Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Vaccine is Fake and Potentially Deadly



Anonymous said...

Jonestown in Gib?

53 elderly reportedly died from vaccine


Anonymous said...

Church of Silence rewards those who are silent?


JoBob QAnon said...
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Peter said...

When I was a child my friends comprised boys who likes cars, liked to make things, liked to read books and one who had emotional problems. They became, in turn, a mechanic, an engineer, a teacher and a psychiatrist.
Talk to a psychiatrist outside his/her office and you will find they are really weird, to the point they should be called sickiatrists.

Anonymous said...

Hypochondriacs of the world unite! Get the jab ... and the one after that and the one after that and ...

Anonymous said...

I had the Corona Virus, Covid-19, and I suggest everyone get it. I was sick for a month (that's how long a bad case takes to get rid of), and was almost in the hospital the first three days. Never felt so sick....and later on tired and worn out no matter what I did. No appetite, no interest in much of anything. My brother and sisters helped me (didn't want to infect my Mom or Dad). But don't listen to people who say don't get it. The chance that you will get it is slim....but wouldn't it be better to be immune and protected, than catch it and possibly wind up in the hospital on a ventilator and die?
Ywo of our neighbors had it....both recovered, but they were in hospital, and sicker than I was.
I lost almost 25 lbs in 1 month. Took that long to want to really eat. I MIGHT get the vaccine anyway, even though I had it, because I don't want to catch these variants now spreading.
Don't listen to the people who say don't get the vaccine, it's a hoax, don't wear masks (in other words " no one's gonna tell me what to do!"). That's bullshit.
President Trump yesterday told everyone to get the vaccine and to wear masks. He always did say that. Biden says the same.
CAses MAY be going down, and there MAY be less urgency for people to get the vaccine. But get it anyway. It'll protect you from the COVID-19 and perhaps its various strains.
Not getting it is like playing Russian roulette.
People say "It's a hoax, it's the Democrats trying to panic us, it's fake."
Go ahead, believe them. Don't get the vaccine.
Tell me how fake it is when you're in the hospital!

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I saw the huge mistake on my post above. I wrote "I had the Corona Virus, Covid-19, and I suggest everyone get it."
I meant, I meant, I SUGGEST EVERYONE GET THE VACCINE!!!!!!"......not I suggest everyone get it (Covid-19).
Sorry :)

Damian M. Malliapalli

susan said...

Did you try Ivermectin? HCQ? Budesonide?....any of the now multiple outstanding therapeutics?...No. But you'll urge and push everyone to get the Gates-of-hell NWO mark. Have you actually for 10 minutes legitimately educated yourself on the subject Damien? No. You're no better than feybriel at this point...just of a different stripe.

There are now MYRIAD brave, reputable, knowledgeable doctors and researchers warning people to stay faaaar away from this demonic chimera masquerading as a 'vaccine'. Look up Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and watch just one of her outstanding videos that explains in very simple term the egregious, diabolical, IRREVERSIBLE effects of this injection....(it is NOT a vaccine).

Anonymous said...

Would you rather skip the vaccine, contract COVID-19, wind up in the hospital and die? Vaccine does no good once you got it.

I had it, COVID-19, and I don't wish it on anyone. I almost went to the hospital. Although I am fit, and only 32, I almost had to go to my local hospital. Fortunatly, about a day after I felt the worst, I woke up and actually had been able to sleep without coughing all night, and felt a little better. If I'm vulnerable to getting a variant of COVID-19, I'll get the vaccine, even though I had the original strain.

Already 25% of the USA has gotten the vaccine. Already COVID-19 is going down. I hope it stays that way.

There are three groups of people who are against the vaccine. One are ultra-right wingers, who believe the whole pandemic is a farce and contrived by the Democrats to take over the USA, which is assinine........... Another are those who hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for, and since he started the vaccine program, won't take it because they hate him. THat's even more assinine. The last are pro-life fanatics who say that aborted fetuses are part of the vaccine, and they would rather have themselves, and everyone else, suffer and die with COVID-19 rather than take the shot because of it. Funny thing is that the Pope took the vaccine (but that doesn't say much because he is'not much of a Catholic)

I am neither. I am not an ultra right winger . I think Trump is great and I would vote for him 100x), and while I am pro-life, I am not a fanatic. I am no saint or martyr either. I would not willingly get seriously ill or die just to avoid a vaccine which may have had something to do with aborted fetuses. Nor would I pressure or try to convince others not to take it either. Nor would I try to frighten people with websites or links or names of other reputedly well known doctors warning about the dangers of the vaccine. There are dangers and side effects.....but the proportion of those who suffer massive reactions or side effects to the vaccine are tremendously small....and these people have underlying problems anyway. So it's wrong to frighten people.

If the COVID-19 keeps going down, I probably won't get the vaccine.....but if these so-called variants spread, I might. I'm just happy that I survived COVID-19 without serious illness or side efferts....and neither did my cousin Justin, or several neighbors.....or anyone.

Pray for those who have it. Pray for those who died from it. But don't scare people with rumors and horror stories which can not be 100% provable. It what they calim was totally valid, believe me, no doctors or our goverment would encourage people to get the vaccines.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...





(From Nebraska Medicine website)
Do the COVID-19 vaccines contain aborted fetal cells?

No, the COVID-19 vaccines do not contain any aborted fetal cells. However, Pfizer and Moderna did perform confirmation tests (to ensure the vaccines work) using fetal cell lines. And Johnson & Johnson uses fetal cell lines in vaccine development, confirmation and production.

But it's important to have the full context: Fetal cell lines are not the same as fetal tissue.

Fetal cell lines are cells that grow in a laboratory. They descend from cells taken from elective abortions in the 1970s and 1980s. Those individual cells from the 1970s and 1980s have since multiplied into many new cells over the past four or five decades, creating fetal cell lines. Current fetal cell lines are thousands of generations removed from the original fetal tissue. They do not contain any tissue from a fetus."

susan said...

THAT'S JUST FLAT OUT CRAP DAMIEN. (just shouting back as that seems to be your preferred mode of dialog now). There are cells and cell lines being used now from more recent abortions...taken from LIVING babies (cause the cells are useless if taken from a > 5 min. dead corpse). This fact is hidden from the public by design, but whistleblowers' testimony is getting out. Again, do some real research and EDUCATE YOURSELF. And the abortion connection is only ONE aspect of the demonic, egregious, dangerous nature of these injections. AGAIN....watch just ONE of Dr. Tenpenny's videos on the topic....e.d.u.c.a.t.e. yourself before you try to lead others to a hellish life of pain and regret, with no recourse to reversal.

Anonymous said...

"(just shouting back as that seems to be your preferred mode of dialog now)."

I used caps as a header....not to shout. That reminds me of some of the girls in my agency (I do desk work now at the modeling agency, thanks to COVID. Multiple shoots and trips planned two years ago canceled...fortunately not too much money lost). But I am a Supervisor now of recruiters, and some admin assistants. Some of the girls accused a co-worker of shouting at them with CAPS on their e-mails. Some of them came to me to complain (last week), saying "He's harassing me...he's harassing me..". I looked at the e-mail. The caps were topic headers for a company meeting. :) They were not addressed to any person specifically. I told them that if they made a complaint, seeing the evidence, THey would be the ones guilty of harrassment, because there was nothing to it.
I've gotten e-mails with caps before, and think nothing of it. MOstly they are to highlight something...not shouting.

About those videos, I'll say again, if the Goverment, Dr. Fauci, and a handful of others saw these vaccines as harmful, or that they will be harmful or cause serious, lasting side effects, they would not approve it. AstraZeneca is the only producer of vaccines which has real issues that I hear of, and many countries have pulled it from production (temp.) Side effects from the second dose of all the vaccines is normal (fever, aches and pains). But it subsides.
If the Biden administration, or the CDC, or World Health Org. knew of serious, long lasting side effects, they would be against the vaccines. Why would they be silent? If the tens of millions who got the shots found out that the government was distributing these vaccines and knew they would be harmful, it might well bring down the Biden administration/government.
The top doctors in USA and elsewhere have said this is safe.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Jake Allbright said...

Even if Jesus Christ said the same as you Damian, many of the anti-vaxx brigade would tell him he'd been on the Cross too long!
Sad to say, probably the only thing that might convince them outside divine revelation would be for them to become infected as badly as you were.

Billy Shields said...
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susan said...

Are you actually kidding me??...this is a joke, right? Can anyone possibly be this naive and uninformed?

Damian, do you seriously still trust the government and what they tell us, even after a federal presidential election was stolen in plain sight right in front of our eyes? the alphabet agencies were ACTIVELY involved in (multiple!) attempted coups against a sitting president...false/doctored info given to a FISA court; highest level spying of our govt agencies against the president, his administration, and private citizens...ask Carter Page, ask Mike Flynn, ask Sheryl Attkisson. Hillary and her cronies using RUSSIAN ASSESTS(!) to make-up a dossier that brought the country to it's knees; fake, phony impeachments; a leftist planned 'insurgency' that wasn't, and on and on and freakin' on.

There is a deep state Damian, and Fauci is a creature of it. He's been in bed with soros, the rockefellers, the Gates family and foundation, and myriad other globalists from early on. They've funded and paid him handsomely, and they don't do that without expectations. He told hillary how MUCH he loved and supported her. Fauci used our $ (multiple millions) to fund the Wuhan Institute of virology in gain of function research after our country told him to cease and desist that research...he basically paid to 'teach' the man-made corona-chirmera how to enter human cells more easily and effectively....he should be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity. He botched the AIDS rollout resulting in millions of unnecessary deaths; he botched the H1N1 rollout...and funny enough, during that event he spoke about how highly effective HCQ is agains corona viruses...when it became politically expedient for him he flopped 180*. Take a look at this picture, and open your eyes....


Bill Gates Sr. was a HUUUGE eugenisist; his son is a bigger one. This is a direct quote from Jr.: "The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent."

He's made no secret of the fact that he'd like to see world population at half of what it is. He clandestinely put sterilents in 'tetanus' 'vaccines', sterilizing millions of Kenyan women without their knowledge or consent; He paralyzed half a million Indian children with his polio 'vaccine' that also caused a polio outbreak in that country (vaccine strain)...until finally the country wised-up and kicked his evil ass out. His $ is largely funding ALL of the covid "vaccines", though his particular baby is Moderna. The Moderna and Pfizer injections are experimental gene therapies (they have NOTHING to do with vaccines)...they don't stop infection or transmittion...you just MIGHT get a milder case; in the meantime you stand a good chance of being a super-spreader, and also enabling the formation of more virulant mutations.


susan said...

ALL of these injections were heavily reliant on, or contain, aborted fetal cell lines (some quite recent from LIVING babies). NO animal testing; NO long term studies; NO approval....the world's people are the guinea pigs, but the fact is they have a good idea of what's coming for the "vaccinated"...in prior tests on animals with similar techs, all of the animals died....Antibody dependent enhancement (look it up!).

This spike protein that they're re-engineering your cells to produce (forever?) to stimulate the formation of unnatural antibodies, is necessary for placental development (fertility death?). They've also found that these antibody's cause the beginning of a cytokine process, but neutralize the resolution process; i.e., a cytokine storm in your body that doesn't stop. The 'vaccines' have already caused deadly thromboses, anaphalaxis, disautonomia, strokes, multiple and debilitating neurological issues, and deaths....many!....but you aren't being told. And this is early wave; just give it 6 mos., a year, 2 years. The amount of organ destruction and injury, autoimmune disease, and myriad other debilitating and deadly health issues is going to be biblical...and they'll blame it on "new strains" and 'anti-vaxxers'; (while the 'anti-vaxxers' will all remain healthy...and will be hated and hunted for that).

Wake-up Damian...you and your uninformed but loudly opining ilk are dangerous. You naively ask "Why?"....money, power, control. "I will be like unto God" Same-old, same-old. Just get your head around the FACT That these 'vaccines' weren't made for Covid; Covid was made for the 'vaccines'. Once you get that, everything else falls into place. If you're not aware of the following, shame on you....


Look up "America's Frontline Doctors"; look up what the globalists have done to Dr. Simone Gold; watch Dr. Tenpenny. These are the good guys, and they are being deplatformed and cancelled and buried. Wake up Damian....there's no excuse for naivety any longer.

Here, I'll make it easy for ya....here's a start:



susan said...

Ha!.... I just saw that feybriel chimed in under 2 of his psychotic personalities.
If the fact that that fruitcake is agreeing with and lauding you doesn't open your eyes to how wrong you are on this Damian, then I guess nothing will.

JoBob Calhoun said...

Drop kick.

Jim Hoffnung said...

Vaccination is intended not for you but to ensure that you fulfil your moral obligation not to infect others, an obligation that flows from both Natural, Divine Law including Traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church.
No amount of mindless anti-vaxx mantras absolve people from moral imperatives. Vaccination is one of these imperatives.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan well said. The coup by America's military is a FACT. Trump's four years in the WH was attacked on a daily basis by the 1 trillion tax dollars a year pentagon beast. The only guests at the Democrats FRAUD inaguration were 25,000 weaponized goons from the military happy to use their weapons against Americans who protested the election FRAUD. For crying out loud, the seditious homoglobalist generals in the Pentagon ridiculed Trump because he went to pray and mourn the BLM Antifa arson and vandalism at St John church across the street from the WH , a church that every president before Trump for 200 years attended to demonstrate the Christian roots of the American people.

Anonymous said...

No "vaccine" has ever until now been promoted as necessary in order to fulfill one's obligations to the state. Rather medicine is promoted as necessary for the health of the patient. The fact that it is being promoted as a moral obligation is proof enough of its nefarious totalitarian purpose. Jim Hoffnunck is a vicious troll agent of the globohomo ruling elite and is part of the moral and intellectual satanic poison spread daily by the joseph goebbels inspired MSM.

commenter said...


I don't know if any of those who write this stuff about "seditious globohomolist generals", "deep state" conspiracy theories, stolen elections, mass murder campaigns disguised as vaccine programmes etc ever stop to read what they have written and ask themselves "does what I have written really make any sense"?

Prayer seems to be the most appropriate response to such dangerous nonsense.

Tancred said...

@Commenter, thanks for tone policing.

susan said...

Gratious! *clutches pearls like feybriel's newest demon-doppleganger, 'commenter'*

...do I get a gold star too T? ;)

Jim said...

"Vaccination is intended not for you but to ensure that you fulfil your moral obligation not to infect others"

There might be some validity to this...if it were true.

These "experimental treatments" (they're not even formally vaccines, they aren't "approved" by FDA, they've only been granted "emergency use authorization") are touted as being 90-95% "effective".

Effective...at what? The MOE (measure of effectiveness) they were graded against was "reduce the severity of symptoms". That has some merit in itself. But read what even the government is saying. Do these experimental injections prevent you from getting COVID? NO. Do they prevent you from SPREADING the COVID? No. (Note how everyone says you'll still need to wear masks). So they don't fulfill any moral obligation. Period.

Anonymous said...

Vaccinations do two things. One is protect those at high risk, also protect others from getting it.

All this B.S. about conspiracy theories, deep state, etc. is sick. Anyone who even somewhat implies that there's a plan hatched by evil forces to force people to take the vaccines which in the end will kill them should be sci-fi writers.
Like I said, if ever anyone found out anything nuts like that, most of the governments around the would would be overthrown by the people for forcing them to take it.

Also, these nutjobs who don't use even masks, (like the 2021 Spring Breakers in Fla., Ca. and elsewhere), are going to launch another surge...probably. Just like they did last Sept. when theyall partied hearty in huge un-masked crowds when they returned to college campuses....and then the surge began, starting September, lasting till end of January.

THis 60+ lady who walked into a bank sans a mask (when everyone else had one), was unceremoniously thrown out by a policeman and handcuffed. Good riddance.
The reason why COVID-19 has lasted so long and so widespread in the USA is because so many are ignoring guidelines and doing as they please. They'll all learn the hard way....but all the same, I don't wish COVID-19 on anyone....even those who quote nightmare/horror stories to scare everyone. You're doing everyone a disservice, and scaring people so as they don't get the vaccines will only take it longer to get rid of it.

Damian M. Malliapalli

susan said...

How exactly does it "protect others from getting it"?...show me the study Damian.

I'll help you out....IT DOESN'T. Jim was absolutely right, "Effective...at what? The MOE (measure of effectiveness) they were graded against was "reduce the severity of symptoms". That has some merit in itself. But read what even the government is saying. Do these experimental injections prevent you from getting COVID? NO. Do they prevent you from SPREADING the COVID? No."

And here's an interesting correlation....COVID cases are spiking in a dozen states with high vaccination rates:

You're talking out of your butt and it's not just annoying, it's dangerous. You ought to be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

What is MSM?
The only source I have seen which even half-way spouts these horror stories about the vaccines is MSNBC........but then again, they made up a mountain of lies about the Trump/Russian collusion with election 2016 etc. etc.

Damian M. Malliapalli

My last comment on this, because I think all the sci-fi type stuff is sick.......if you want to get the shot to help yourself and others, get it.
If you don't want it....don't get it. But don't scare people into not getting it. Let pepople make up their own minds. Scarring people about something which already has been a pretty scary experience (especially for people like me and others who actually had the COVID-19--especially those in hospital) is grossly unfair and a violation of valid judgement.
People are probably already pretty scared about COVID19 as it is. No need to make it worse for them.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Jim Hoffnung said...

If people have been vaccinated against Rubella, Chickenpox, Adenovirus, Polio, Shingles and others, then you should know that all of these vaccines were developed using fetal tissue cell lines. Did mothers stand for their daughters being in the same class room as kids with Rubella or Chickenpox.
Stop the shouting and take the next step to immunity to COVID-19.

susan said...

yeah, Damian, that's right...no need to give them the information that would help them make a PROPERLY INFORMED decision for themselves, rather than just pushing the rah-rah get-the-vaccine! line which is EXACTLY what you were doing at at the start of this thread...here, let me remind you ....
"Don't listen to the people who say don't get the vaccine, it's a hoax, don't wear masks (in other words " no one's gonna tell me what to do!"). That's bullshit... It'll protect you from the COVID-19 and perhaps its various strains."

...blatent misinfo there too; it will NOT protect you from covid...it MAY make your symptoms less severe, (OR it may kill you or totally eff you up for life...NO long-term studies...we're the lab rats; and NO liability for the companies or backers). And even Gates is saying that other injections will most likely be 'necessary' for the 'variants'. How many of those are you gonna let them shove into your body, and urge others to take before you wise up?

aaaand MSNBC is the leftest of the left of the MSM; they're vehemently all for the injections...once again showing your don't know your arse from a hole in the ground. And I note that you haven't refuted ONE fact I've laid out, you just keep calling it "sci-fi", (which itself is weird and a total nonsequeter).

And feybriel Hoffnung; your sibilance is showing...slither back under your rock. You know very well that there are morally acceptable forms that don't use aborted fetal cells for most or all of those vaccines.

Jim Hoffnung said...

The is a lot of steam being vented by a noisy sector of the population about individual rights in the vaccination 'debate' but practically nothing about the moral responsibilities that go with citizenship.
As I pointed out in a comment above, those who are agitating against most of the vaccines being used in the COVID-19 immunization program that derive from fetal tissue stem cell should be aware that they are hosting other vaccines that they received as children that were also developed using the same technology.
Too late for yelling about it, folks. It's in you blood stream and it has saved you from terrible illness and viral infections.

susan said...

Morally licit alternatives are available for MANY vaccines, Dr. Mengele. You really are a snake. You have no argument to the facts.


Jim Hoffnung said...

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has declared that Catholics should not be stricken by scruples but should freely avail themselves of the vaccines being offered by Health Authorities because none of them, according to strict Catholic moral principles and reasoning, are 'ethically tainted'.
Children of God for Life are not the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

susan said...

And neither is the CDF the Magisterium of the Catholic Church (but you already know that); especially a bergoglian (antipope) CDF, headed up by a Spanish, Jesuit theologian who....

"...was summoned to criminal court Sept. 19 to answer for his role in advising Cdl. Philippe Barbarin on how to discipline a predator priest...In 2015, Barbarin had turned to Ladaria for guidance on disciplining Preynat. Ladaria at the time was secretary for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and in charge of the department overseeing clerical sexual misconduct. He advised Barbarin at the time to take "appropriate disciplinary measures while avoiding public scandal." The victims' attorneys argue this was a clear message from Ladaria not to pursue justice. Both Barbarin and Ladaria were ordered by the Lyons court to stand trial for their role in covering up Preynat's abuse."....but bergoglio ignored the summons for his pet...like he got Cocopalmeri out of a .....jam.

I'll take a hard pass on shooting aborted baby cells into my body on the off chance it might help me live in this insane asylum of a world a few more years. Funny that you would call that being "stricken by scruples"; you always manage to uncover your dripping fangs feybriel. Also noticed that you hated the CDF when it was headed by Ratzinger. Looks like you break into a cytokine storm at the merest whiff of orthodoxy....maybe you should take an aborted-baby-cell-AstraZeneca shot for that....


funny how Mengele's work never quite works out well, in't it?

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle really stinks up the place, doesn't he?

susan said...


Tancred said...

I’ve noticed he doesn’t comment in Sunday’s. I guess he has to preside over the Cranmer table somewhere in Sussex.

susan said...

You mean the CDC that's a for-profit organization and has much to gain monetarily from inflated numbers (which theyve admitted to) on this? Yeah, they're quickly working their way into as much relevance as antipope bergoglio's CDF. Plus, Allidiot, I really like your 'SQUIRREL!' approach to a conversation....most effective.

And T, I started to laugh at your observation, but then it hit me how very close to the mark you propably are.....just so very sad.

susan said...


Anonymous said...

Susan, Congratulations on being well informed. I'm almost 82, got covid, probably in the Hospital on an overnight stay to have a stent put in. I like to keep informed and prepared, so lacking Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) due to restrictions I prepared by getting Quercetin and Zinc in case of exposure to covid. When I actually came down with it a couple of weeks after my surgery, I was able to supplement those with Z-pak and nebulized Budesonide. As a result I had a very mild case lasting less than 2 weeks. I essentially followed the Zelenko protocol, recommendations of the Front Line Doctors, and Dr. Richard Bartlett. Rather than 550,000 deaths, the toll might have been more like 50,000 if people like Dr. Fauci and the Main Street Media (MSM) aka NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, etc, had not condemned their use and claimed there was not treatment for covid in order to justify getting the Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccines under development. Now that Trump is no longer in office, HCQ and more recently Ivermectin, touted as a Miracle Cure, have been recognized as treatments for covid. So I see absolute no need to get a vaccine, particularly with all of the deaths and adverse events being reported by recipients of the vaccine, when there are available totally safe treatments. People, read all of Susan's comments. She is right on the money. Also, find and watch Dr. Simone Gold's lecture on the vaccines and who should or should not get them at https://aflds.com

Karen Sommers said...

Neighbor lived in fear the pat year. As a health care worker she qualified for the jab early. No she qualifies for early social security as she has Bell’s palsy and looks like something out of Picasso (may have my artist mixed up). Has to tape her right eye shut at night.

Anonymous said...

The Vax is to keep the Scamdemic going; the ruling elite want this lock down to never end. Thank God Texas and Florida are telling the Hypochondriacs to fly back to NY NJ and CT

Michael P. Mc Crory. said...

Damion, Is it not better to be sick for a month with Covid 19 and then fully recover like you did. I did as well and only the first two weeks left me weak with poor appetite. Within one month I was myself again. I never took ANY vaccine and believe no one should allow themselves to be guinea pigs to ANY experimental drugs. Why also would you believe these Globalist ‘experts’ who lied and persecuted every opposing viewpoint. They do that because they don’t want people to hear the Truth backed up by real experts in the field.
You don’t seem to want to know the truth either it would seem. Do you not know about all these people WHO DIE after getting vaccinated. Risk your own life but not the lives of others. This is not a pandemic; it IS a Scamdemic.