Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Moors Still Raid England for Its Daughters

Edit: for centuries, Moorish pirates have mercilessly raided the coasts of Europe in search of slaves, millions of them over three hundred years, in fact, particularly the young women. And despite centuries of war with militant Islam and these dark races, Europe is again being invaded, but this time with the assistance of friends on the inside who are bringing them in on the basis of a fraudulent claim to charity. As the recent Rotherham scandal has shown (despite efforts by the occupation media to silence its honest publication), these people have no mercy for the numerous white females who are pressed into brutal slavery by these Moorish invaders. It's the same kinds of men with the same religious identity, preying on Europe for its generous social welfare net, drug trade and wealth. And yet it’s actually illegal to broach this subject in the UK, by the way. The usual suspects run the constabulary and the media. 


Anonymous said...

Not just in England.
I am so sick of looking at that raghead bitch that is a member of the U.S Congress, I could scream.
You know. That paragon of virtue who married her brother.

Peter said...

Canada is the same with our pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage Catholic Prime Minister Trudeau who has thrown open the immigration gates to every Haitian and Nigerian with a pulse.