Friday, December 17, 2021

Nigel Farage Interviews South African Doctor About Omicron



Jim Hoffnung said...

Nigel Farage has real form as a conspiracy theorist and regularly mixes with some of the goofiest of them al, for example with the barking mad, disingenuous Tucker Carlson:

This little offering is just another of the COVID-19 anti-vaxxer 'cops investigating cops' genre.

Tancred said...

Nigel is a formidable political figure with notable accomplishments.

You? Just a queer sort with a lot of free time.

JH said...

"Nigel is a formidable political figure with notable accomplishments.'

So was Joe Stalin.

commenter said...

In the interest of balanced commentary, Farage's most notablr political accomplishment is that he holds the record for the number of failed attempts to be elected as a Member of the UK parliament. On one occasion, his paltry number of votes was beaten by a clown dressed as a dolphin. He has a profitable sideline in appearing on shows in the US, but he isn't a serious figure in his home country.

Tancred said...

Still smarting about Brexit, Gaybrielle?

Anonymous said...

Hey Gay fields.