Saturday, December 4, 2021

California Schools Grooming Children Without Parents’ Approval

Edit: Shrier is Jewish too. I guess its believed that Christisns can't effectively manage these discussions, so a Jewish surrogate must be involved to move the discussion along.



Anonymous said...

Bottom line:
Teachers want to know which kids they can hit on for sex.

Anonymous said...

And isn't there always a member of the Tribe behind this crud?

Gladstone said...

Itis believed, by the big Jews of the Global Synagogue, that the goys must never be permitted to manage such discussions.

Before explaining further, we must name the Jews in question (in addition to the Jewess mentioned in the post):

Leftist Jews/Jewesses like (((Randi Weingarten))) head up teachers unions at the national level, and call the marching orders for all the leftist shabbos goys in states like Commie-fornia.

According to Nathaniel Kapner, Rupert Murdoch has a Jewish mother. Hence the sobriquet FoxJews can be justly applied to the Zionist propaganda pumped out of that channel.

The Jewish media scam since the end of WWII is to rip goy society apart, using the left to attack all manner of cultural targets, including children; and use the right to whine, complain and do nothing. Of course, both political left and right are Jew-controlled.

But child rape is a touchy subject for Jews, because they don't want too many goys finding out that kid-rape and kid-kill of gentiles is always on the Jewish agenda. Child rape is doctrinally condoned in the Talmud, and even for the non-frum majority of politically active Jews, kid-rape is instrumentalized in the blackmailing of corporate execs and politicians, a.k.a. Jeffrey Epstein. Weimar in the 20s, The Chicago ritual murder of 1955, the Franklin Cover-Up, the McMartin Case, Satanic Ritual Abuse are all the tip of the Jewish iceberg for raping and killing children. (It's not even new: they've been doing it for centuries.) Thus the grooming allegedly opposed in this video is part of the process of the customary conservative all-talk-no-ction response to what is in reality, Christ-hating Jewish aggression against gentile society.

It's actually quite simple: when the phallic worshipping Turkic pagans of the Asian steppe, the Khazar-Ash-Kenazim, adopted themselves into the explicit rejection of Christ over 1000 years ago, the depravity in both their behavior and satanic-social engineering became inevitable. Nothing is off the table. Just ask "Honey, I raped the kid!" Woody Allen, and his adopted Korean daughter, whom he allegedly married.

So when they talk about this topic, only a Jew can represent the opposition, because a to the paranoid, Christ-hating Jews, the Christian could expose their criminal intent (even inadvertently) and therefore must never be trusted.

We see the same pattern with Palestine and leftist Jewish spokesman, Professor Norman Finkelstein. Why not let a Palestinian get up to the mic and tell his story? -Never. The goys would know.

The Big Jews know that if gentiles really understood what's going on with all the injecting, theft, child-raping and exterminating, that they would have no safe place to run.

For everyone's sake, including their own, the Jews should stop it, expose the plan of the Big Jews, and circumvent the apocalyptic explosion that they make more and more inevitable every single day.

newguy40 said...

Long time Cali resident. I remember when my boys were in public school and all the teachers wanted to do then was mis diagnose add adhd. 'Course they wanted my boys on Ritalin and other ssri, ah the good Ole days of Cali halcyon.

Yossi Borat said...

Gladys is to be applauded for the inclusivity in an all embracing, universal hatred and contempt. All are equally despised, including her own self-loathing, so no one should feel otherwise.
Cheer yourself Gladys, throw another Jew in the well.

Gaybrielle's Jesuit Rabbi said...

Please excuse Gaybrielle, everyone. Historical facts regarding child rape/murder delineate a topic that does not seem to cause him any outrage or distress.

He seemingly hates no sin, and hates no one except Catholics, the failure to annihilate the Church of whom he has spent his sad and lackluster career.

Also, he is still angry about the time when, at the hotel for the annual provincial Jesuit fag-fest, he had to spend an unsuccessful 90 minutes arguing with the front desk to unblock his access to the homo-porn channel on the tele in his room.


Tancred said...

Gaybrielle brags about his Jewish heritage to everyone who’ll listen.

Gaybrielle Epstein said...

Excellent observation: he is very touchy about comments which name the Jew's criminality, especially when backed up with facts.

Even more so, he clearly lashes out more against criticism of Jewish Christ-hatred, than he does about his own fagginess.

What a Jew!