Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Mike Church Has Been Gone for Four Weeks -- Anyone Know Where He Is?

Edit: Mike Church was on here saying he was just fine, despite coughing and weezing quite a bit with a fever throughout the broadcast. He once produced a podcast two or three times a week, yet he hasn't broadcast in four weeks. Hope he's alright! 

 Never mind, he's right here at his own webpage. He must have been Shoahed at Youtube.


Hans Kniesvonbumpsendaisie said...

Mike has most certainly a most edifying example of what happened when Trump made America great again.
Bravo Mike. You're a legend.

Aaron Aukema said...

Mike was canned from YouTube because he said that despite being ill, he didn't have the 'rona. Apparently YouTube thinks that's false information, and that every illness is the 'rona.