Friday, December 17, 2021

You Can Get Abortion Pill to Murder a Baby, But No to Ivermectin

 Edit: they really want to shit down people dealing with this plandemic with effective remedies, don’t they?

As long as women continue murdering and stifling the next generation of European Christians, it’s ok. The destruction of the West must continue!

[Daily Mail] Under US regulations on the pill, it must be dispensed in clinics or hospitals by specially-certified providers who must sign an agreement, and obtain the patient's signature to acknowledge the provider informed them about the drug.

The second drug in the regimen, misoprostol, which is taken up to 48 hours after the first, though. has long been obtainable with a prescription at any pharmacy. 

But on Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration means that medication abortion will become more readily available to women who find it burdensome to travel to an abortion clinic, and those who would like to terminate their pregnancies from the comfort of their own home.

It allows patients to have a telemedicine appointment with a provider who can prescribe them the abortion pills, and send them to the patient by mail.

The decision, though, comes as the Supreme Court is set to hear a major case about abortion rights - and could overturn Roe v. Wade. 


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Anonymous said...

The anti christian American ruling class Abort Pill is very dangerous and will kill many women and once that fact gets well known the abort pill will be finished.