Monday, June 21, 2021

Going to gaol for live-streaming Jan. 6th?

 There will never be a serious government investigation of January 6th, for it would necessarily involve revealing the name of Ashli Babbitt's  executioner.   If this was an insurrection, why hasn't he been given a medal in a White House ceremony? 


Tom Kirton said...

Fake news.
Guess who blocked the Congressional inquiry into the Jan 6 insurrection and the role of the incendiary Bonker Trump?

Tom Kearns said...

Mr. Kirton:

You are a jackass.

TK said...

Mickey Mouse 'journalism'.
Get help.

Bernonensis said...

He comes from a family of "about" eight kids? They must be close.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The man who shot Ashli Babbit is a black capitol police officer which means it is ok for a man to shoot an unarmed white woman if the shooter is a black man.

It is only fair

TK said...

If the incendiary Bonker - Lock him up - Trump hadn't stirred up the thug flash mob including the radicalized, social basket case white woman from Colorado, non of this night not have happened. The Trump White House and the Congressional Republicans have blood on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Ashli should have been in the role God intended for her and not usurped a Man's role.
I'll pray for your Soul Ashli.
Sometimes our Blessed Lord uses people as an example to others as a warning.