Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Cardinal Sarah Reassures TLM Community as Busybody Complains to Paris Archdiocese About Traditional Chapel's Scamdemic Procedures


Cardinal Robert Sarah encourages the priests arrested in Paris. The picture shows the cardinal in the church in March 2015 when he was talking about the new evangelization and the liturgy.

From a Catholic.

[Katholisches] Robert Cardinal Sarah assured Abbé Marc Guelfucci, his chaplain Abbé Gabriel Grodziski and the parish of Saint-Eugène-Sainte-Cécile in Paris of his support and wished the priests courage and trust in God. On Sunday, April 11th, Abbé Guelfucci read the letter to the congregation and conveyed the cardinal's blessing.

"I will kill the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered" (Mt 26:31).

What Jesus said to his disciples the evening before his death came to his mind spontaneously when he was reading the reports about this year's Easter Vigil in the congregation, writes Cardinal Sarah.


“I wish to express my support and condolences to you and Abbé Gabriel Grodziski in this test which meets you as pastor and pastor of souls, and I want to encourage you, the parishioners of Saint-Eugène-Sainte-Cécile, to pray deeply, especially during the Holy Mass."

Cardinal Sarah remembers with joy and gratitude of his successful visit in March 2015, during which he was received by a congregation whose piety touched him.


"I bless you all with all my heart and entrust you to Our Lady of Consolation and Saint Joseph, Protector of the whole Church."  --Robert Cardinal Sarah

Saint-Eugène-Sainte-Cécile, chancel

The two Parisian priests of tradition had celebrated the Easter Vigil in the traditional Rite in their community and are now under investigation for endangering the lives of others and confronted by Archbishop Auppetit with a canonical  investigation.


The Mass was public and on broadcast on the YouTube, followed by the community. The whole thing only turned into a media scandal after a non-Catholic brother of one of the people baptized had turned to the press indignantly because the hygiene regulations had been disregarded in the Mass. Abbé Guelfucci has now made a clear statement at Sunday Mass on April 11th. He emphasizes that short fragments were deliberately selected from the four-hour video material, which mainly show the procession and the baptisms of adults, in order to give the impression that the hygiene regulations are being disregarded. It was also completely wrongly commented that the faces were dipped in the same water during the baptism without disinfection with prepared towels. Abbé Guelfucci speaks of "Slander and defamation campaign intended to harm the Catholic Church, the diocese and the community" .  He reminds that Catholics have implemented all hygiene measures in a particularly disciplined manner, even before the first lockdown in March 2020. At no time did the community become a source of infection. “We trust Christ and the Virgin Mary to make the truth visible."

Archbishop Aupetit has meanwhile written to the parish on April 10th. At his request, this letter was read out to the congregation. According to the Archbishop, the video material shows irresponsible violations of the hygiene regulations (especially distance rules and mask requirements), even if the comments are exaggerated in places. He calls for a full implementation of the hygiene rules so that he is not forced to close the church.

In view of this positioning and such a threatening tone, it is to be hoped that Archbishop Aupetit will not allow himself to be instrumentalized in a war of the republic against the Church and sacrifice the pastor of Saint-Eugène to appease the anti-church republic.

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When I think of the Catholic Church these days, and look for affirmation in the Faith and love for Catholic beliefs, there's no way I would look to Bergoglio. Instead, I look to CArdinals Sarah, Burke, Bradmuller, Muller, Ranjinth, and a few others who may have been passed over for Cardinal because of Bergoglio and his warped radical agenda for the Church.
Also, Cardinal Ladaria in the CDF has proven to be more of a Catholic than his boss Bergoglio, especially with the anti-gay marriage ruling recently ( which apparently Bergoglio approved of but regrets. He's worthless to regret standing up for the Faith.
I work in a field unfortunately dominated in some departments by gays....you ought to have heard the verbal abuse for Catholicism when they heard the news from he CDF (we have MSNBC running on mute on2 huge big screen tv's all day in one conference room (but they have it fixed it so that it's captioned ). Funny thing is that these co-workers let loose with f'bombs at the Vatican, but didn't blame Bergoglio.....that's how terrible a Pope he is. They thought he still was their hero. I have to work with them, but ignore alot.
Anyway, I don't look to Bergoglio to affirm my faith. Benedict XVI, Sarah, Burke, Ladaria, Bradmuler, Muller, etc.
Without them, I think I'd turn Orthodox.....like now 2 cousins did. The f--- with Bergoglio's brand of "catholicism"....and his lackeys like Aupetite. He should have stayed a doctor.

Damian M. Malliapalli

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God is speaking to us through Cardinal Sarah and AB Vigano and others who hold true to the Catholic faith. The novus ordo V2 sect is collapsing and will soon disappear altogether already most of its "churches" are empty and locked. The TLM and the traditional sacraments will soon be fully restored obligatory and universal then the grace of Our Lord will fill the world with His light.

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