Friday, January 7, 2022

Death Vaxx Kills More Children Than Covid

 [Children’s DefenderLouisiana nurse last month told state lawmakers her hospital is seeing “terrifying” reactions to COVID vaccines, but hospital officials are failing to report them. 

Collette Martin, R.N., a practicing nurse for 17 years, said her Louisiana hospital is witnessing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, encephalopathy and heart arrhythmia following COVID vaccination, and staff are failing to report anything to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Martin, testifying at a Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee hearing, told State Rep. Lawrence Bagley that most medical professionals in her hospital aren’t even aware VAERS exists.



Rambeaux said...

Yada-yada-yada....and it does not.
More nonsense.

ESTEBAN said...


James Maxwell said...

This politicized and paranoid anti=vaxx campaign is now doing nothing more than chase its own tail at high speed.
If you want to live, get vaxxed.

Tancred said...

Classic projection from Gaybrielle.

James Maxwell said...

The source of this latest piece of tired, lazy distortion touts itself as a Defender of Children. It is no more than an extension of fascist Bannon's office of lies and deception.
Using children like this is a particularly nasty cynical form of child abuse in the servvice of AltRight vested interests.
The moral compass is busted, Tancred.

Tancred said...

Since when are you anything but a diseased, lazy,
prolapsed rectum?

JM said...

When the cause is lost, abandon any pretense at rationality and head straight to the bum bole. The Nazi got their world view from there. Sieg Heil!

Tancred said...

When all is lost, Gaybrielle just gets out a personal attack or three.