Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Schoolteacher Dismissed Reinstated — Judge Finds School Authorities, “Vindictive”

Edit: like certain unprofitable commenters on this blog, these people have burned charity and benignity out of their hearts.

[Daily Wire] Loudoun County, Virginia, elementary school teacher who was placed on administrative leave in May for refusing to affirm transgender identity in children was reinstated by a judge Tuesday.

Byron “Tanner” Cross, who teaches physical education at Leesburg Elementary School, secured a temporary injunction from Judge James Plowman in his lawsuit against Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), according to an announcement from Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which defended him.



Peter said...

Not this time but soon democracies will lose freedom of speech. This is yet another fact of encroaching Marxism.

Hans Pieter Schnackenburg said...

Free speech disappeared in the USA from 2016-2021 when the Trump narrative of Alternative Facts and Fake News hijacked truth and transparency.
As for Trump and his enablers, lock 'em up.

Constantine said...

Freedom of Speech Died in this country when the murderous and greedy followers of the Enlightenment Americanist Revolution in 1776 tarred and feathered defenders of their British Fatherland.

Anonymous said...

This is great news for this teacher, and for the beginning of the end of gender labeling etc, woke ideology, lgbtq agenda and BLM. I watch many politoco programs at night, and many say that there is a huge tide rising against the radical Biden inspired liberal agenda. BLM has been discredited. Defund the Police likewise. PArents are protesting and bringing down Woke agendas in public and private schools. This teacher being re-instanted is a sign of a weakening of this perverse agenda.
Biden and his people will be collapsing soon too.

So will radical Pope Francis, who just today again insulted and degraded faithful and traditional Catholics and seminarians. How much longer are this brainwashed idiot traditional Catholics going to just sit silently by and still cry "Viva il Papa" and call Bergoglio "Holy FAther"? He isn't holy anything.

As a "heads' up" for everyone, don't be surprised if Francis and his Vatican are drowning in a huge tsunami of criticism and condemnation for a number of things in the next few days. 1). Pope Francis not accepting asshole Cardinal MArx's resignation,
2). The insulting, defamatory, and deranged speech Francis gave to Italian seminarians condemning "ridgid" seminarians. He also contemned adherence to Church doctrine, and "ridgid" ritualism in the Mass. Faithful CAtholics know when it's necessary to be ridgid in Catholic belief. The only thing Francis' lackeys believe should be ridgid is that what's between their legs when they're watching porno of young boys on their pc's.
3). The new, 40 min. Italian documentary about the illegitimate resignation of Benedict XVI due to his original intentions being mistranslated deliberatly of the VAtican Press office (He didn't plan to renounce the Papacy, just the active ministry..not bopping around the world every 10 minutes like JP II did). The whole documentary, titled "Il Messagio nella Bottiglia"======"The Message in the Bottle". gives indisputable evidence that Benedict XVI did not intend to entirely resign office, and that the election of Bergoglio was orchestrated by a clique of about 14 infamous cardinals and bishops, including CArdinals MArtiti, Danneels and McCarrick, called the "St. Gallen Mafia" Danneels is even on tape confessing to it.
Apparent hundreds of thousands in Italy have seen it already....and are outraged. When networks attempt to contact the VAtican press offce, they get no response.

I hope this brings asshole Bergoglio, and his whole crew down. Not tomorrow of course....but I hope this thing builds, and he's out before the end of the year....eiter resigned in disgrace, or passed on to his eternal "reward".

Damian M. Malliapalli

susan said...

aaaaaand the flaming schoolboard has just filed an appeal on this judge's order.
seriously, you can't make this shite up....we REALLY need to bring back tar and feathers.....really REALLY HOT tar.

Anonymous said...

Of course they did.
They had to spend a few days in their safe space, consult a therapist, do some deep yoga and eat some chocolate chip cookies...... before they viciously ruin a good man's career.

Mike Slater said...

"aaaaaand the flaming schoolboard has just filed an appeal on this judge's order.
seriously, you can't make this shite up....we REALLY need to bring back tar and feathers.....really REALLY HOT tar."

And you can't make Yeehaaw up either. The author of 'Godzilla Swamp Creature' tried but failed.

susan said...

feybriel/spawn-of-satan...your schtick got old in Eden, and it hasn't aged well since. Go back to the pit and lick you master's hooves.

Bill Sandlake said...

Dueling banjos comes to mind.