Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Petty Effeminate Prelate of Chicago Has New Restrictions on Immemorial Mass of All Ages

Anyone should have guessed that the venomous gays who run the Church in the world would attempt to tear down what was beginning to be rebuilt. These restrictions are so petty as it would almost be hard to believe were it not for general familiarity with the modern princes of the Church.

May God rebuke them we humbly pray!

Since Traditionis Custodes things have been going on in quick succession.  More and more radical measures are being taken against tradition - each with the approval of Pope Francis.  This was followed by Cardinal Blase Cupich, the "man of the Pope" in the USA with his guidelines.

(Washington) Cardinal Blase Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago and spokesman for the Bergoglian minority in the USA, published yesterday his implementation of the anti-tradition Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes.  It is far more radical than that for the Diocese of Rome - with the approval of Pope Francis.

As Archbishop of Chicago, the Chief Shepherd, appointed by Francis and created as a cardinal, presides over one of the three most important dioceses of the universal Church, alongside Milan and Cologne.  As the “man of the Pope” he last proved at the autumn plenary meeting of the US Bishops' Conference that, although he is only a representative of a minority, he is the real strong man in the Church of the USA.

When Pope Francis issued his Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes  on July 16, with which he wanted to eliminate the traditional Rite and the representatives of tradition, Cardinal Cupich spoke up just five days later.  His reaction was eagerly awaited, and it was surprisingly cautious.  He announced in a statement that he wanted to “study” the motu proprio and “think about” it.  He will “consult with others” and “offer a way in due course”.  The key phrase was:

 "Meanwhile, current practice regarding the 1962 Missal remains."

This gave the all-clear, if only for the time being.  A decision that was pointed out to be a role model for progressive bishops.

From the Christmas slaughter to the Christmas stab in the back

Shortly before Christmas Eve, on behalf of Pope Francis, the Roman Congregation for Worship published more precise details on the motu proprio in the form of Responsa ad dubia, which became a Christmas slaughter against tradition.

Yesterday, sooner than expected, the final guidelines for the implementation of Traditionis custodes in the Archdiocese of Chicago followed.  The two leading US progressive media, National Catholic Reporter and America, the magazine of the Jesuits in the US, and VaticanNews, the news portal of the Holy See, announced it at the same time.  VaticanNews published a report on the Chicago Guidelines in English and Italian at the same time.  In the progressive Church circles in the USA and Rome they knew in advance and prepared the publication together.  It follows that Cardinal Cupich, the Jesuits, and Santa Marta all attach particular importance to the guidelines for Chicago.

Cardinal Cupich published an article on Traditionis Custodes in the National Catholic Reporter and America Magazine on November 10th.  Neither VaticanNews nor the press office of his archdiocese or the social media channels directly affecting him took notice of it at the time.  On the same day, the guidelines for the implementation of the motu proprio in the diocese of Rome were published with radical restrictions on tradition.  This coincidence of events also suggests coordination.

In his essay, Cardinal Cupich declared Traditionis Custodes with the “need” that Pope Francis saw “to secure the legacy of the Second Vatican Council”.

Not only the aforementioned synchronous publication is remarkable, but also the non-publication of the new measures by the Archdiocese of Chicago itself. No media channel of the Archdiocese reported on it.  Wouldn't it require at least a minimum of tact and decency for the believers concerned to be informed first and directly?

 Every fourth Sunday and public holiday canceled

This indicative form of publication means that the Chicago Santa Marta Guidelines are viewed as the desired model for the US dioceses.  The USA plays a central role in Pope Francis' thinking, both in terms of the world church and world politics.  The USA is home to a large and, above all, lively part of the traditional world, as the Save the Latin Mass initiative, against which Traditionis Custodes is directed, shows.

The simultaneous publication signals that Rome has given the Cupich measures the placet.  This not only gave the willing bishops the opportunity to “cling to” them, but Santa Marta also set a standard against which the behavior of the US bishops can be “checked”.

While Cupich ensured relaxation on July 21, by leaving everything as it was for the time being, he now struck with full force.  The Archdiocese of Chicago Policy for Implementing Traditionis Custodes restrictions it issued apply from January 25, 2022.

They are so restrictive that at the same time even celebrations ad orientem are forbidden in the Novus Ordo.  All celebrations in the new rite must be made versus populum in the future.

In its radicalism, Chicago goes beyond the implementation in the Diocese of Rome.  Cardinal Cupich forbids the celebration of the traditional rite on the first Sunday of the month.  Traditionis Custodes turns the Church year in the Vetus Ordo into holey Swiss cheese.  The decree for the Diocese of Rome “only” provides a gap for the Triduum Paschale from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, in which priests and believers of tradition are to be forced to participate or concelebrate the Novus Ordo in order to demonstrate their loyalty and unity to Peter and the universal Church.

Cardinal Cupich adds a whole series of other gaps, just with the ban on celebrations on the first Sunday of each month, there are twelve.  But that's not all: even at Christmas and Pentecost, Holy Mass is no longer allowed to be celebrated in the traditional Rite.

According to this model, 18 Sundays and public holidays were declared taboo for the traditional Rite.  Depending on the area, this corresponds to more than a quarter, in some countries almost a third of all public holidays.  With Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, the heart pieces are torn out of it.

 The new year will present tradition with great challenges.

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Archdiocese of Chicago / Vatican.va / Save the Latin Mass (screenshots)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com



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How does Sewer Pitch keep his hair looking so purrfect ?
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Mike Slater said...

"How does Sewer Pitch keep his hair looking so purrfect ?
Must have a hairdresser on call 💇‍♂️"

Charming commentary.

Anonymous said...

Cupich is a thug, and a lackey of Pope Francis. Francis and his Vatican like Cupich so much, that this cardina's dispicable new restrictions on the LAitn Mass were published as banner headlines in the Vatican's own l'Osservtore Romano (circulation at the bottom of the barrel since Bergoglio became pope).

I read several respectable reports that claim Pope Francis is in fact very seriously ill despite appearances. Maybe Cupich is making a play to be "crown prince"?

Damian M. Malliapalli

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"Venomous gays who run the Church". Amen to that. Really hilarious previous comment. Never heard the reference to "Sewer Pitch" before.

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The quality of sustained argument is very impressive lads. Trump is hiring at the moment, I understand.

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And your arguments are all nonexistent and ghey, Gaybrielle.

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"And your arguments are all nonexistent and ghey, Gaybrielle."

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I don’t know what you think Cupich should do. Clearly placating the Latin Mess crowd hasn’t worked.

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He should stop being gay.