the Church signaled his appreciation for the Chiapas experiment.  Francis did this personally on February 16, 2016, when he visited San Cristobal de las Casas to pray at the grave of Samuel Ruiz García, who was well-respected in left-wing Catholic and liberation theological circles, who was bishop of the diocese from 1959 to 2000 and is credited as the inventor of the "  Autonomous Church”.

Monsignor Arizmendi had been appointed by Pope John Paul II to succeed Monsignor Ruiz in order to bring the Chiapas Experiment under control.  He fulfilled this task as desired, but without inner conviction, as he showed from the beginning of Pope Francis' pontificate.  Today, Cardinal Arizmendi is a sought-after columnist in Mexico's media, who is a mouthpiece for Pope Francis in the most populous country in Central America, also in defense of the Pachamama in 2019.

The Corona policy, the staged theater

On the basis of the College of Cardinals, undesirable developments in Corona politics can be shown.  Cardinals like Arizmendi and Wilton Gregory are testing positive for Corona despite being double-vaccinated and “boosted” because the Covid active ingredients aren’t delivering what governments are boldly promising.  In general, cardinals have only died “of Corona” since they were vaccinated.  While in the allegedly so critical Corona year 2020 - critical because there was no "vaccination" against the viral disease - no member of the Church senate died "with or from" Corona, there have been several since the beginning of the vaccination campaign.  All were vaccinated.  Cardinal Arizmendi is also vaccinated.  His initial vaccination in early March 2021 with the Pfizer/Biontech active ingredient was disseminated in words and pictures by the Centro Católico Multimedial (CCM) of the Mexican Bishops' Conference for propaganda purposes.

Another aspect is the worrying corona unrest that has been brought to the attention of the population by governments and the media.  News spread on social media that Cardinal Arizmendi had died in “a shootout.”  The cardinal then issued a statement to the media:

“Yesterday I started with a slight sore throat and a little runny nose.  An hour ago I tested positive for COVID, if only with these symptoms, thank goodness.  I am already taking medication along with those that are at my house as the virus is spreading very quickly.  We commend ourselves to your prayers and let's take care of ourselves because we don't know how the virus will reach us.  Let us pray." 

The cardinal is staying in his private house in the city of Toluca in the state of Mexico, where, in contrast to the people in the German-speaking area who, after a positive corona test by the authorities without medical care, they are subject to punishment and monitored by the police in quarantine  being forced to be “medically cared for”.

Since January 1st, 2022, the CDC, the US Robert Koch Institute, has no longer recognized PCR tests to determine a Corona infection.  This test was introduced into Corona politics by Christian Drosten at the beginning of 2020.  It remains to be clarified how exactly the introduction of this PCR test and its all-dominant but misleading position could have come about.  Without these tests, nobody in the world would have noticed a Corona epidemic, as Franz Allerberger, then head of AGES (Austrian Robert Koch Institute), said in June 2021.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, two years after the start of the pseudopandemic, people now want to move on to carrying out a maximum of 30 replication cycles (CTs) to evaluate PCR tests.  The WHO issued such a recommendation a year ago, but it was ignored by the governments of the German-speaking area and other European countries.  Critical experts had already pointed out this misleading use of PCR tests in spring 2020, as they are expressly not approved for diagnostic purposes.

The Corona governments have therefore used instruments from the beginning that exaggerated, distorted and thus misled the overall situation.  PCR tests are also useless because they cannot distinguish between different Corona viruses and not even Corona viruses from influenza viruses.  And last but not least, the error rate of false positive tests is at least one percent, but also with peak values ​​of at least one and up to five percent.  Anyone can use the daily published numbers of the tests carried out and the "positives" determined in the process to calculate how suitable or unsuitable these daily "case numbers" are, which are misused by the media to scaremonger and by governments to justify repressive measures.

Premises for equalizing the perception of reality

This must be said in advance in order to make it clear that Cardinal Arizmendi's positive Corona test is initially worthless without a clinical diagnosis.

In the next step, a concrete example can be used to show how much the deliberately generated fear changes people: Whenever before would a cardinal have gone into quarantine because of “a slight sore throat and a bit of a cold” or addressed the public with a press statement and asked for prayer  he seeks?  In this specific case, the intention was certainly to dispel the rumors of his death.  In the past two years, however, countless cardinals and bishops have addressed the public with similar press releases in order to present their positive Corona tests as if in a show.  As a rule, the test result, which was useless on its own, was misleadingly claimed as a "Corona infection".  That's what the Corona governments want.

If you compare the Corona policy to the Corona facts, a completely different, far more worrying pattern can be seen: the targeted, planned and organized staging of a “pandemic” that never existed.  This raises the question of the purpose of this staging and the chain of command that made such a global choreography possible.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: (Screenshot)q

Trans: Tancred


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