Friday, January 7, 2022

Health Commissioner Lies About Number of Cases of Children Hospitalized to Push Death Vaxx

 Edit: not sure if this odd looking creature is Jewish, but in the face of protests and charges by animal activists against the ritual slaughter of thousands of chickens on their feast of Kaparos, she found that the practice of killing thousands of chickens and hurling the carcasses around causes no threat to public health. Oy!

Here’s LifeSiteNews which will encourage the usual suspects to complain about the site for various reasons they can’t describe. 

ALBANY, New York (LifeSiteNews) — New York State’s acting health commissioner affirmed late last month that she played up extremely rare pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations to promote injecting all children five years old and above with the experimental and abortion-tainted COVID jabs.

The promotion of universal vaccination in young children comes in spite of evidence that children face very minimal risk from COVID-19, and ignores the thousands of reports of serious adverse events and deaths connected with the experimental shots.

During a December 28, 2021, press conference, acting State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said that while the numbers of pediatric COVID-related hospital admissions were “small,” and while children are not “having an epidemic of infection,” a handful of rare pediatric hospitalizations were given center stage in a recent health alert “to motivate pediatricians and families to seek the protection of vaccination” for young children.



Anonymous said...

Ahh...the bulldyke uniform: Dangling Coral earrings with a mop of unruly, frizzy hair.
They might as well wear a sign around their neck saying, "I hate all males of any species".

Peter Cornelius said...

Ahh .... Lifesite magazine. Wouldn't know the truth if it big their Canadian asses. Their colleagues in the Vatican Press office spend most of the time rolling around the floor laughing like hell at this mob.

Tancred said...

Ahh... I knew Gaybrielle would opine before he took his AZT.

Peter Cornelius said...

With your tacky habit of sticking your head up peoples' arses. Tancred, no wonder your view of reality is murky to say the least.

Tancred said...

So the thing you do is “tacky,” eh?