Friday, November 12, 2021

Saint John’s Abbey Gets Large Grant From Rothschilds

Hideous brutalist edifice designed by Jewish Marcel Breuer

Edit: one of the means of political control, besides demoralization, is money. The UK based Arcadia Fund was founded by a Swedish heiress and an “American” businessman named Peter Baldwin who is the Chairman of the Center for Jewish History. The Chairman of the advisory committee for the substantial Arcadia Trust is none other than the evil Jacob Rothschild.

Freaking Vampire!

Saint John’s Abbey is a place devoted to the destruction of the West and its morals, whether by its founding and fostering of organs of demoralization like National Public Radio, or its intended destruction of the Latin Liturgy and architecture, it has long been a poisonous and evil place.

I can’t imagine a gift of this kind is well-intended toward whatever good impulses the Jerome Hill Monastic Library had at its founding.

[TheNewsreadersA $5 million grant was recently awarded to the world-famous St. John’s University Museum & Manuscript Library, which is the biggest grant in that library’s 56-year history.

The grant was given by Arcadia Fund, which previously gave two generous grants to the library some years ago. Established in 2001 and based in the United Kingdom, the program provides grants to help preserve cultural heritage throughout the world. Its mission statement emphasizes the fragility of both the cultural heritage but also the ecosystem. It states, “Once memories, knowledge, skills, variety and intricacy disappear – once the old complexities are lost – they are hard to replicate or replace.” To that end, Arcadia has so far given $910 million in grants worldwide.

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library fits the Arcadia mission statement nicely. For more than half a century, the library’s leaders, staff and technicians have been visiting repositories of knowledge throughout the world (monasteries, churches, universities, private homes and other places) to preserve manuscripts and other artifacts.



Anonymous said...

The VII church is kosher.

Dan Shea said...

Why is there always a Red Sea Pedestrian behind this kinda cr@p?

Mike Slater said...

I have no idea, Dan. Pray share your view with the reader.

Gladstone said...

Excellent post: we now have a data point connecting faggot church to the Jew-bankster and crypto-Jewish control system, a.k.a. the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross.

Anonymous said...

St. John's Abbey is a standard-bearer for the "faggot church". So many of their monks have been accused of sexual abuse of young boys, it seems that that is all they know how to do.

Before Vatican II, St. John's was already a seedbed for liturgical abuses and experimentation. Their abbey Church, dedicated in the late 1950's shortly after the death of the great Venerable Pope Pius XII (1939-58), reflects the liturgical spirit among already emerging "progressivist" groups in the Church who wanted to reform the liturgy (protestantize it). St. John's was one of the first monasteries and even churches, to celebrate Mass facing the congregation, even before Vatican II (1960-61), but were forced by an early directive of the new Pope John XXIII (1960), the any Catholic Church or religious house that was dabbling in liturgical abuses/esperimentations were to cease at once. So though they kept their "protestantized" altar, the monks celebrated Mass "as -orientam"....until Vatican II when they were at the forefront of a radical liturgical evangelization that they practiced in secrete pre-Vatican II. They soon became the standard for liturgical "reforms" (actually abuses), in the USA church.

On the eve of Vatican II and immedialy after, Saint Johns was the largest (membership wise) Benedictine Monastery in the world, with close to 350 monks. But after VAtican II, and the introduction of the Novus Ordo, and the wave of liturgical abuses and aberations, membership slowly declined....accelerating after accusations of sexual abuses and pedophilia hit the abbey. Today, St. John's has barely 100 monks, 80% over 70.

St. John's is indeed a "faggot" monastery. Unfortunatly, this can be repeated in hundreds of other monasteries in USA and Europe. In every case, they are representative of the Vatican II rot which has destroyed religious life in houses of men and women.

The Carthusian monastery I lived in for several months last Summer is totally the opposite. Though they celebrate the Novus Ordo, it is in the Carthusian Rite, in Latin 3x a week, and a High Mass on major feast days.They have 27 monks (9 in 2005, and started to go up again around 2007-08 when Pope Benedict XVI started to restore the Church (or at least tried to). They had 1 ordination this year in July which I was priveledged to attend. Their last ordination before that was in 2017, and another in 2010 (which was the first they had had in 10 years). As a comparison, the Redemptorist house/monastery about two miles away has not had an ordination for 30 years, and has not had more than 5 seminarians for almost 40 years ( close to 125 pre-Vatican II). It is the main Redemptorist house in France. They used to have 26 foundations in France, but now have 4. I heard they. like St. John's have a bad reputation of sexual abuse from their overwhelming "faggot" members. Same with French Jesuits.

So the situation at St. John's is not unique. Unfortunately, they all feel emboldened under this pope Bergoglio. But I hope Bergoglio is gone soon, and with him, these representatives of the Vatican Ii "faggot" Church we have been stuck with since 1965.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tancred said...

They were probably doing the disoriented Liturgy in the 20s.