Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Tom Woods to Have TLM Nuptial Mess at Basilica of Sacred Heart

The Woods family as I like to think of them, sans RINO politician of dubious morality.

 Edit: after talking to Tom Woods in private message I got a few issues sort of explained to me about how he perceives things or wants them to be perceived:

1. He didn’t want the divorce.  Tom’s wife was, as coincidence would have it, spending time with the weirdos who belong to Wood’s Libertarian political circle and they encouraged her malicious and really unjust attacks on Tom’s character.  Demonic possession springs to mind.

2. Tom has an annulment which even a conservative Diocese in the post-conciliar Church would have approved, despite being married many years and father five girls. We all know what the modern annulment process amounts to. It’s very doubtful that he wasn’t validly married to his wife. 

Tom also says we’re not entitled to know the details which were essential in the judgement. I disagree. When you draw your daily bread shilling for traditional Catholic capital, you should be a very transparent. Tom doesn’t spend much time defending Catholic positions any more. He’s largely focused on building what to my mind, and many Catholics, is an evil Libertarian Party affiliation that seems to me what destroyed his marriage. If he wants Catholics to support him, he should be a little more honest about why he broke with the Remnant people in the first place. 

Surely, his interaction with Chris Ferrara was pretty mild.

3. Tom says I’m being Marxist by embracing a lie. I don’t think it’s a lie. I believe Tom is abandoning his family. How will he have time to take care of his girls while he’s servicing a morbidly obese Laino?  Is it so awful that strongly I dislike and disapprove his decision to put away his current wife on the basis of a flimsy annulments process, and marry someone who clearly has some emotional and psychological problems which will make another annulment child’s play should it come. Of course, Miss Laino is also Libertarian.   He also threatened a LOLSuit, but I don’t care. You can’t sue people for having opinions you disagree with.

I also don’t think it’s wise of Tom to take up with this new woman when his wife is trying to raise his five girls. I can’t even imagine the confusion and sadness which the children and the rest of society will suffer as Tom negotiates between his two women, and how best to raise his girls. How will Tom’s wife come home when she realizes how foolish she’s been and that, despite the assurances from her “friends” in Libertardarianism, that she can’t do better than Tom Woods. I think a reasonable person would conclude that she was lucky to find Tom in the first place.

A photo Tom’s wife put up of the girls on an outing. Where’s Tom? No Tom. Very sad. They look abandoned to me.

4. Tom denies shilling for Trads or even presenting himself as a Traditional Catholic.  This is a lie. I suggest removing or amending the passage on Wikipedia or making a public statement that he repudiates Catholic teaching, which I assume he did when he parted with the Remnant. (It was a lot more embittered than he wanted me to believe in our discussion.)

5. Tom wants me to explain why his Englightenment  Capitalist ideas, which are hostile to Catholic economic teaching, are problematic or that I understand them in the first place. I think his wife’s behavior speaks for itself. Isn’t she putting Rothbardian principles into action by dumping Tom in search of better arrangements?  Never mind that she has done much to impoverish Tom and his girls in so doing.  Atlas Shruggs, no big deal, since people and social arrangements are fungible.

6. Tom says he’s having a TLM Nuptial Mass. How do the weird Libertarian friends of the bride who look like lesbian witches and fortune tellers fit in with the Atheist “Best Man”?    

I assume everyone knows that Tom’s best friend Michael Malice is not just an atheist, but a Jew as well?

Tom blocked me from seeing his wedding registry. Lol, I’ve got a VPN. He’ll be having his wedding with the weird furry, witch, libertarian and Jewish best man at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  That should be weird.

More pics of the wedding party.

7. Tom also says he’s very active in his daughter’s lives and goes to Scooby Doo escape room adventures with them on weekends. 

P.S. I’d much rather be doing an entry on a man with a history of defending pederasty publicly working for the Saint Paul Schools, but I’d rather give Tom some air time since he threatened to sue me.

P.P.S. I don’t want to be mean to Tom. He’s always been nice. He’s even keeled, he’s interesting and a compelling speaker. But he’s wrong here and he should stop pretending that the JQ doesn’t exist.






JBQ said...

Really strange but yet interesting. How can there be a TLM marriage? Appears to me without knowing a lot that bisexuality is involved.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking more like beastiality

john said...

Judge Napolitano looks ridiculous since he started dying his hair.
Whitepages.com says Jenno is in her twenties.

Brian Kieth said...

Let’s all chip in and buy the hippo a wedding gift.
I have $200, where do I send it Mr. Tancred?


P. O'Brien said...

After an annulment (a legitimate one, if you can find one of those,) a second or rather true marriage should never take place with any fanfare. A private ceremony in the rectory, as was done ages ago with a mixed marriage, would do just fine. But even on a good day the Church seems to have little sense.

Anonymous said...

"All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." ― Leo Tolstoy

Divorce is a sad situation. I have no connection to Tom other than listening to some of his podcasts. My own view is that, as the father of 5 daughters, Tom would have been better off remaining single and just being the best dad he could be. However, I don't know all the details and will not comment on his choice to remarry.

As a Catholic from birth, I also won't comment on Tom's Catholicism or the implications of the divorce/annulment. However, the Catholic Church is so flawed in 2021 that I won't find fault with Tom over anything he's done.

I would recommend, however, that folks listen to this homily from Father Paul Scalia (son of the late Supreme Court justice) which touches on the issue of marriage and divorce:


I wish Tom the best. God bless.

Tancred said...

How generous.

Anonymous said...

Tell me moar about spps pederasty

roscooler said...

Tell me moar about the spps pederasty defender

Anonymous said...

This is arguably your best work. From an optic perspective, I cannot believe how bad this looks for Tom. A big reason why so many Catholics fell for Libertarianism, was that so many arguments against it from a Catholic perspective were usually if not always from "The Left". EMJ broke thousands of people who identified with "The Right" with the belief that the market was somehow sacred. He simply named the Jew, and that was that.

Funny thing, from time to time you see these older men marry much younger women Friends/Family of the groom are often older, and the bride has all her young friends. It looks odd, but these men often have money and the women are very fit and attractive. This broad is just greasy fat--not a good look. Libertarians are often degenerates, god only knows what this couple is into.

You think Tom will respond? The last public spat you had was with Mark Shea, who is a real POS. Hopefully, you will soon write something on the teacher in St. Paul who was kicked out of two separate religious orders for his support of NAMBLA.

Dave Lewis said...

Can there be any more disgusting Libertarian than Fr. Sirico?
It's not surprising that he and Tom are close.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jeffrey Tucker is invited to the wedding?

Time Warner Cable said...

I can't help but think he could do better

Anonymous said...

Some of your readers may not know this, but the Von Mises Institute has always had a rather odd assortment of "camps" within the organization. There seems to be three camps--two of these camps in many cases being members of both. These camps include: Rothbardian Jews, Neo-Confederates, and Trad Catholics. The Trad Catholics and Neo-Confederates often sharing members. Lew Rockwell and Jeffrey Tucker being two such examples.

Tancred said...

Yes, I think it’s interesting that a lot of traditional Catholics move on from this degenerate POV once they find out who the actors are.

Tancred said...

Thanks anon 521. I liked the post at Gamer Uprising a lot.

A lot of people are waking up to this degenerate political dead end.

Geez, imagine a faithful Catholic trying to square the circle with this insane Talmudry.

Anonymous said...

Within the broader libertarian movement, there was always a divide between renegade traditionalists of different Christian Sects. There were also a number of degenerate sorts, but both sides more or less tolerated each other. Of course, anything run by men in funny hats will eventually promote all things degenerate. IMHO one of the most telling moments in the broader libertarian movement, was when Nick "Fonzie" Gillespie made a video praising the likes of Allen Ginsberg as a libertarian hero. Don't believe it? Check it out.


Tancred said...

Libertarianism presupposes sexual relationships between adults and children.

Fr. VF said...

Learn to spell.

Fr. VF said...

The Catholic Church endorses the free market. Need proof? Read the seventh commandment.

EMJ has no actual economic views because he does not know what "economics" means.

Tancred said...

The free market doesn’t mean Jews controlling the political and economic system.

Try criticizing Jews some time and tell me how free the market is. Lol

Nicholas Landholdt said...

WTPP is wondering why Christian patriots in Christian libertarians do not stop with the band-aids? Let us form a coalition to once and for all address publicly the JQ and mobilize STate Militia to get rid of the Money Lenders like Spain and England did back in the day.