Monday, January 11, 2021

Evil Jesuit to Deliver Invocation for Biden

Edit: who is it this Jesuit will be invoking?  Will he invoke womenkind, GLBT people and other tortured victim classes and divinize them, or will he turn to darker forces as Jesuits often do?

+++Cushing offered the invocation for Kennedy's inauguration, and that was evil too.  Cushing set the stage for a lot of bad stuff and promoted and inflicted aberrosexual predators on the people of Boston.  

[Southern Cross] By Carol Zimmermann – Jesuit Father Leo O’Donovan, former president of Georgetown University, will deliver the invocation at the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden Jan. 20.

 The priest, a friend of the Biden family, was the main celebrant at the funeral Mass for Biden’s son Beau in 2015 at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Wilmington, Delaware. 

 He confirmed with National Catholic Reporter Jan. 6 that he would be delivering the invocation, saying Biden had personally called him and invited him, which he accepted.



Anonymous said...

A Satanic invocation straight from the bowels of Hell, honoring this filth that will be inaugurated. Perhaps the degenerate Jesuit will preside over the Inauguration abortion to Moloch that will be performed in a back room in the Capitol Building.

JBQ said...

The Jesuits are now essentially a homosexual religious order. May 22, 2010, Sam Allis, Boston Globe, "Of Jesuits and Jewishness." This would warm the cockles of the heart of even E. Michael Jones PhD. As for the previous comment, I would laugh as an exaggeration except that the renowned former Jesuit writer, Malachi Martin, wrote of events which were similar at the inauguration of Paul VI.---This is pretty scary stuff in light of questions to Martin about the Third Secret. When asked about a heretical pope, he responded. "Would that was the extent" of the evil. In reality, "the Secret is much more terrible than that".

Pablo Concalves said...

What about the 14th secret of Kono? It revealed that EMJ, Malachi Martin now gone to his proper place, JBQ (Toot Toot) and their camp followers belong to a cabal of the radically unhinged, delusional twitter bugs, peddlers in conspiracy theories and anarchist insurrectionists.
Back to the caves lads.

JBQ said...

@Pablo Concalves: Just where is Sancho Panza when you need him? As Jack Nicholson said so well in "A Few Good Men", the truth, you can't handle the truth. ---- Did Nurse Ratched let you out for the weekend? Bill Clinton said it best. "It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is.--- Yawn! You need to "get a life" and cut back on the grapefruit.

Anonymous said...

Here we go...get ready for four years of HELL with Biden/Harris, Pelosi, Schummer, and the SQUAD.
Everyone with sense agrees that the rebellion in DC last week and the rampage thru the Capitol was a horrible scene. Trump never promoted it, or instructed them to do it, but he's taken the blame. THe above mentioned people have tormented that good man since election night, 2016. I remember it well...going to bed and dreading to wake up with President Hillary. What a fantastic surprise to wake up with President Trump. He gave us 4 great years...but the above mentioned people hated him so much for crushing their heroine Hillary in the election that they did everything they could to make his 4 years miserable. I admire President Trump for standing up to them the whole time and not letting them get to him.
But his language last week to the ocean of his supporters protesting (and there had to be close to 100,000 there) were perhaps a bit ill chosen, and the more rabid of his supporters took matters into their own hands , violently.
But now we're in for Biden, and all the garbage he and his people will spew forth. THat the election was rigged, that were was massive cheating is too overwhelming to deny. That the media (dominated by radicals and LGBT reporters on most stations), is obvious. They covered the corruption up for Biden. Now we have to suffer them for four years.
But here's a prediction. If they try to push a radical agenda, a la the plans of AOC and her SQUAD, then what we saw in DC last week is a picnic compared to what will be coming. I hope it doesn't happen, but I think the whole of Biden's term will be more of the same, and worse.
But in 2024, he and his people will be washed away in a red tide, rejecting that entire agenda. (Republican red tide, not the other kind of red tide).

Damial M. Malliapalli

Jim Hoffnung said...

America will begin to flourish again under a Biden/Harris administration.

JBQ said...

@Jim Hoffnung: Any flourishing of a flower needs plenty of manure. A question on the title: Isn't "evil" and "Jesuit" redundant?

Anonymous said...

Govt brown nosing lap dog's are a sign of God's wrath upon a decadent Godless baby killing nation.
Pray the Holy Rosary daily + repudiate the false luminous mysteries.
Leon Degrelle pray for us!
God bless -Andrew

Anonymous said...

Why are you linking South African sources on
American politics?

Tancred said...

Why not?