Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Irish GP Cancelled for Speaking Out Against Vaxx

 Edit: these vaccines are so reliable that labcoats dissenting about their effectiveness get their credentials cancelled.

[Unity News Network UK]  A Londonderry GP has been suspended for comments she made about the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Dr Anne McCloskey expressed concerns in a social media video about young people being given the Covid-19 vaccine.
The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) said it was suspending Dr McCloskey “as a precautionary measure while it undertakes a full investigation”.
Dr McCloskey cannot work for the health service during that time.
The HSCB said that suspension was “not an automatic occurrence when undertaking an investigation”.
Dr McCloskey said in the video that there was not enough evidence that it was safe for young people to be vaccinated.
Dr McCloskey said she was “distraught” by the number of young people “damaged” by “unlicensed and unapproved” vaccines.
What do under-30s need to know about the vaccine?
She said many young people had been “coerced, bribed or bullied” into being vaccinated and that vaccines were “malevolent”.



Anonymous said...

May God bless Dr. McCloskey

Diane said...

She's from Derry, not Londonderry. Only protestants call it Londonderry, a British imposition.