Saturday, February 6, 2021

Cardinal Dolan Sued for Sex Abuse Coverup

Edit: remember when Gary confronted Dolan about the S&M Pastor who was embezzling large amounts of parish funds for his depravity? That got swept under the rug, didn’t it? 

Father Peter Miqueli was later found dead at his apartment at the age of 58.



Anonymous said...

Cardinal Dolan is great Administrator. He solves problems quickly and permanently.
(Note to the hustler that was messing around with the priest: Disappear!)

Constantine said...

Cardinal Dolan tended to be conservative. Probably he's caught up in legitimate sins and problems that would not have been questioned until the Democrat mobocracy got in power with a thirst for revenge against their opposition. Every bishop, priest, layperson, has skeletons in the closet. The Democrats will not allow media and internet to focus on Bergoglio or Mahoney or any progressivists. But all cardinals should know there is selective enforcement of rules.

Anonymous said...

Is Dee Brail reliable ?

Jake Allbright said...

Zuhlsdor fawns on Dee Brail and if he was straight, he might even have the hots for her. Instead, it's young priests and seminarians who get his jollies off.