Tuesday, March 23, 2021

MSM Still Can't Figure Out the Motive For Mass Shooting in Boulder Colorado

[Local Yokel News] Dougherty said the person in custody was the shooter, who was identified Tuesday morning as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21.

CBS Denver helicopter footage captured authorities escorting a shirtless man in handcuffs who appeared to have a bleeding leg from the scene, but authorities would not confirm if that man is the person in custody.



Anonymous said...

American police and the courts protecting the privacy and rights of violent terrorists and other criminals of color but the rest of us should just take the jab, mask up and shut up or else.

JBQ said...

The man was taken into custody wearing just his underwear for a reason. It was reported that he had been wearing "body armor". This means premeditated big time.---My brother worked in Afghanistan for three years as a civilian (09,14,15). Wherever that he went off base, he wore a heavy piece of body armor.---As a military veteran, this was planned and orchestrated to create "fear and chaps". He was under orders and carried them out to perfection. These are not lone crazy gunman. They are organized devils to take down society---- Civilian video showed him being brought out in cuffs. As he was put on the stretcher with blood running down his leg, a close up revealed him smirking and laughing. There was no sadness and remorse, only joy and happiness.----E Michael Jones PhD will love this fact. The governor of Colorado is Jewish, Jared Polis. Jewish politicians are ascending even as Christian Civilization is folding up like a "tent of cards".

JoBob Calhoun said...

The fellow is actually Irish who came to detest is name, Rory O'Driscoll so he did a legal renaming.

Anonymous said...


Do not forget that Jared Polis is a homo also. His "heart was breaking" over this. I assume that meant he was dropping down on his fainting couch and making his sodomite fiancee' fetch the smelling salts.
Real leadership there.
A pansy is just what the situation needed.

commenter said...


JBQ said...

In regard to Jared Polis, was not aware of this. That puts the entire incident in better perspective. The police chief, Maris Herold, was a 27 year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department. She was a sex crime investigator.---She has a degree in sociology from Eckerd College and grew up in Kentucky going to Dixie Heights HS. After doing social work, she got a Masters in Criminal Justice from Xavier (Jesuit) in Cincinnati. in 2018, she became Chief of the Un of Cincinnati PD. In January of this year, she took the job with Boulder.----She looks absolutely "out of whack" in regard to this incident. She is just one more "proxy warrior" for the new world order whose credentials are suspect. Any information on her family life is "blocked". It is claimed that she has a husband and children. This doesn't preclude a lesbian issue.----Her pay is 185k. She also has a 100k housing allowance. Here in the Midwest, the SLPD is max hiring lesbians with families. Part of the attraction is a large housing allowance. The white male officers don't get this.

Anonymous said...

A traditional Catholic police officer who assists at the SSPV/CSPV are among the dead.
Pray for his Soul.
God bless -Andrew

Anonymous said...

His name was Eric Tolley.
He leaves behind a Wife ➕ 7 children.
Very sad.

Anonymous said...


I am confused.
The FSSP parish in Littleton Colorado is saying that he was a member there.
They are not SSPV.
In either case, a tragic event.

Anonymous said...

Fr.Jenkins on the most recent
"What Catholics Believe" (YouTube) is saying he helped Fr.Greenwell with the SSPV/CSPV Young Men's summer camp for consecutive years.
Yes it's extremely tragic and he was the first responder in during the rampage.
God bless -Andrew
CSPV (Congregation of St.Pius V)

Anonymous said...

All the liberals on CNN, MSNBC, ABE and "The View" jumped to conclusions that the shooter was an angry white man. THeir rabid comments spewing "white supremacy" bullshit was really sick.
But when the guy turned out not to be an "angry white man", but instead a mentally deranged 21 ye-old Muslim originally from Syria, they had no comment. Their argument blew up in their faces.

All the BLM, Antifa, and "Woke" , "Cancel Culture" crap is going to backfire too.....sooner than they think.

Damian M. Malliapalli