Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Pope Cancels Publicly Honoring the Mother of God, In Order to Do it "Clandestinely"

Pope Francis surprisingly visited the Marian Column on Spanish Square yesterday with a "semi-clandestine" action.

(Rome) Pope Francis made two program changes within a short period of time. Both are justified with the corona virus, although they lack consistency.

Just before the recent Cardinal naming became known, first, Pope Francis was to go directly from Santa Marta this year on December 8, not to make the traditional homage to the Mother of God on the Spanish Steps. The reason given was the corona situation. Shortly afterwards, the Vatican press office announced a shortened version of this Marian honor on video, always with the same reason: The Corona situation does not allow any gatherings.

The head of the Church thus received considerable criticism. The homage on this day is one of the few traditional moments of the year when the Pope unites in a special way with the people of Rome. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former apostolic nuncio in the USA, criticized the papal decision in a comment for the daily Libero. The “indifference of too many bishops towards the Virgin Mary” is painful, all the more so is the rejection of the Pope “of the traditional homage to the Immaculate Conception”.

On yesterday's solemn Feast of the Conception of Mary, Francis went to the Marian Column in the Piazza di Spagna early in the morning. The Vaticanist Marco Tosatti spoke of a "semi-clandestine" action. Francis hurriedly let himself be driven in front of the Marian Column, appeared there with a face mask, although there was no popular participation and [other reports say he walked there] he said nothing, laid flowers there and hurried away again. No prayer, no union with the believing people, the Tota pulchra es Maria , one of the oldest Marian prayers in Christianity, was neither prayed nor sung. [He later went to Santa Maria Maggiore to say Mass ad orientem.]

It was not the first time, said Tosatti, that Francis behaved “disrespectfully” towards the Blessed Mother. Last year, he named a "Mischling", to strike a bold bow to the today's migration agenda of the political-economic establishment  which should lead as Francis sees humanity as affirmative, in a "Mestizentum". 

Tosatti does not accept the reason for the program change:

"If Bergoglio truly fears the risk factor of crowds for Corona infections, why did he take part in the international October 20 Interreligious Meeting at the Community of Sant'Egidio, also in the State House, meeting 'representatives religions and of politics, including Italy's President, the Freemason Sergio Mattarella in the spirit of Assisi? "

After all foreign trips have been canceled, Pope Francis travels to Iraq

In early September, when the corona situation was much less dramatic, according to government data than is currently being claimed, Santa Marta let it be known that Pope Francis  will undertake no foreign ravel in 2021. This unusual decision was also justified with the coronavirus.

While the governments of Italy and other states are regulating the upcoming Christmas season with ever stricter measures - in Italy people are not allowed to leave their region, on December 25th and 26th, Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day, they will not even be allowed to leave their community - Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni (Community of Sant'Egidio) informed the stunned public that Pope Francis would visit Iraq in early March 2021. The journey to a land of persecuted Christians is an important event.

It was said that the travel plans took into account the alleged "health emergency" due to the coronavirus, so a cancellation cannot be ruled out, but the two papal decisions do not really fit together: Why was the cancellation first, then an announcement? Why taking part in a politically correct event at the State House, which seemed like a step on the way to a unified world religion, but a “semi-clandestine” homage to the Mother of God upon a genuinely Catholic festival? Why did the “health emergency” at the beginning of September not allow trips abroad for the whole of 2021, but a trip to Iraq at the beginning of December?

Iraq, the central region of what was once Mesopotamia, has long been a fairly stable country. In the past 40 years, however, it has been torn apart by wars, civil war and religious war. It belongs to those predominantly Islamic areas in which the Christians were still a strong minority at the beginning of the 20th century, whereas today they are threatened with extinction.

1200 years of Islamic rule were less fatal for the country's Christianity than the past 100 years since the Anglo-Saxon powers began to interfere there. The numbers speak for themselves: at the beginning of the 20th century, almost 30 percent of today's Iraqis were Christians. Before the first Iraq war in 1980 there were about ten percent, before the second war in Iraq in 2003 still more than five percent.

Open Doors complained in 2013 that there will be "no more Christians" in Iraq in 2020. It didn't turn out that bad, but almost. The end of the Christian community on the Tigris and Euphrates seems only a matter of time. Were before the start of the Obama operation Arab Spring in Iraq (2014), with its appearance of Jihadi Islamic State (IS) or 2.7 percent of the residents Christians today it is not even one percent. The Vatican itself only speaks of 250,000 Christians.

But Francis does not seem to be traveling to Iraq because of the persecuted and shrinking Christian communities. The main motivation is the "dialogue with Islam". Even the Papal Aid Organization Church in Need, which is familiar with the sad fate of the persecuted Christians, names the "strong interreligious signal" as the main keyword of the planned papal trip.

By signing the declaration on the Universal Brotherhood of All People in Abu Dhabi, which was added by enthusiastic Freemasonry, this "dialogue" entered a decisive phase in February of 2019. Pope Francis seems determined to continue on this path, also by taking a trip abroad to Iraq in March 2021, although he actually doesn't want to go abroad in 2021 because of the corona virus.

Or in Santa Marta the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Avvenire (screenshots)

Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

maybe by then he won't be well enough to go to Iraq...perhaps.

I don't buy the Vatican bit that Francis went to the column where the statue of the Virgin Mary is in Dec. 8th alone due to COVID-19. I believe it was just another attempt by him and his Vatican to downplay/disregard/belittle another cherished Catholic tradition. tHE rOMANS RESENT HIM FOR IT....AND GOOD RIDDANCE.

If anyone thinks that Francis is a popular Pope in Italy, you're living in fantasy land.

Damian M. Malliapalli

JBQ said...

For the total equality agenda of the Argentinian to succeed, the Mother of God must be downplayed. The modern woman wants nothing to do with motherhood. They want total personal fulfillment. Abortion is part and parcel of that agenda. Women cannot be fulfilling if they are waddling around nine months pregnant.---That is why I suspect strongly that the "current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter" secretly supports abortion as a "matter of choice".

Anonymous said...

'That is why I suspect strongly that the "current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter" secretly supports abortion as a "matter of choice". "

Agreed. Just like Bergoglio also supports "civil gay unions" (read that as civil gay marriage). Even if he didn't say it, that's how all the gays are taking it, and quoting him to support their claims.

Apparently I tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.... because a girl in our office had it, and didn't wear a mask. She's been fired, because it was posted all over the building and on our computers to wear a mask. She refused to do so....and apparently spread it. We can work from home, and I don't feel sick, but was told to take two weeks off...with pay and not taken from my accumulated PTO. Seven of us were positive, and are now home. My Dr. said that if I have no real symptoms by Sunday, then I should be fine. But they're checking in on me 2x a day by phone, and 1x a day by a nurse. Very nice of them....but bummer to have nothing to do. Hope no one else gets the real deal......I don't so far.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Hugo DeValera said...

God is punishing those who keep publishing screeds of claims, allegations and assertions, all without substantiating evidence especially those directed against the Chief Pastor of the Catholic Church, the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth.
God is methodically muzzling the attack dogs who have nowhere to go but back to their own vomit.

JBQ said...

There is also another possibility for contracting the virus. There is creditable research (smile) which details the strong possibility that someone can contract the virus over the internet. Tancred had it and now you. I believe that there is a connection. ----Whenever I use the internet, I make sure that I wear a mask. I received Democratic fundraisers. I immediately fumigated my computer before I deleted them. Merry Christmas.

Tancred said...

People with AIDS are quite susceptible, and a lot of Italian clergy got taken out in one fell swoop. I suspect there is a common causality between the sin which cries out to heaven for vengeance, the Italian clergy and God's wrath.

Anonymous said...

LIke I said, so far I don't have any symptoms at all, and hope I don't. Not likely after all this time, because the Dr. said it was in me even before we all got tested on Monday.

For one poster, be careful who you wish misfortune on, 'cause more likely God will lay you low instead.....with one thing or another. I actually saw it happen to a girl at work. She wished a co-worker dead out loud after an argument, and that very afternoon she was nearly killed herself when her car was totaled.

18 states and counting rallying for Trump for a re-do of the 4-5 contested states. Afew more and it'll close to half the country!!

Even if in the end Biden gets in (likely), he'll always be seen as an illegit president by close to half the nation. Not a good label to have around his neck.

Damian M.Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Biden's not going to steal the election, Damian. Don't be such a cuck.

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry I get carried way with the Biden business. I watch too much FOX, Hannity,Levin, etc. :) Even though they do tell the truth.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Fox News is evil, Damian.